25 July 2007

Only One More Sleep

Its only one more sleep till the road trip. Went shopping today for a few last minute things, travel sickness thingy to put on my wrist, ear plugs for the girls in case I snore, and a trip to Darell Lea's for some choccy for the trip up there and there might be some left over for while we are there. Leanne has some pictures from last years classes so I am even more excited it looks like every one had a great time. My son is getting a bit ansy about me going "I don't want you to go on holidays" my daughter doesn't give two hoots "It will be fun with just Dad". I know we are going to have tears at school drop off tomorrow, might try a bribe (usually works lol).

21 July 2007

I have been Tagged

I still haven't beaten this lurgy and I just hope that I can get better in time for next weekend. I have been tagged by Gail Pan but as you will see in random throughts about me I wont be tagging anyone but I have decided to give you 7 random things about me anyway.

  1. I hate being late (actually it makes me feel ill if I am so I never am even if it means being half an hour early).
  2. I laugh a lot.
  3. I use to work on an electronic messaging project so will never forward on chain mail and I tried to do the tagging thing once before and I was just felt so guilty about doing it that I gave up.
  4. My maternal grandmother and mother died within 4 months of each other when I was 23.
  5. I try to read and sew even a little every day.
  6. I have my nails done every 3 weeks.
  7. I went to the same primary school as my grandmother and my mother Col Light Gardens Primary.

Only 5 more sleeps till we leave for Loxton. We are going to zip up to Mildura on Monday to go an visit Country Dye Works that is if we are not dead tired by then. Had a last minute trip to Hetties (quilt shop up the road) as a little bird told me she had some of the new Robyn Pandolph range Chateaux Rococo and of course some had to come home with me (I have a bag in mind).

09 July 2007

The Lurgy Came to Visit

I had a slight raspy throat when I woke up on Saturday, that ended up being a burning fever by early afternoon. I went to bed around 6 and woke up at 9pm shivering uncontrollably. It had abaited slightly by Sunday morning with panadol. The dr this morning confirmed my suspicion that I had an infection of some kind and has put me on megga dose antibiotics.

Even though I was sick I took the opportunity to just sit and sew and finish a couple of project yesterday that I have been working on for a couple of weeks guilt free. Great way to start of the school holidays, luckily my husband decided to stay home to look after the kids which he has had to do a couple of times over the last three weeks. The pattern came from Cinderberry Stitches.

04 July 2007

Times Remembered

Pat Sloan's Yahoo Group is doing Times Remembered as a BOM which is one of Pat's patterns. This quilt is one of my UFO's from a couple of years ago. Here is the first 3 months of the BOM so I can join in a little later in the year. I collected all the fabrics and was going to needleturn it and then decided that I had better do it by machine because it had been sitting there too long, hopefully this time around I get it finished.
It is blowing a gale here today and they expect hail later this afternoon. Think it is about time I put the heater on and sat down with some sewing.

03 July 2007

Here's Jack

Here is a my son with his Jack and the Bean Stalk costume. They have been studying Fairy Tales to help develop writing skills in their class and they are having a class party today and have to come dressed as a character from a fairy tale. So here he is with his chicken (well it is a rooster) who laid the golden egg. A pouch containing beans and a couple of golden eggs (balls because who knew you couldn't get fake eggs at any other time than Easter). But I thought I did pretty good and I only had to buy the beans. Definitely pays to have a good stash of goodies in the sewing room and a few unfinished projects.

01 July 2007

Only 25 more sleeps

Only 25 more sleeps to the road trip. Got some nice Chocolat Fabric by 3 sisters for the basket top (viviane's project). Discussed with the Sparkles about what we were going to take and I think some more discussion over logistics is in order next week most definitely over cake and coffee.
Got started on the table runner, would have had it finished but didn't have enough fabric to use as backing. Fortunately I had to make a Jack and the Bean Stalk costume for my son and was searching for my hot glue gun (which I didn't find) and found a project parcel (I have lots of these) with heaps of black background fabric which is going to be perfect on the back so with any luck after making gingerbread men this afternoon I will get out there and finish that sucker and start on the placemats so we can use the table. Have thought better of the project now and will return fabric to the stash.
I have been a member of Pat Sloans Yahoo group for quite a number of years now and the group is doing her Times Remembered Quilt as a BOM starting in July. The great thing is I have all the backgrounds done and the first three months complete, so hopefully by the time I need to do some sewing I will have some time to do it.