30 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge - The Changes they just keep on coming

I hope everyone is safe.  I've been stitching every day it has helped keep my head together.  Working from home has been made mandatory by my company and we had our first company briefing today via MS teams.

DH is still working in the city he said that there are not many people of the train so it is easy to keep distance from people.   We are waiting on the delivery of some more equipment for him to work from home.  I'm thinking I may need to move my desk once he does as he spends a lot of time on the phone so side by side desks may not be optimal.

New COVID-19 cases in our state are down so it looks like the changes we have all had to make over the last couple of weeks are starting to slow things down fingers crossed it keeps going that way.

Mo is coping very well with it all even though she is doing her final year of school.  Being an introvert staying home is very much her favourite place to be.  Maestro isn't coping quite so well, he is missing going out with friends, his weekly indoor soccer and going to work.  But he has started working out at home, getting on the treadmill and lifting some weights.

I have finished the final pattern for Springtime Romance (shhh it is in the previous post ready to download).

 I did some stitching outside, and I had a stitching partner on the swing chair.

Yesterday I escaped to my sewing room and finished another tin.  This one I topped with a pincushion.

I hope you are all coping with staying home it is a lot to get your head round but I think my sewing room is stocked with enough goodies to keep me going and most things are just a click away if I run out.

28 March 2020

Free BOM Springtime Romance - Block 10 Putting it All Together

Block 10 available to download until 7/4/2020.  I may forget to delete the links for a couple of weeks. I will also have all Springtime Romance Patterns 1 - 9 on sale for 1/2 price from 1/4/2020 for the month of April in my Etsy Shop.  

The BOM is now complete if you would like to get the pattern it can be purchased from my Etsy Shop at www.seabreezequilts.com.au 

23 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge - More Strange/Sad Times

Well I did lots of sewing this week 7 out of 7.  Amazing how much extra time you have when there is no commute.  Mo is still at school as the government want's to keep schools open for as long as possible.  As she is in year 12 this is kinda important but I don't think it will go on for much longer.    Pub/Restaurants/Cafe/Gym & Other Indoor Sports complexes have been told to close as of midday today.  Maestro hours dried up overnight, Monday last week he was scheduled for a 35hour week, they cancelled one shift after another until he had nothing.  The government put the nail in the coffin yesterday ordering the above.  Let's hope some of the businesses can hold on over the next few months.

I did go into work today just to sort out some files and check the post.  It was a bit scary as the whole place was empty, I kept the main door locked and the boss called in to discuss how we'd make do over the next few weeks.  I was all for just staying home as I was a bit creeped out this morning but one of the other tenants came in and said that he would be dropping in an out every day so I decided that I would still do one day from the office until we are told not do do so.

I managed to do a normal shop this week though there 10 times as many people shopping when there is usually only a few on a Thursday morning.  I got all the essentials minus hand soap, but I ordered them online from Modere. I've given up on trying to get hand sanitiser, I have a couple of travel bottles that I just use when I am going out and when they go that will be it unless the idiots get a grip.

The first draft of Block 10 Putting it all Together for Springtime Romance is done.  I have just done a read through and I want to add some photo's but I should be able to finalise it by the weekend. Luckily I have a good copy of the templates as EQ8 isn't printing at the moment, its a font problem apparently but I thought I did the fix.  Might have to go back and investigate a bit more.

I've been working on Green Tea and Sweet Beans and am a bit more than halfway through Month 7.  The flower blocks weren't my favourite to stitch there is going to be a lot of fudge factor to get them to fit where they are supposed to I think so I am really glad they are over.  

The last class for a while was a lined tin class at the local quilt shop.  They have shut temporarily now but for online orders or by appointment.  The girls and I are pretty sure we can probably just shop our stash for a while, there are plenty of projects to be going on with.  But we are going to have to work out how to skype so we can have a virtual stitching time over the next few months in the mean time I'm in charge of memes to the group to lighten the mood.

I notice the challenge isn't up on Kate blog yet.  Really hoping everything is ok a lot has happened in a short amount of time.

17 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge - Challenging Times

I started writing this yesterday then got distracted, Maestro was building a computer for someone and he needed help holding things after I spent most of the afternoon running around with him for one of his side projects (buying and selling limited addition sneakers... I'm thinking it will end in disaster)

It was back to a 7 out of 7 week this week, though I nearly didn't stitch one night but a quick mum taxi trip on Friday night meant I was wide awake and picked up the needle to do some stitching before heading to bed.

