30 June 2010

Sneaky Peek

Only one more sleep to go.  Have you signed up, I think it will be a whole lot of fun over the next few weeks and you may all get a start on Christmas this year.

Here is a sneak peek at my project.  Super easy and super fun to make.  I hope you will try them out.

28 June 2010

Girls Only Day

The Squid and I had a girls only day yesterday, the boys were off to the footy and I had planned with the sewing girls to head to Sarah's open day.  Of course the girls were pre-warned that the Squid will be in-tow and apart from 1/2 dozen toilet stops (which is my lot in life until she can go on her own) squid was well behaved.  It was nice to fabric fondle and buy some yummy bits look at what I might use for next Creative Team Project and see a new BOM which because of the yummy fabric I am probably seriously considering.

After clearing the cobwebs out of the wallet we headed to Brighton, with a good selection of Adelaide for lunch and then a browse through the 2nd hand book shop. All the readers in the house got a book each so nobody felt left out and we headed home for a quiet afternoon with no male interruptions.

24 June 2010

Creative Space - Bright Star

I got back to Bee Inspired last night and managed to do a lot more today, my neck is a little stiff now however.  It is still a long way to getting finished but I have made lots of inroads today.  While I was stitching and the reason I managed not to do as much as I could have was that I was watching Bright Star and I kept looking at the dvd instead of stitching probably not the best choice for background noise.  Maybe I’ll do a bit more tonight and tomorrow night and who knows it may be nearly finished soon. 

Back to Bright Star, I loved the movie and have been waiting quite a few months to see it.  I could have gone with a group back in February but I really wasn’t feeling on top of the world emotionally after the big H and I kind of made the decision that I needed to be in a good place to see it as I would be sobbing at the end (which I was today) and I did want to stop sobbing at some point.  I think I will have to buy the DVD and add it to my collection of “Mr Darcy Films” as my husband classes them.  He is really looking forward to the new Charles Dickens series that starts this Sunday and goes for 7 whole weeks NOT.

23 June 2010

Very Excited

I have a parcel waiting by the door it is going to be posted today.  I have been working on this project for a few weeks and finalised everything on the weekend.  Can you guess... no... well a couple of weeks ago I was asked to do a project for Homespun.  All will be revealed in the January edition.

Even more excitement is Christmas in July is nearly here only a few more sleeps.  Have you joined up yet. I can wait to see what everyone else has done.  I really love christmas sewing.  The Chat and Message Board is already open if you have your login and password head on over and introduce yourself.

18 June 2010

On a Mission

I have been sewing and sewing lots, a bit sick of it at the moment ... no not really just need to do something that doesn't have to be done... like something just for me, so yesterday I was on a mission.

Last week I bought myself some lovely wool tights something that I have kind of been looking for as an essential piece of winter wardrobe, then got home tried them on opened the cupboard and realised I don't have any winter skirts to wear with said winter tights all I have are trousers.

I am thinking of basic wrap around with a sheer overlay, looks fantastic in my head don't know if it will looks so good on the bod.  So with this in mind I headed to DK's maybe the last remaining purely dress making fabric shop's in Adelaide (I don't count spotlight here).   20 years ago (oh god how old must I be) I use to make all my own clothes I worked in the city (DK had 2 stores then their Bridal store was in town) I use to stop by on my way home on a Friday and bring home the most amazing one of a kind fabric and make clothes on the weekend.  One particular outfit was for my sister's wedding I had chosen a pattern that took 6m of fabric and I had fallen in love with a  piece of fabric that was $150 /m in Lincraft.  Way out of my budget and my comfort zone when it came to dressmaking.  Walked into DK found the exact colour (which was what I was in love with and you can probably guess the colour) and made the whole dress for $30 and it looked like it cost $900.

Yesterday I landed in DK's found some glorious Italian Wool embellished with lovely thread... will be going back for that when I work out what to do with it. Decided on a Viscose Linen for the underskirt and found this lovely sheer.  The bargain of the day was the grey piece of fabric which the lady was preparing as a remnant.... love remnants 1.3m for $18 it is pure wool with the embroidery all over.  I see a skirt and maybe a bag if I am extra scrimpy.

