29 December 2011

Just Chilling

So far post Christmas has been very relaxing.  I have started a couple of new projects.  I decided to try my hand at Cross Stitch after seeing one of Blackbird Designs new patterns on their blog. But I am still waiting on that pattern to arrive, what did arrive before Christmas was the new Blackbird Design book which had a large Cross Stitch pattern included so I thought that I would have a go at that.  

The thing that had put me off cross stitch in the past was the hard cloth that was the norm, however Lorraine at Hetties Patch put me on to Moda Praire cloth which is lovely and soft.  So I converted the DMC alternative thread to cosmo threads and have started stitching.  It is quite relaxing.

I have also been cutting out hexagons for the This Goes with That BOM.  One of the pressies I got from Kay was a tiny rotary cutter and I have to tell you that that makes cutting out these templates super easy.

I have also started a small quilt from a Fat Eighth pack of Athill Range, it is very soft and pretty... not me at all but it should look good when finished.

22 December 2011

The Annual Sparkles Christmas Haul

Last night was the annual Sparkles Xmas Show.  The 5 of us head to a local cafe, eat, drink and be merry and of course exchange goodies.  Never in the History has one of the Sparkles missed a Xmas Show, I think even if one of us was on our death bed we would find a way to get too the final get together for the year.  We all acknowledge (to all the Sparkles) that it is the best part about Xmas every year, our birthday get togethers come a close 2nd.

And Why

Because it is a coming together of kindred spirits, the food is always good the cafe we go to.  And of course the pressies.

Each year we all take love and care in preparing a bags of goodies for everyone.  I'd have to say that the only unwritten rule is that CHOCOLATE MUST BE INVOLVED.  There is usually something handmade (not compulsory), sometimes something home backed (again not compulsory) and sewing notions or other goodies.

This years haul included: Florentines, lovely smelly candle, sparkly tree decoration which is just to die for and almost forgot a tin of Haighs choccies from Silvia.  Amazing pin cushion, bobbin mates, Hatched and Patched Note pad and a Pencil that reminds us to KEEP CALM and CARRY ON (much needed lately) and some more Haighs choccies from Helen.  A lovely coffee cup filled with choccies, a charm pack, matching scissors and tape measure and another Hatched and Patched Notebook (a different one) from Sue.  And lastly an amazing bag featuring Amy Butler Lark fabric from Kay which included a tiny rotary cutter (been going to get one of those for paper piecing), tiny rulers , tea ceremony kit, tape measure and of course more chocolate (which according to squid I have to share).

If the girls are reading this.. Thanks again for a lovely night and all the goodies.  I heading out first thing to get my nails done then I'm planning a morning tea with a florentine.

20 December 2011

EEEKKK its nearly Xmas

I am starting to get into the Xmas cheer.  Finished all the Xmas shopping on the weekend, looked at the damage on the plastic yesterday and am wondering what we are going to eat for the next 2 weeks until payday lol.  I have even started wrapping pressies.  Still haven't done my Xmas cards though... probably should but... you know I'm in wind down mode now so I don't see it happening any time soon.  Hubby says we should do them (that being the royal WE and the WE is me).

Work Xmas show is done and dusted for another year.  It doesn't pay to drink one day a year your body just isn't conditioned for it.  It started with an enlightening  ride in the taxi to lunch from the Airport, Rex the taxi driver was such a good ad for Melbourne.  WHAT A TOOL.   He started by asking as where we were from, told us what a hole Adelaide was and then proceeded to tell us what was crap about Melbourne.  Within 2 minutes the boss had text me to say "It's going to be a long trip".  I was all for ditching the guy in the city after we dropped the bags off at the hotel, but the boss decided to be nice.  The guy then gave himself a tip, and handed us his card.

Lunch was great, and we stayed at the pub all day and well into the night, the 9.30pm Strawberry Daiquiri was my only mistake.  That was about the time I got a text from hubby to say the wheels had fallen off at home so I was glad to get back into LOVELY little old Adelaide on Friday in time to pick the kids up from school.

I have to finish sewing 3 small gifts for the girls tomorrow night and I am thinking of last minute thing for Squid that needs to be stitched and then I will be done for the year.   I just got the Blackbird Designs new book and I am thinking of starting their Cross Stitch pattern over xmas break.

The schedule this week is lunch today with the Tuesday sewing girls at Bolliwood (Indian restaurant next to Hetties), then tea tomorrow night with the Sparkles girls, Nails done on Thursday and probably lunch on Friday with the boss (maybe).  After Xmas I am going on a diet... well at least I am going to start eating healthier anyway my spare tire is finding friends.  

