26 August 2019

15 Minute Challenge and 2019 Online quilters Meet & Greet

Another 7 out of 7 this week which was truly amazing because I felt like I was running in 10 different directions all week. I was so glad when it was over.

The 2nd tulip block got finished because I didn't have time to print off the applique pattern for the side borders of Springtime Romance until mid week, I'm only 2 and a bit months behind now.

I've started stitching Springtime Romance but there isn't much point in giving you a picture until more of the flowers are stitched its just a group of leave at the moment.  I found that the fabric I used was pretty light on the back which meant I could use a permanent black marker to outline the appliqué shapes which will be fantastic in the long run as I don't after go back over the design everytime I add to it.

Also on the agenda this week was to start on Mo's homestay pressie for her trip to Japan.  On my sewing weekend last month I purchased a box of Aboriginal print fabric,  Mo is going to make some scrunchies and I made these little bags, put some fancy zippers on them.  We also got some socks with Koala's on them and Mo has made some little charms from polymer clay, and I think she will probably make some Australiana stickers.

In other news I am participating in 2019 Online Quilters Meet & Greet.  There are prizes if you visit my blog and use the link on the post to register.  The more blogs you visit the more you can times you can enter.  It kicks off on 3rd September.

So how did you go this week with the Challenge.  Head to Kate's to see everyone's progress.

19 August 2019

15 Minute Challenge GT&SB

Although it was a solid 7 out of 7 I didn't get as much sewing done as what I would have liked this week.

The plan was for this week to be back on to the borders for Springtime Romance but all I have managed to do is piece them.  I also underestimated the amount I needed so the borders are slightly more pieces than what I would have liked and I will have to revisit the requirements list.  The extra joins will able to be hidden behind appliqué but I had planned to have them in single lengths but I forgot that you can only get 3 full lengths of 12 1/2" not 4 from a piece of fabric.  The patterns for the borders are based on 10" width so not so big a deal on the requirements list.

This week I got back to the Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM. I'm a couple of months behind, and it took me a couple  of nights to cut out the 2 of the tulip blocks but I only managed to stitch 1.  There are lots of pieces, but it went together beautifully.

So how was your week? Hope you had plenty of stitching time.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is travelling.  

12 August 2019

15 Minute Challenge and Lots of EQ this week

If I can count EQ as sewing I have another 7 out of 7 this week if not it will be 5/7.

The Eq chewed up quite a few hours this week.  I still get that polygon error every now and again (which according to their website is rare but I've had it 3 times this weekend so maybe not).  To make sure I don't lose anything I have been saving multiple copies of the project and making sure that I save the blocks to My Library each time I finish one so that I can import them into another project easily.  I can't put my finger on anything in particular that causes it but I think its always appliqué patterns that trigger it.

I've headed back to Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM this last week.  The 2 blocks I am working on have about 10 templates and it has taken me all week to cut the block.  I will be stitching them this week and then hope to start on the borders for Springtime Romance on the weekend.

Mo has booked the Mum taxi all day Sunday as the Uni's have open days this weekend and she wants me to go to ask all the questions.  Her boyfriend wanted to go with her alone, but she says that is pointless because neither of them will ask anything and they have already done that tour, so that's why she is dragging me along.

Back to Springtime Romance here is the finished design.  I leaving that top border to do last, just looking at it makes me feel tired but I think its going to look wonderful in fabric.  I will probably tackle the sides first and I am probably going to have to get creative about the pattern download for my etsy shop, either have it in 2 parts or work out a way to cut down the size of the templates oh the joys of dealing with technology.

How did you go this week.  Head to Kate's to see how many of the group met the challenge.

05 August 2019

15 Minute Challenge - Centre Finish Springtime Romance

This week was a big week on the sewing front.  I finished Block 4 of Springtime Romance see below and put the centre of the quilt together.  So it was a big 7 out of 7 for the 15 minutes but there were a couple of days where it was way more than 15.  

I've got to say that I am pretty happy with how it all looks sometimes you do something in EQ and you wonder if it will work in real life I think it did.  You can still get Block 2 for free in the previous post until 7/8/2019.

The script fabric I used for the hourglass blocks is has Jane Austen quotes from her various books.  Persuasion is my favourite Jane Austen book and I love seeing the quote from it in the quilt.  It is the part where Captain Wentworth declares himself still in love with Ann.  

I have a lot more work to do though, 7 patterns to write and the borders to design which I have pictured in my head I just have to get them into EQ without corrupting the files again and print them off successfully.  

Mo is putting her white charcoal drawing in the school exhibition she is also entering it in another external exhibition which is a huge step for her. For one of them there is prize money as well as a chance to sell the art itself.  She is wanting an ipad pro for drawing and the money will come in handy for the Japan trip which is fast approaching.  

How'd you go this week.  
Head to Kate's to see how everyone else went this week.

01 August 2019

Free BOM Springtime Romance Block 2 available to download free 1/8/2019 to 7/8/2019

I hope you have enjoyed stitching your first block.  The next block, Block 2 can be downloaded now until 7/8/2019.  After this time you will need to purchase the block from my etsy shop.  Missed out on Block 1 this can also be purchased from my etsy shop.  

Sorry you have missed the free download.  You can purchase this pattern here.  Come back 1/9/2019 for Block 3.  
Springtime Romance Requirements if you missed them last month

Here is a progress photo.  Block 4 is still being stitched, I have also changed the order of the blocks from the original photo Block 7 and Block 5 have swapped in the final setting.  Instructions for the final setting and the wide border will come in month 10. My version of the quilt will comfortably fit a Queensize bed, make it as small or as large as you want.  The final month usually features a couple of setting options.