22 August 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 There isn't much to show but I have completed Springtime Romance it is all quilted, binding is done and hanging sleeve in place.  I need to have one more look over and it and pack it up ready to drop it off at the show the same goes for Nimue. I haven't taken any photos of the finished quilt so you will have to take my word for it.  I haven't decided if we are going to the Royal Show yet.  

Work has been busy as is usual for this time of year but nothing like last year so I think we are coping well.  

The shawl which is the only other thing that I have to show is nearing the end I think I have about another 8 rows to go but of course those rows take a long time to finish.  

I am well and truly keeping up with the challenge, last week once the quilting was finished I broke the binding up across 4 nights, planning to do a side each night and then pick up my crochet.  This made the binding task not so onerous, I still didn't find it enjoyable.  
Its been a while since Kate has posted but I'll keep linking

08 August 2022

15 Minute Challenge & Splat

 The excitement for this week is that I took the dog for a walk and managed to trip over and went splat.  Luckily apartment from being jarred there was no real damage, though today I'm pretty sore.  

I'm on the home stretch for quilting Springtime Romance one more and a bit more borders to quilt. 

More crochet progress below.  

Mo made her first Etsy sale and she has just received an email from the customer to say it arrived safely, which we have been worried about because you just don't know what is going to happen with Australia Post.  

01 August 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 I'm quilting the final border on springtime romance, so it might get finished in time to go in show, if I am happy with the final quilt. 

My crochet projects are zooming along I'm on a roll and I am really happy with them.  There are plans for the next projects, I found another designer with projects that I love and can't wait to get started on.  

I'm gradually closing my etsy shop, once the patterns expire that will be it. I might find another venue or just leave it for now. 

Mo has opened her shop .  Hopefully she can make enough money to pay for supplies.