25 November 2014

Lots of Stitching Progress

I have been trying to find time to put my machine in for a service and I decided that this week would be it, I will pick it up on Friday ready to sew again on the weekend.

I try not to machine stitch during the week anyway its easier to just do hand sewing but I thought it would be a good idea to use the forced layoff to give me the push I needed to try and finish the blocks for the sampler so I am a couple of months ahead again.  I managed some major sewing on the weekend and polished off 4 of the final 5 blocks of the Choccy Sampler .  I also think I have  decided on the sashing I would use and have started cutting out the strips just to see how it will look.  I'm loving the new blocks and can't wait to get them out into the world, I think the final product is going to look beautiful.

In other news I have been asked to contribute to Handmade Magazine and have designed a project for later next year which I will be starting on shortly.   I received most of the fabric for the project on Friday and just have to shop for background fabric this week and I can get stitching... I will need the machine back for this one though.  It's all very exciting.

I have started hand quilting the appliqué quilt  I purchased a new hoop today, as I have been trying to use my floor stand hoop without the floor stand as I have been finding that it hurts my back to lean over it and sew, but the hoop is just too big for that purpose and everything was starting to ache.  The smaller hoop will hopefully be easier to handle.

18 November 2014

Mid Month Report - 15 Minute Challenge

Don't ask me what happened to the end of month report for October, the end of October was a real disaster as far as sewing goes.

Apart from the first Sunday of the month sewing with the girls November has only really picked up this last week.  I'm way behind on finishing another 4 Ornies so I can make up a pattern  with the new version for Patchwork by Sea, will be stitching again tonight to finish the final 2.   My only excuse is to much work for the end of October and to much running around for the first week in November.

The final 5 blocks of the Sampler are all cut ready to sew and I plan to do those this weekend.  Then I can start playing with the block settings.  

I've booked my machine in for a service next week as I want to have it in good working order before I start quilting my appliqué quilt and it is probably 2 years since it was last done there was a time when I had it serviced every year.

Think from now until well after Christmas I will have plenty of sewing on the go to help me keep to the challenge.  

15 November 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 5 and 6

This month marks the half way point of the sampler.  Can't believe it, which means that I had better get on and make the last 5 blocks.   I have been really busy with none quilting activities like kids tennis and more work (day job) than I really need at the moment.  Thankfully that should slow down now and I can concentrate on the fun stuff.

The last couple of months I have chosen blocks that try and build on what you have learnt and then give a new technique that you may not be familiar with but because I was a bit later than I would have liked writing the pattern I decided to just choose a couple of the easier blocks for this month.  By easier I mean easier for me to explain not necessarily to sew.  A word of warning you will need to take care with block 6 as it requires you to sew triangles with a bias cut be careful  that you do not stretch the seam as you stitch if you can manage this the block will go together without a hitch.

I realised the other day that the quilt layout I had been showing on the blog was wrong as the quilt is 12 blocks not 16 so I have fixed that as well sorry for any confusion.  

I have had a couple of sales of block 1&2 so welcome to the recent participants and I hope you enjoy the quilt.  

Keep sending me photo's of your finished blocks and I will post them on the blog/instagram and Facebook for everyone to see.  

The link to purchase the instructions to this blocks are now on the Choccy Sampler Page.

12 November 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Update

Kate sent me a photo of her next 2 blocks.  Still loving that Chocolate fabric think its going to be a spectacular quilt when it is finished.  How are your blocks coming along?

Remember that the next two blocks are due to go up on Saturday so make sure you get your instruction downloaded and don't forget to send me a link or photo's of the blocks you have completed so that I can share with everyone.

06 November 2014

A Big Week of Tennis

This week Squid was to play tennis in the SAPSASA Tennis Carnival, this is for all primary school children in year 6 and 7 in the state.   Our district usually has trouble filling the team so we had a couple of grade 5's in the team as well.  Squid was only down to play 2 days which I thought would be enough for her but as there was a couple of injuries she ended up playing the whole week.

Things were reasonably slow at work my boss was still on holidays but we decided that it would be ok for me to have the time... actually I just told him I was having the time.  And I have been looking at emails and things when I get home just to make sure there wasn't anything getting out of hand.

I really don't know who is more tired me or Squid... well probably Squid but I have been pretty shattered at the end of the day... especially when you play just about every shot with them lol.

The kids have been having a ball and the ones that can try out again next year are eager to do it again.  Due to the success of the team last year (Maestro was in that group) their district went up to Div 1, and they have only managed to win 1 round so hopefully they will drop down next year to Div 2 and get less of a pummelling.  Even though most of the kids haven't had a win they still have been coming off the court smiling so they are just happy to enjoy the experience.

02 November 2014

Stitchen and Bitchen - Great Way to Spend a Sunday

Had another lovely day with the girls today, stitching and solving world problems (well our little world's problems) having a bit of a bitch about various members of our respective families and generally unwinding and doing a fare amount of talking and sewing.

I made a backing for my appliqué quilt found a lovely floral voile in the stash, then basted the quilt ready for quilting.  Then I turned my attention to the Metro Twist Quilt that I cut out last time we had a sewing day and got 6 blocks finished.

The blocks are super easy to piece I don't use pins at all to piece the curve and the clear instructions make easy to trim the blocks down to size with the Curve Ruler and then put the pieces together. I will be making more of the patterns using this ruler because the quilts are just so striking and so easy to do.

I'm up for another busy week, as Squid is playing in the SPSASA Tennis Carnival this week.  She is scheduled for the first 2 days only but that may change at short notice... which I know my boss has forgotten about which might make next week a bit challenging for him when he gets back from his OS holiday but I am sure he will survive.

How are your Choccy Blocks going, I saw another block today using repro's and I think the finished quilt will look fantastic.