31 July 2023

15 Minute Challenge A couple of finishes to report

The weather has been a mixed bag it has been cold and wet and then we have had days filled with lovely winter sunshine.  

Mo went back to Uni last week for her last semester.   I think she is a little scared about job prospects at the end but she got good grades again last semester so at least she has that behind her.  She has been working on  the committee has been working on the End of Year Exhibition throughout the break and she has done a great job of designing the Catalogue and a lot of the promotional things all good experience for her resume.  

Work is still busy I don't see it getting any better for a few months, and we haven't posted the job yet, 2 steps forward and 1 step back seems to be our moto at the moment. 

To keep me sane I  have been doing lots of crochet.  Made my first doll (a bunny) finished a scarf and started a new dolly.

The wool for the scarf is Poll Merino wool and it is divine so soft and lovely to work with.  It is from a SA farm Leahcim Wool.  

I picked up the pattern for the Rabbit on etsy it is called Liberty Bunny by Lulu Compotine.  Her patterns are translated into a few languages from the original french.  There are loads of photo's and once I got the ply right it went together like a dream.  I'm now working on Little Lise.  Working on them is melting the stress of work away.  

That's it for me hopefully  there will be more to show next time.  You know the drill head to Kate's 

17 July 2023

15 Minute Challenge No More Excuses Just Plain Busy

A post every 2 weeks might be all I am going to manage for the next few months.  My boss said we needed to discuss his schedule today and he's going to be interstate for big slabs of time over the next 3 months right when we are moving and supposed to be taking on a new employee.  I think I probably don't want to think too much about it all for a little bit.  Denial seems to be a good option at the moment.

At least I am still managing to keep up with 15 minutes every day, its been a lot more consistant the last couple of week.  Maestro's blanket is all finished.  We had some lovely winter sun last week so I got it washed and blocked.    It looks great all pinned out and I'm sure it will be perfect to snuggle under. One day he might have a girlfriend to snuggle under it with but at the moment all he does is work.  

I'm trying my hand at amigurumi crochet. I'm working on a bunny, I gave up on the first one as it turned out I used the wrong weight yarn.  So scratched it and started again, its bit fiddly but I'm having fun.  It's helping me not to think about work.  

Head to Kate's to see how everyone is travelling, I'm sure they are more productive than I have been.  

02 July 2023

15 Minute Challenge and end of Financial Year Chaos

 Well I promised myself that I would be more dedicated to the blog and commit to a post a week but it just hasn't happened.  Friday was the end of the financial year down under and work again just got in the way.  Each year its been getting increasingly busy and this year was pretty bad.  Even with my extra hours I ended up doing more hours on top of it and we didn't start the process of getting a new person on either.  

This afternoon I should be able to finish attaching the last square the Maestro's blanket and will start working on the border.  It's been good to be able to snuggle under 4 squares as I do the final 2 and it should be better now that there are 6 to snuggle under as the weather has been cold and wet.  

I've been purchasing more crochet patterns and a couple of skeins of wool from a poll merino sheep farm which is the softest and luxurious wool I've ever felt.   I plan to make a blanket out of it I already have a scarf started in a previous skein I purchased and I just love the feel and way it makes up I had to have more.   

I have purchased a couple of amigurumi patterns, I'm hoping they are simple.  Will see but I like the idea of maybe making something small with crochet that are quick and hopefully easy.  Fingers crossed the experiments works and I have something to show in a couple of weeks.  

Mo is on uni break at the moment but is still going in once a week for the Grad Show Committee, she has managed to pick up a dreadful bug last week which had her spending a couple of days in bed but she is almost over it now.  

Mo did pottery as an elective at uni this semester and I will leave you with her finished works.  The final project was to create a set of  6 matching cups  and there are also some of her other pieces.  We love the cups they are a perfect size and shape and wonderful to use.  

That it for this week.  I have tried to keep up my 15 minutes and I have probably succeeded about 75% of the time.  
 Head to Kates