27 April 2008

New Diet UGHHH

I have started a new diet, well it is supposed to be a lifestyle well.... the first three days have been not good.... You have to eat nothing but protein for 3 days and that is meat... can't say I feel energised like they tell you on the blurb or it may just be that I also have a sinus infection brewing. Though I have no cravings except may be for heaps of vegetables that I really feel I have needed. The 3 days is to stop your need for carbs though I can eat them now but just in the morning. I don't have scales so I don't know if I have lost any weight but my jeans actually fit today. Will have to go down to the local shopping centre and hop on the scales there next week something I have been putting off because I might die of shame. I definitely haven't been feeling like eating but have been forcing the protein down, least now I can mix it with things and you get a free day where you can mix it up a bit and add some calories so now that this bit is over I think it will get better.

21 April 2008

Essential Textile Art

I had a visit to the Marion Craft Fair this weekend, there were a couple of interesting stalls in amongst the knitting and the dolls clothes. I went specifically to go to the Essential Textile Art stall as I am doing a class with them in a couple of weeks on using Shiva Paintstiks on fabric. I have had some rubbing plates for months but I hadn't got my act into gear about getting the Paintstiks to use with them. I am also going to do their Mixed Media Play Day in July which lets you play with paint and lots of different types of media to make ATC and more. I can't wait for these two classes as I have been becoming more interested in these types of craft and these are great experiment days.

16 April 2008

School Holidays

Yeah its school holidays.. well I say that mixed feelings, I can sleep in a bit, I don't have to rush out if I don't want to but I do have to be Social Director for a 7 and 5 year old. Today my daughter is off this afternoon for a play with a friend but son decided that he must learn to sew then he suggested knitting so we did that for about 20 minutes, when he finally said can you do it because you are much faster than me. All through it Miss L was saying I want to do it too but she lasted less than 5 minutes with her lesson. They are now outside painting a picture for Dad as it is his birthday today.

I am waiting for a mechanic to arrive to fit a speed alarm to my car... not that I speed but after having one in my other car I feel it is worth the money to have one put on.

Finally got the last pattern for Gail Pan's Season BOM on Monday and have been putting together a couple of more blocks over the last few days. I really would like at least the first and second row finished before the Loxton trip so that I have some show and tell. Also must put on the border from Leanne's quilt and get that quilted though don't know when that will happen.
Also got the kit for Pat Sloan's Sunday Drive I chose to have a purple border, it has been a very good postage week. I am also going to make it bigger to fit my queen sized bed so am going to repeat the last applique row up the top and then add another bigger applique border to the outside. Well that is the plan anyway.
Have also been working on some Ornies for the Passion 4 Primitive Forum ornie swap in June but you can't see those until they have been sent to everyone so I will keep you in suspense.

06 April 2008

Mr Darcy's Diary

Just finished Mr Darcy's Diary by Maya Slater, could not put it down. Started reading last night during the commercial breaks of "Lewis" and made a good dent before turning the lights out. Got up early this morning as it is the end of daylight savings so have an extra hour up my sleeve lol and have just finished it now. Should have been doing some housework oh well. It claims to be a diary of the man and the story of the couple that Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is based on I do not know if this is true. Anyhow it was a good yarn offering up another side to the story. Loved it.

05 April 2008

Zoo Trip

I went with my daughter's class yesterday on an excursion to the zoo. It was quite fun but very tiring. We went by train to the city and then the kids caught the Popeye (which is a boat that takes tourists along the River Torrens) to the Zoo. As I don't travel well on boats and most things moving (except for trains) I walked to the Zoo along the Torrens taking a few pictures along the way.

I also added a picture of the flamingo's as they always intrigue me they are very very old (over 70 years) I am pretty sure there were more when I was a child but we are down to 2 now.

01 April 2008

My New Baby

Here is my new baby isn't she beautiful, the best thing about her is that I have been driving a fair bit since Saturday and the fuel gauge is still on full. The rules are that I still have to use the Commodore sometimes so the day's I don't work I will use that, but I just love my zippy little car as it is so easy to park.

I got my final block of Saltbox Village yesterday with all the borders. Will have to start making it now. I have decided to machine applique because I want to finish it quickly (guess I'll have to start it then LOL).

Had a play with the soldering iron this week and it wasn't very successful so I won't be showing the mess here. Will have to do lots of practice I think. The problem was it was for my sister's birthday which was on Sunday so then I had to do a rethink. What I eventually came up with I think she will probably like better so now all I have to do is get to the post office to send it.