27 February 2015

Fresh of the ironing board

Here is Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler top all finished.  I'm probably going to chicken out sending it out to be quilted and will just do an allover big stipple.  I looked at one of my older quilts done this way and all washed it looks and feels vintage and comfy so I think that will be perfect for this quilt.  I've just gone an added another border from the shot that was on instagram earlier this week.  I wanted the centre and sashing to look like it is floating and of course I ran out of the Pat Sloan plaid circa 2005 I used.  On the way home I zipped to the Hetties  and found some fabric which blends pretty well with the sashing.

I'll post instructions to finish the quilt my way on or around the 15th.  

Individual blocks will continue to remain for sale in my Etsy shop however I will make it into one pattern at a later date.

15 February 2015

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 11 and 12

This morning I finished my magazine project, I can't tell you how hot it is binding a quilt in 40 degree heat can't say it has been enjoyable but the quilt is finished and I just have to finalise the final draft of the pattern to send of to Handmade.  The project is fresh and bright and Squid has her name on it already when it eventually comes back to us.

Drum roll please.  The final two blocks are here ready for you to download.  I hope you have enjoyed the sampler and I would love to see you finished blocks, post on instagram all email me your photo's and I will share them on Facebook and wherever.

I will try and get the quilt top together over the next couple of weeks.  I will send it off to be quilted I think but will post instructions on how I finished mine by the 15th of March.    Then I will need to plan what I will do next.  I think another sampler is in the works but I might mix it up a bit this time and put in some appliqué  oh well we will just have to see how much time I have.

Block 11 Summer Winds

Block 12 Not Key Lime Pie

Here is the link  stay tuned for the finished quilt top soon.  I'll keep last months blocks up until tomorrow morning as promised.

12 February 2015

Its My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

It's my birthday today, we will forget about the number, DH told me I was getting old, I told him he had 5 years on me so he should take a look at himself, to which he replied Don't crack jokes.  He's been 27 since the day I met him its now at the point where I have no clue how old he is unless I actually calculate it.

The crying part of the title refers to my decision to watch Philomena this afternoon, which I thoroughly enjoyed but it had me sobbing in parts.  I quite often cry at movies, happy, sad it doesn't matter.  Today it got to the point where I fogged up my glasses and couldn't see the binding I was hand stitching.    

Instructions for the magazine project are nearly complete just have to do some final edits before I send it to my mate to work her magic.  Will have to start working on the final block instalment of the Choccy Sampler soon and get back to the quilt top so that you can see the finished product.

09 February 2015

New Beginnings

Week 1 of my Beginners Class started this week.  Some of the ladies were quite nervous.   I can't remember how I was 20 years ago when I did my Beginners Class, I was probably a bit nervous too.  I think they started to feel at home about half way through.  I don't want my class to be stressful as quilting is my stress relief I hope that it will become that for my students as well.

I have always loved doing classes.  I go to them with the expectation of learning something new or simply just absorbing the teachers creativity and ideas.  Even just quilting with the girls, as we all tend to work in isolation when we do come together we share "Why do you do that?"  ... "You don't do that? Don't you find? and you are bound to pick up another tip to add to your box of tricks.

This week I have concentrated on my magazine project, the quilting was all finished yesterday.  I know that I always underestimate the time that it takes to quilt a quilt and was prepared for that but the quilting of the borders over the last week has taken what has felt like a really long time.  I had 2 feet to go yesterday plus the sashing and I just stayed put until it was done.  My body needs a break that is for sure.  I think the chocolate marshmallow sampler is going to out to be quilted (something I have never done before) I just don't have another quilt in my at the moment, my body needs a rest.

And a reminder about the Choccy Sampler final 2 blocks will be posted next weekend.

01 February 2015

Just Where Did that Week Go

I as going to write this post on Thursday here it is 7.45 on Sunday evening and I am just sitting down to do it.

This time last year I was seriously debating whether to close up Seabreeze Quilts or give it a real go.  I went  for the give it a real go and I am happy to say that business has got better.  Basically I got a bit  more serious about things behind the scenes.  Got a new logo which I love, did a bit more promoting through Social Medial and I am happy to say sales have improved through my etsy and craftsy shops, I've designed some patterns that I am really proud of and have been asked to design for a magazine and my Beginners Class this term is full and has a waiting list so I am a happy with what I have achieved in just one year and look I am really looking forward to 2015.

I've just finished going over my notes from last years class and I did a pretty good job there was a couple of typos that I have now fixed but the notes are pretty comprehensive and I couldn't think of anything to add to them.  Tuesday is the first week of the new beginners class and I am really looking forward to meeting my new students.

I managed IQS's first week pretty well though I went out to lunch for work and we had Chinese one night for Squids birthday the only problem I seem to be having is the amount of food they expect you to eat.    I've tried a few things that I haven't had before Wild Rocket (yuck tastes like sticks to me) and Fennel tonight which I liked.  This surprised me because I am not a fan of licorice but it was quite nice and once cooked the aniseed smell/taste was very mild.   Next week is supposed to be harder because you are to stop all the sweet stuff but the food looks pretty good and as I haven't been craving because I've been doing this for a while so I don't think it will be and issue.   I've done my Sunday cook up (breakfast muffins below/) and I also made another Buckwheat loaf which was quite yummy from last weeks list.

The Magazine Project is coming together quite nicely and I am up to quilting the borders, fingers crossed I can put the binding on next weekend and write the pattern.   Here is the back ... I really love this fabric.

I also purchased the kit for the Homespun 2015 BOM.  Don't ask me when I'm going to get it done, but I figure as it is pretty much all appliqué and paper piecing I probably have more chance of doing it than some of my other BOM's that I've been collecting.