16 June 2010

Looong Weekend

I don't work Tuesday's so I had an extra long weekend, which was kinda nice, would have preferred to go to sewing yesterday but instead did grocery shopping and housework yuck... and a tincey bit of sewing in the afternoon.   Over the weekend my son embarked on this masterpiece.  The big roll of paper that we bought at Ikea a couple of years ago has come to an end and he had to use the whole big piece.  Now we are searching for a spot to put it.  His first thought was on my feature wall in the lounge room, I quickly suggested somewhere else.

Last night I started work on my June project for QFD and it will go perfectly with the sewing box of last month.  Looking forward to the end of June when all the sewing deadlines have been met and I can go back to quilting my quilt and maybe do some sewing for me and a new ballet bag for Squid.

11 June 2010

Christmas in July Progress

I am sure that you have heard about Christmas in July from this post and a bit more here on QFD Creative.  Have you joined yet make sure you head on over here to sign up so you can get your hands on all the lovely exclusive projects.   Natalie Lymer blogged a sneak peak at her project yesterday, and I have been stitching away and here is my sneak peak I have another two project in the pipeline.  I must admit I have enjoyed paying around with this theme.

My hubby had the day off yesterday and I said that I wanted to sew in the morning and then we could go out for lunch, just the local pub nothing special then we headed to the shops and I bought a new Slow Cooker.  The one that I have had and used for years was in fact my mother's and she has been gone nearly 20 years so it was pretty old and it was pretty tired.  DJ's had a nice big one on special so I thought I would give it a go.  I have got out the old Magaret Fulton Crockpot Cookbook (also my mum's) from the 70's.  It is really cold here at the moment and with a long weekend I feel the need for comfort food.  Going to try a leg of lamb and maybe some soup.

09 June 2010

Playing around with Elements

Have been playing around with Photoshop Elements I really need to do a course or something or maybe just read the Missing Manual Book I have, to work out what I want to do.  Here is a start of some of my favourite shots from down the beach.  Need something to remind me of Summer..... it is freezing (well not quite but really cold anyway) it has even been raining.

Nice Cup of Tea

Thought I would drop by why I waited for this to brew.  mmmm..... Lady Grey Tea the loose leaf is so much more exciting than the bags.... you get to see the citrus pieces and the flower petals.

Today promised to be very productive until I slept in and then the guy coming to quote for roller shutters was late and I didn't get one of the things I needed for Christmas in July projects so had to whizz down to LQS for supplies AGAIN.

I did finish sewing my secret squirrel project ready to send off.  Just have to have the pattern tested.

I did finalise a couple of things for Christmas in July projects so maybe tomorrow I can shut the door to my sewing room.  Plug in to IVIEW and watch a few ABC shows and sew sew sew.

I hear the tea is calling me.

04 June 2010

Another Version

It was my friend's Sue's birthday yesterday and I thought it might be nice to make one of my creations for her.  Here is the result, I decided at the last minute to make it so I didn't put the embroidery on the top so that cut the creation time down so I could make the deadline.  I have used another Patty Young range of fabric that just happened to be in my stash.

02 June 2010

Christmas In July

Must admit I have been basking in the glory of my sewing box tutorial, kicking back, hadn't sewn for a week... I tell a lie I actually started doing a last minute gift on the weekend and made a costume for the squid's midyear ballet concert.  But then on Monday I took delivery of an order from Sarah, and there was an extra bundle in it... no note ... no nothing but I got the message to get off my butt big time.  I have a number of sewing deadlines over the next couple of weeks so I am going to have to pull my finger out well and truly.

So what are you going on about I hear you ask?  Well this picture will give you all the details and if you want to sign up just use the link on my side bar.  Should be heaps of fun and BTW my little bundle was absolutely gorgeous so you are going to want to join in.