18 October 2011

15 Minute Challenge

Last week is a bit of a blur, but I think I can safely say that I met the challenge.  There might have been one night off but I probably made up for it on the other nights and then some.

Here are some little numbers I ran up during the week.  A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Lorraine at Hetties to come up with an easy pattern for a iphone/phone cover so that they could kit them up for the Craft Fair in a couple of weeks.  The pattern just needs some final tweeking and it will be ready.  I'll need to make a quick dash to the printers this week so that it is ready before I go away.

Gradually over the last couple of weeks I have been finalising all the mini blocks for the quilt top you have been seeing so much of over the last couple of months.  Sunday I appliqued the final two paper pieced stars on the last 2 blocks and sewed it all together.

Now the race is on for the borders and I really must get sewing because the more I think about it the more I keep changing my mind about what I am going to do... and can you believe it I just have spotted a problem, so there will be a couple of changes before the border goes on.

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14 October 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I have been struggling a bit with FTF the last few weeks I have too many things on my mind.  To pin point a FT has been difficult ..... oh there have been FT but my mind is racing so much lately that by the time Friday comes it has all gone.  A couple of things have been crossed off the list this week so I am starting to settle down a bit now and I have been doing a bit to much of my FTF which is reading.

I have to admit I am a shocker when it comes to reading... its a bit like a drug, or that cake sitting in the fridge... you know... ok I'll just read for 1/2 and hour... oh maybe another 5 minutes and before I know it is 2am.  So when I get like this I have to go Cold Turkey so I banned myself from the library for a while and I will not be downloading any books from itunes or kindle. 

So what is my drug of choice, well it is Sci-Fi Fantasy, other genre's I am fine with can just read for 1/2 and hour and then put it down go to sleep but give me a good Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel and I am a lost cause.  My introduction to Sci Fi was John Wyndham as a kid, Day of the Triffids then I went on to read all of his novels.  

I have to admit that I hated reading when I was in high school but once I started working, I had to do something on the bus trip to and from work and books were cheap back then and I filled my bookshelves with them.  Back then I was into Anne McCaffrey  novels.  

Yesterday I finished another novel by Robin Hobb, she usually writes Trilogies and luckily for me the latest one isn't out yet otherwise I would still be inthralled.   Though I admit to looking today into another one of her Trilogies that I have yet to read.... but I think I have too much to do in the next week before we go on our trip, maybe I will get the first one to read on the plane.  

Maybe this week I will just read a classic... again, I know how they all end and I can pick them up or put them down whenever I want.  

So now you know I am a bit of a geek, if you hadn't already guessed it by my love and need of technology this would confirm it.  

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11 October 2011

15 Minute Challenge

It's school holidays here so there have been trips to the pool, movies, a birthday, walks on the beach and work squeezed in between sewing.  I have managed a 5 day weekend however which I think I managed to sneak in on the boss with out him actually being aware of it until the last minute... (I did spell it out to him in a note when I asked for a day off but he obviously didn't read it.... I am sure I'll pay for it tomorrow).

  Its amazing the fun a girl can have with a puppy, a stick and a sea sponge.  My son was throwing a cuttlefish into the ocean and was amazed at how many times it came back to him.

I admit to a day off yesterday as it was my son's 11th birthday and we had a bit to fit in. Trips to family to pick up pressies and a trip to the Movies to see Johnny English... they both love Mr Bean and thought it was hillarious.

Having a 5 day weekend has meant that I have been able to make great in roads into the "Big Project" there is just 2 6" blocks to finish for the final corner block and one more star to make 2 to applique on.  After taking the photo above the other day I have decided to change a couple of fabric choices but it won't take long to unpick and resew and then the centre will be finished and I can start on the border.

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04 October 2011

15 minute challenge with Kate

This week has been busy with the end of school term and 30 September work rush and a long weekend but I have fitted quite a bit of sewing in.

I have given myself a deadline of 2 weeks to finish my "big project" and I am making great inroads into the final 4 blocks.  

The TO DO list is
6 pieced blocks to decide on and make
4 square within a square blocks for the embroidery
2 flowers to embroider
and 4 paper pieced stars to complete.  

before working on the border which I think will be next weeks task.

I have to admit one or two sewing free days this week but I did make up for it on other days.  There have been a couple of cutting mistakes which have meant design changes ah well these things happen.

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02 October 2011


I've come to the conclusion that I am procrastinating on my big project.  I have 3 blocks to make the idea is firmly in my head most of the hand stitching is done for them I just seem to keep finding excuses not to just go out and do it.  I think tonight I will have to just suck it up and get out there and sew.  I have only two flowers to sew on the centre block so I really have no further excuses .... my excuse so far is I want all the embroidery done.... I know what the border is going to look like so...


My personal deadline is 24 October the day we go on Holiday so I really need to pull my finger out.