19 March 2023

15 Minute Challenge and an Exhausting Week

AHHH not great on the challenge this week in fact I only managed 1 day of sewing and that was today.  I've spent the day in my PJ's after heading to the shops to get a few groceries and returning some of the curtains and hardware that we purchased.   All the blinds in the top on the top floor are block out and were fixed in such a way that putting curtains in as well was really difficult so we opted not to. 

Maestro's room had curtain rails (but no curtains) as well as blinds so we were able to get ready mades for his room.  He wasn't too keen on the colour at first but once they were up they he realised that they were perfect.  

By yesterday after 5 days of walking up and down the stairs my legs were really complaining, but most things are done and Maestro is pretty much settled in.  He has TAFE for the next 3- 4 weeks, he was only going to work 2 days but I think he feels he needs the extra money to get things with the house right.  We knew there were the curtains and the showers needed resealing but all the down lights were too dull and had to be replaced as well as the tap in his bathroom so $500 that we weren't expecting to spend happened as well as a few other things.  The joys of home ownership.  

His tenants have moved in and they are pretty quiet and seem to be easy going so hopefully it will be smooth sailing for  a bit and will help with his mortgage.  

My fuchsias are finally blooming and the begonia which I received for my birthday is flowering.  

13 March 2023

15 Minute Challenge New Quilt Start

Our Office search continues, head office didn't like the fact we found a place out of the CBD, so last week we had to start again.  We visited 5 places and found somewhere that we think head office will approve of.   The office is western side of the city which suites both of us and I can take public transport and leave the car at home, but my boss may be fighting to get a paid car park.  

I've been a bit unwell the last few weeks, I think things are just getting to me too many ball's in the air coupled with a change in meds which I don't think has agreed with me.  Will head back to the Dr's after Maestro moves in this week.  

Settlement on the house has been moved up and is tomorrow.  I have taken a day off on Friday to help, I'm sure it will involve more trips to shops  and will probably be back and forth for most of the week.  The place has no curtains so that will probably be a priority. 

Sewing wise the last two weeks I have been keeping busy and I think I only missed one day of the challenge.  I ordered a  kit from Annie Downs from Hatched and Patched.  I've cut all the blocks out ready to stitch but am working on the appliqué blocks first.  Annie's style is pretty quirky and simplistic which is about all my appliqué is up to at the moment while trying to get me groove back.  

That's it for me this week.  Hopefully I can have some house pictures next week but won't hold my breath about getting Maestro to pose.  

Head to Kates to catch the round up. 

26 February 2023

15 Minute Challenge and now where did February go

 Seems to be a bit of a theme so far this year.  I know that come Monday I've been feeling pretty beat when I get home from work.  February is a really busy month (January genuinely is own only slow month) and clients always are slow to give us the information we need in a timely fashion they are still on holiday timetable.  This means lots of followup holding cover for them until they get their act into gear which is lots of extra work for me.  We are also looking for new office accomodation.  Our head office wants us to find serviced offices which in Adelaide is slim pickings, but the latest place is pretty good and cuts both my and the bosses commute by about 20 minutes at least.  We are waiting on head office's decision but all we are hearing is when we are going to put someone else on which until we get a new office isn't going to happen.  

This boss is having his appraisal soon so hopefully he can push the new office situation in talks as we need to jump on it soon if we get the office we want.

I have been doing a bit of sewing (well supervising sewing) Mo has wanted to make a T-shirt which she did with not too much interference from me (she told me I wasn't allowed to take over) and she made two bucket hats for herself and her boyfriend for the return to Uni tomorrow.  She did a great job on the projects and I only really helped when there was unpicking to be done.  

I got the panel that goes with the latest Homespun Block of the Month and have started doing the embroidery.  I don't see me making the quilt unless it is just the embroidery blocks, but I've had fun doing a bit of embroidery this last week as we have had a heat wave with a week of 38+ temps and it was too hot to crochet. 

Its back to crochet this week, I have Mo's bed runner to finish but it also means a trip to the yarn shop soon as I have run out of white and will need more of all the colours to finish it.   It is pretty easy compared to the Persian Tile so it shouldn't take long to finish once I have more supplies.     


Since the last time I blogged I finished my Persian Tile blanket.  

We are in the count down to settlement of Maestro's house in a little over two weeks, he will be glad to get  in and start to settle in.  

That's it for me today.  Head to Kate's for the round up.  

06 February 2023

15 Minute Challenge Where did January go

January always seems to be the longest month and yet when its over I can't remember what I did.  Last week the boss and I did some new office searching,  at least I know what the boss doesn't want now.  I said to him today, working from home is looking more and more attractive by the day but that doesn't help us get a new person to work with us.  

I'm half way through the border on my Persian tile blanket and I did a bit of fabric shopping last week.  

I picked up Mo's picture from the printer today.   Maestro's commissioned her to draw something for his computer room in the townhouse.  He sounded pretty happy with the result.  Will have to get it framed.  

Thats it for the week nothing much to report I'm afraid.  

23 January 2023

15 Minute Challenge & House

Have been a bit MIA.  We did sign a contract on a townhouse with Maestro.   It's all so different than what it was like 25 years ago when we bought our house.  So much paperwork and checks that have to be done, lawyers to be engaged etc, I will be glad when that bit is all over and he can move in.  

He has to buy a fridge, washing machine and dryer as well as move all the purchases he has been making over the last few months that our filling up our family room.  

The week after my last post I don't think I really did anything, but this week I have picked up the pace.  My Persian Tiles blanket is coming along.  The centre is all done I need to crochet the set in triangles and then I am ready for the border.  The triangles are pretty quick I have another couple finished that need joining so I should be well on the way to finishing if I keep this up this week.  

My Great Uncle died in the last couple of weeks and I went to his funeral on Friday.  It was a true celebration of his life and probably the best funeral I have been to.  He was 97 and was the last of my Nana's 9 siblings to go and it also sounded like it was only the last couple of months that he couldn't live on his own which is a small wonder.   His son-in-law read the eulogy and it was a true reflection of how I remembered him from my childhood.  There were stories and jokes and it was lovely to remember a simpler time and catch up with some of my mother's extended family.  

09 January 2023

15 Minute Challenge - New Year


First day back at work today.  Spent the morning setting up new computer equipment, I thought it was a 20 minute job but ended up taking 3 hours luckily there wasn't anything too urgent to do just a lot of filing which I guess can wait till tomorrow.  Once everything is working it will be good to be able to bring my laptop home to work on instead of using my home computer.  

Since my last post, I helped Mo make a messenger bag for her boyfriend as well as lots of crochet, I'd say I'd averaged 90% over the last 4 weeks doing at least 15 minutes.  

Summer has finally arrived in the last 2 weeks and we have had a couple of hot days which we are so unprepared for as it has been wet and low 20's for most of the last couple of months so 37 is a real shock when it hits.  

The house hunting continues though it has been slow over the last couple of weeks.  We put offers on 3 properties this week fingers crossed something comes through soon.  

Head to Kates to see how everyone is going.