31 August 2009

Modelled By

Here is my daughter in her Modkids gear. It is a bit cold to be wearing it without something underneath but I still think it is cute.

Have worked on a couple of items that I alluded to in my previous post. I fear a little bit of shopping may still be involved before I can reveal much more. But prototypes have been started. Next weekend I had better make a start on the birthday swaps that are looming as I am going to start stressing myself out any minute if I don't.

27 August 2009

Secret Squirrel Business

I am working on a secret project at the moment... well a few secret projects. I will reveal all in a few weeks. I have lots and lots of ideas buzzing round in my head and I have started putting a few things in place so there will be a big reveal soon. Now that I have let the cat out of the bag sort of it will have to happen. Won't it? That will be my motivation.

It is all a bit ridiculous really as the next couple of months are going to be an absolute nightmare. It is our busiest time at work and lots and lots of stuff happening with the kids and workshops and just lots of stuff that I have to do. But I always work better to a deadline so I am just putting it out there... But what you ask.....

Today I started my daughters costume for the school concert. The teachers comment was that everyone must have a national costume at home, well this family doesn't. I remembered a costume I had as a child doing ballet so I am making that for the Squid. The skirt is finished just have to make a peasant top. I got a great pattern from YouCanMakeThis.com which I can use to make dresses as well as shirts so very happy. And the Squid is very happy with the skirt as I told her that she can use it for dress ups after the concert she wanted to wear it as a party skirt (if I had known she was going to say that I wouldn't have taken so many shortcuts lol).

The picture is of the water pooling around a jetty pillions it was taken on a summer's day many months ago...I used the image today in some of the stuff I am doing for the secret squirrel business.

Here is what it looked like this weekend when we went for a walk down to see if they had finished all the construction down by the Jetty it isn't quite finished but it is starting to look good (It was supposed to be finished in March). They have reduced the amount of parking so we had to park further away from the jetty than we use to be able to... it will be a nightmare come summer ... this was a cold winters day with no one at the beach.

25 August 2009

MEGA Giveaway Alert

Kellie has done it again and has an amazing give away on her site. So head on over and leave a comment on the blog for your chance to own an original Don't Look Now quilt.

24 August 2009

Applique Outside the Lines

I just got delivery of this book from Piece O' Cake. I really love Piece O'Cake Designs... Have I actually made one of their quilts... No.. But I probably have most of their books and have collected fabric for about 3 large quilts and even started one or two. The thing that doesn't sit with me is their overlay thingy I find it a bit too THINGY (too much reaching for perfection) and finicky for me. I thought this book might dispense with the overlay but it doesn't, I don't know why with a book on a more whimsical feel applique they haven't left that bit out. Having had my whine I love the book, the quilts are fabulous (I will just ignore the overlay bit). And there are about 3 quilts that I just have to make and the lovely backgrounds will be a great way to reduce my stash..

If I haven't put you off, click on the picture below and it will take you straight to the book in fishpond.
Applique Outside the Lines: With Piece O' Cake Designs

I just got an email to say that my Weather Photo is going to be in the Weather Calendar and I have an invite to go to the launch. So if you voted for me thank you.

21 August 2009

Interesting Week

As we were leaving yesterday for school this lovely creature was sitting on the wall of our house by the front door. He was quite large the wing span was as big as my hand.

We are having a few issues with my daughter at school. Basically she is being bullied by her "friends" for food when she gets money to spend at the canteen. Sharing of food is forbidden due to problems with food allergies.

Used a bit of my nervous energy this afternoon to finish this outfit for her.

17 August 2009

Well the Pants are finished the rest...

Struck a bit of a problem with the top yesterday. Because the denim is stretch and I mean very stretchy I had a bit of a problem putting the sleeves in. Have been mulling over it all night and have come up with a couple of ideas to try before giving up. I think if I put in some non stretch interfacing to the edge it will stop the fabric stretching as I sew to get the sleeve in and therefore stop the puckering. Otherwise both these patterns are super quick and super easy to sew, if I had used the recommended fabric (not stretch) I wouldn't of had the problem but I wanted a dark denim and they only had a soft one in stretch (which was great for the pants). If all else fails I will have to purchase another piece from Sarah for the bodice, but it look's lovely in the denim so that will be a last resort.

p.s. My work around worked a treat so I can finish the tunic to go with the pants now. Had a lovely time this morning dyeing Leanne's op shop wool finds and think she will have a bit of show and tell tomorrow if she can wait that long before washing them out. We were very good and didn't make a big mess that is until Leanne left and then I tipped over a cup of unused dye all over the pavers, and all over my hubby's card table (if I put it away maybe he won't notice), splashed some bleach on the pavers and that got most of it out rain will do the rest .....hopefully.

14 August 2009

Give Away Alert

Check out this giveaway at Krissies' blog it is fantastic.... just what I need to put all my jewellery on instead of chucked in basket in the cupboard.

13 August 2009

Planning on a big Sewing Day

I am planning on some sewing today. On Tuesday before rushing off to sewing I put in an order from Sarah for these lovely fabrics for a couple of outfits for my daughter and of course they were on my doorstep when I got home yesterday all ready for my sewing day. The fabrics are by Patty Young and she also designed the fabric range. Hopefully I will have some show and tell by the end of the weekend.

Yesterday I also signed up for the Thimblelady's Applique Class when she comes to Adelaide in November for the Craft and Quilt Show.

09 August 2009

It's finished

Little Blue Birds is finally off the To Do list. Now for basting, quilting and binding and it is truly done .... but I might leave it to rest a little while before I get to it (let it get over the shock of being finished). Though I was thinking about it last night as I was stitching the last border about how I was going to quilt it and what backing I was going to use and then this morning it was back to leaving it again. I have to get out and fix up the sewing room it looks like a bomb has hit it with bits of pattern pieces everywhere so I really need to attend to this so that I can start something new or continue on something I have already started...decisions decisions...

05 August 2009

And the Winner Is...........

Terry can you email me your snail mail address and I will get your bundle in the post this week. I have opened my email address on my profile but will take it off in a couple of days (otherwise I get inundated with spam).

03 August 2009

Needle Case

Here is a project I have been working on this week. I don't usually make needle cases for myself they usually end up as giveaways in swaps. But I have wanted to make this particular needle case for some time ever since I bought the Needleworks Book by Kindred Spirits quite a few years ago. I got the book out for a friend the other week and thought that I might as well have a go at it. I modified it a little, padded the pin cushion part so now it doesn't sit quite flat when closed but I think it is more useable that way and I didn't use cardboard but pelmet vileine which is much better to work with and I didn't put a the scissor keep and thread bobbin in but that makes it mine. I am now working on a hexagon bag to match.

Little Blue Birds has slowed a little bit, the pieced border isn't as simple as it looked as I think I must of not read the instructions properly at some point and cut one of the borders smaller than it should have been and of course mine is a different size to what it should be so I am fudging it (yes I know you are supposed to read all the instructions before you begin but I tend to just look at the pictures oops and must of picked up the wrong measurements). I have 2 side borders on just have to do top and bottom then the final border should be fine.