I was supposed to be doing a couple of training courses this week but they have been cancelled as the instructor was flying for interstate and their company has suspended domestic travel.   Mo's school still hasn't cancelled their Sydney trip but I get the feeling that it will happen soon.  
Mo's school  have now postponed the trip and also their time at the Jam Factory (creative hub for artist) as part of the Design Course she is doing.  At the moment schools have not been closed.

People are panic buying, I think I am just going to keep to my normal routine, shop on Thursdays as per usual and take get what I can.  I have been adding a couple of extra things in the shopping basket over the last few weeks so we should be fine in an emergency.  It was announced today that it isn't a supply problem it is a Distribution problem and if people just take a breath and not clear the shops out  of stock and shop normally there will not be a problem - Still the idiots don't listen.

Work is happy for me to work from home so even if I have to stay home it will be ok.  My whole company has been told to work from home for the foreseeable future.  My husband texted me today and he will be doing the same.  Maestro's had one shift cut this week I doubt he will be working much if at all in the next few weeks.

I am back to working on Green Tea and Sweet Beans.  I can't say the the blocks I have been working on have been that easy.  There was lots of unstitching in the flower blocks below but I finally got it together.  I have to make 2 more yuck.

So how is everyone doing.  Are you in lock down?  Stay safe.

10 March 2020

Springtime Romance 2019 Free BOM Quilt Top Finished.

Here's the finished quilt top.  I got the backing fabric today (that is a bit of a disaster who sends you 5m of fabric cut into 1m cuts) but its workable just a bit more stitching than I anticipated.

I think I did a pretty good job of making it look like the E version.  Check the BOM page to see that if you need a refresher.  I'll hopefully start working on the putting it together pattern on the weekend.

09 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Springtime Romance top finish

As far as the challenge goes this week wasn’t so good only a 5 out of 7 this week.  Movie night with the girls so no sewing and then Friday night I just couldn’t be bothered starting, and the kids were in a chatty mood so we just sat on the lounge and had a bit of a laugh over silly things that they had got up to during the day.  Mo had been on an art excursion and was talking about some of the kids in her class that Maestro knew.

DH had been having drinks with people from work and he came home to find us all just having a laugh and he was sorry he hadn’t come home earlier as we are rarely all in the same room at the one time I guess that’s what it is like with teenagers these days.  Maestro is either working or out and Mo is usually studying or just doing stuff in her room.

We have a long weekend this weekend so I planned to finish Springtime Romance this weekend.  I thought that it wouldn’t be done till today but I finished late yesterday afternoon.  So today I gave it a good press and we hung it for a picture.

So here it is straight from my phone.  I have ordered backing fabric which will hopefully arrive this week and I have the batting ready to go.  

So how did you go this week.  Head to Kate's to see how the challenge went.

03 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge a bit Late on everything

I was late posting my block and late posting for the challenge.  I haven't been busy just not aware of the date... well my job makes me very aware of the date but I just didn't join the dots this week.

I am much better than last week and out of my funk.  Had birthday dinner with the girls and went to sewing.  We are going to see Emma on Wednesday night.

It was another 6 out of 7 mainly because of dinner with the girls and it will probably end up being another one of those weeks this week.

Springtime Romance is nearly done one last small spray of flowers and the bottom border is complete.  I'm trying to get it finished by the weekend so I can add the border and maybe do some photo's and start on the pattern writing for the putting it together.

I have ordered batting and backing fabric so I can start quilting.

Here is a progress shot of the final border and I had started adding flower centres to the small flowers but weren't happy with them so they got unpicked.

So how did your week go.  

check out everyone's progress at Kate's 

02 March 2020

Block 9 Sorry bit late I'm blaming it on leap year

In truth it just completely slipped my mind.  A week ago I said to myself that I needed to set up the scheduled post and that was the full extent of my memory.  

So here are the files they will be up until the 9th to give you the full 7 days.

Sorry once again.

You can now get the pattern from my etsy shop.
Please note that Block 10 will probably be late my daughter is going to Sydney early April.  However once it goes up I will leave it there for 2 weeks so you can download it.