29 May 2023

15 Minute Challenge - More Work and Less Play

 My hours have increased officially so at least now I will get paid for working more.  Our landlord has offered us another part of building with a bigger space, we just have to wait and see if HO approves.  If it goes ahead we will easily  fit another person in we can move our network equipment into a separate room which will reduce the noise in the office.  Its more space than we need but there is room to grow if HO wants us to put on more people.  

Over the last 2 weeks I probably have only done my 15 minutes 50% of the time.  Mo wanted to make her boyfriend a cap for his birthday, so I did a test of the pattern last weekend to see if it was easy enough which is was, and she made one for him.   The test one I made has gone missing so I think she may have worn it today so no photo.    

I helped Mo changed her hair colour again over the weekend, she has gone from pale pink, to lilac and now navy so that it blends in with her roots I think she is ready to go back to her natural colour soon, the bright colours are more work than they are worth.  Its definite more work than I want to do. 

Short and Sharp today.  Hopefully I may get some more things accomplished on the sewing front next time.  Head to Kates to check in.  

15 May 2023

15 Minute Challenge - Happy Mothers Day

 I'm feeling much better this week, some nice weather has probably helped.  Mothers Day was 27 degrees which is well above average for this time of year.  

Maestro always works Mothers Day it one of the busiest days of the year in the restaurant, but he was pretty happy he was only on prep and not doing too much cooking, so he squeezed in a phone call.  He came over for dinner and footy watching Saturday night gave me my flowers.  

I had a lovely Mothers Day, morning tea with some of the Mum's in the street, then a walk with just the dog and me and I finished watching Queen Charlotte with a bit of crochet thrown in.  

I can't say I have done a lot of sewing or crochet this week, just felt like doing nothing much of a night this last week.  I've nearly finished another Mandalay square, I'd like to finish at 4 but I think Maestro will want it bigger as he is not small (6'2") so he will want full coverage to snuggle up on his lounge.  

Maestro's dating life is a bit of a running joke in the house (he doesn't have one).  He was set up on a date with a girl the other week, it lasted a joint date (with the couple that set him up) and 2 other dates and he was trying to work out how to say it wasn't going to work and she texted him to say the same. Oh well.  

Mo's bake sale at the uni was a great success they made $1200 and sold out.  Here are the biscuits she rejected.  

We are ramping up to some busy times and I'm going to be increasing my hours soon, not sure how I feel about the extra work load but the extra money will be good.

Head to Kates to catch up on what everyone is up to.  

08 May 2023

15 Minute Challenge

For the last week I have been trying not to get the head cold that Mo had, all I got was the headache and a bit of a sore throat, but have now ended up with another sinus infection which I am again trying to avoid the use of antibiotics.  

The week before last I did manage to crochet every night but last week I'd say it was a 3/7 week as all I really did was head to bed early to try and get some sleep to help fight of the germs.  I have finished 2 squares and have another square 3/4's done.  

We did some more work at Maestro's townhouse the last two weekend, he now has curtains in his living area.  He is back at trade school and is juggling both school and work again.  

Mo took on being  on the committee for the graduate exhibition for her course.  Which is way out of her comfort zone but great experience.  They are running a bake sale on Thursday to raise money, the first of their fund raisers and she  is busy doing her first batch of cookies tonight.  

A poster she did as part of illustration last term was a finalist in a Government sponsored competition for Advocating Refugee program, the winner will be announced in the coming months.  

Head to Kate's to catch up with everyone's stitching progress