25 April 2023

15 Minute Challenge & Anzac Day

 I only seem to be able to blog when we have a public holiday today is Anzac Day. 

I looked at more serviced offices last week and after the boss rejected a great office I told him I wasn't going to do  any more looking as he wont compromise and HO keep changing what they want us to have.  I told him we need to refit our current office which is double the size of any of the serviced options we have looked at and we will easily fit 3 people in it with a refit and he has agreed.  I guess we just have to make it happen.  

I've done some gardening today repotting philodendron  that has outgrown its pot and put 2 new fuchsias that I purchased via mail order in bigger pots.  I think my shade house is pretty much full now.    I'm waiting for all my fuchsias to finish flowing and cut them back and take cuttings and hopefully get me plants.  

And let' get to the challenge, I've been crocheting the last 2 weeks.  I have finished one big square and have been struggling with the 2nd one,  having unpicked rows 20 to 23 about 4 times.  I think it is now right so I'm hoping that from now on I should be able to finish the last 10 rows.  I'll start with 4 blocks and see how I go.  I used the better part of a 200gm ball to finish one square and I have 8 in the stash I'm thinking 3 x 3 will be a good size.   

That's it for me, I might switch back to stitching next week, head to Kate's to see how everyone is going and I had better check in myself.  


10 April 2023

15 Minute Challenge & Happy Easter

Missed again last week, been busy and been unwell.  A couple of blood tests and a couple of scans, turns out I'm in menopause but I was pretty sure I had already gone through it about 6 years ago.  Hard to tell when you have had a hysterectomy so one of the scans was to see if there is anything going on with my ovaries.  

In the meantime I am on HRT for a couple of months until things settle down and hopefully get ok results back next week on the scans.  I have slept 3 nights straight which is wonderful because I think it is a month since I've had a decent sleep if not longer because I usually sleep badly for a week and then sleep like the dead for a night or 2, 3 good nights in a row is unheard of.  Got to say I am already feeling 100% better than I have in a long time.  

Hubby and I went for a walk this morning and I felt really good.  We went and did another couple of jobs at Maestro's house yesterday.  He is working and at trade school and hasn't much down time.  I'm waiting for him to get sick,  he says he is going to have a few days off so I might try and get him to get a flu shot he gets really sick every winter and takes weeks to get over it.  

Crafting wise I'm dividing my time between appliqué and crochet.  I have 4 squares finished for my infinity scarf, not sure if it is going to be long enough, probably only have enough wool for another 3 squares and then a border so it will probably end up being just a scarf.  

Maestro was complaining about being cold while watching the footy so I pulled out some granny squares that I have worked on a couple of years ago and I might do a couple of bigger blocks and use these as a border to make a throw for his lounge.  It's wool so it might end up being a bit scratchy but should be warm enough for a bit until I can make something from cotton that I have in the stash to make him something big and masculine.  

Progress shots on my appliqué project.  I'm really glad Anni's style is pretty rustic as these aren't too perfect, but it should look nice and fun when its finished.