Anyway if I don't get back to blogland because of the above I hope everyone has a Lovely Xmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

16 December 2011

Favourite Things Friday

 It the last FTF for the year so I thought I really needed to make an effort to get myself together and share my Favourite Thing one last time for 2011.

And here they are.

These are Charms made my Cathy Penton.  I have followed Cathy's work for a number of years, I think one of the Prim Forum Girls put me on to her website and I have been following her lovely work ever since.  When she put's up charms on her blog you have to be really quick because these one of a kind creations are snapped up before you know it.

Persuasion is my favourite at the moment and I have to get a proper chain or maybe a velvet ribbon to hang it on.  As Persuasion is my favourite Jane Austen novel I had to try for it and was so pleased when I won it.  
You will note that I have given you the link which I probably shouldn't have done because I might miss out on a charm when you all head on over and check out her goodies in the future.

Well thats it for my FTF have a lovely Xmas all followers of FTF and head back to Mrs P's to see who is joining in for the last time this year.

14 December 2011

15 Minute Challenge

I am sure overall the challenge was met just can't remember if I sewed every day.  I know I attempted too I am currently stitching on grey linen and it is really hard to see my stitching lines.  Actually was able to see yesterday at sewing and probably finished more in 2 hours than I had managed all week.  Wearing my glasses and better light would probably help.

The week went like this:  Teachers pressies have gone to a new home so they got finished.
Finalised Pattern 1 cover and requirements page going to printers today
4 Stitching friends pressies just about all stitched (didn't get to it last night)..  did my nails instead ready for Melbourne trip (must start walking around with different shoes, that tan line is really noticeable in this photo).

Head on over to Kate's to see who has met the challenge.

13 December 2011

Quiet Lately

I know I have been quiet lately, I think I am really trying to find my festive mojo and it has deserted me this year.  Usually I quite enjoy planning xmas but this year it just doesn't seem to be happening.

Thursday I fly to Melbourne for Chrissy Work Lunch (which I do every year) but I guess this year I am a bit concerned about getting back in time to pick the kids up from School, Qantas being what they have been over the last few months.  I am sure once Friday is over a will be in full Festive Mode.  I  am looking forward to Chrissy Lunch it alway a good time, its just the getting there and the getting back I am not always keen on.

The teachers got their pressies today, and I think they liked them, I did get a hug thank you from my son's teacher.  I am madly stitching for the quilting girls, hopefully I'll finish the stitching tonight and then I just have to put all the bits together on the weekend.   Christmas Tea with the Sparkles Girls is just about the best bit about Xmas. We all come away with a lovely load of pressies from girls who know exactly what to give stitching friends.  Must admit that I have left it to a bit last minute this year, but the planning is all done, the bags are already to pack they are just a little empty at the moment.... still 8 days to deadline.    Speaking of which I had better finish up this post and finish another bit to the puzzle.

07 December 2011

15 minute challenge with Kate

Was really disappointed this morning when I got no comments, but blogger has done it to me again.  I KNOW I POSTED THIS YESTERDAY.  But here it is again.

I honestly don't know if I sewed everyday this week it is all a bit of a blur.  I did finish writing all the patterns for my BOM and they are off to the checker and I did finish all but one of the teachers gifts (the bottom one still has some binding to stitch down.  Over the week I am sure I have racked up more than 15 minutes in some of the sittings.  The binding on these pencil cases have been a little hard to put on because I used a stiff interfacing which makes them a little less forgiving than they were for the rotary cutting pouch, but I think they look great.

Someone said to me yesterday that they didn't know I had an embroidery machine.... For the record the names have been hand embroidered.

Head on over to Kate's to see what everyone else has been up to.

05 December 2011

Quilt Fabric Delights BOM

Well its official. Blueberry Botanicals is going to be offered as a Block of the Month through Quilt Fabric Delights.  If you have loved what you have seen here you may like to head on over to the lovely Sarah's shop and put your name down so you don't miss out.

I finished the writing the last pattern on the weekend and they are all at my proof reader at the moment for a final check.

I thought you might like to see close ups of all the blocks.  So here they all are.

02 December 2011


I started Christmas shopping yesterday in between nail and massage appointments.  Actually I started 2 weeks ago when I ordered an Imac for me the kids/family which arrived yesterday.

I have had a Macbook for a few years now, and the kids use Mac at school and they are forever jumping on the Macbook because its better and its the same as school.  Well the pc has been making noises for months and I am just waiting for it to give out at any given moment so I have been putting my pennies together for a few months and wanted to give it to them for Xmas.  However, hubby has decided we just need it now (problem with getting email to work from work the other day when he was trying to work from home did it).

So the big box that is sitting under my bed will probably come out to play on the weekend and I will probably have fun transferring data from the pc over to the Mac.