29 April 2009

Thoughts While Driving

I really didn't want to go to work today I wanted to stay home and play with my sewing things but I went.  On the way to work  I was thinking about the next quilt well the next several actually and deciding on another bit of shopping, which hopefully might happen tomorrow.  The first bit is a quick trip to ikea for some storage, then I might go to Patchwork by Sea for some fabric that I saw there last week then head home for some cleaning out of the sewing room.  

I did some purchases at Inspired Stitches...here is the fabric portion of those purchases. The second photo are some pieces I have pulled from my stash that I think might go nicely with these.  There are no plans at the moment waiting for inspiration to strike.  

On my way home I was thinking about my BOM's.  I am still feverishly working Little Blue Birds but Pocket of Posies is going to be next and although I have started this quilt I think I am going to scrap what I have done and return to my first love which is brights (so much bright inspiration from the weekend has rubbed off).  I have only really done the centre applique block and cut out a few squares and done the first lot of hexagons so there is no real loss.  I just think that if I go to brights I might enjoy it more and really get enthused to get on with it.  

I finished the hand stitching on a project I started Sunday night but it is a pressie for a friend so no sneak peaks yet I am sorry but I am really happy with how it came out and will show it off later next week.  Tonight it is back to Little Blue Birds.

27 April 2009

Inspired Stitches the Goss

Sarah did a fantastic job of her first big stitching event.  The venue was perfect even though the weather wasn't (though it was perfect weather for sitting and stitching so maybe it was perfect weather).    As you can see from my photo's there were a lot of ladies there but we didn't feel cramped and there was plenty of room to move around and lots of eye candy for inspiration.  

The shop at the front of the room was well attended on both days.   And I am afraid to say that I made several trips for some much needed insulation for fabric cupboards and of course a few patterns and a book (the next post I will again be complaining about the state of my sewing room and lack of storage .... I wonder why).

Here we are at dinner, we were lucky enough to have Leanne, Rosie, Melly and Gail Pan  who wasn't teaching just catching up with friends sat with us to eat which was hilarious because the girls are just so much fun and had us in stitches (pardon the pun).  They then circulated with all of the other tables and we headed home to bed because it had been a big day.   Must say the trip home was a little scary the rain was coming in sideways and Tapley's Hill Road looked like a bit of a river. 

The biggest decision of the weekend was what of the half dozen or so projects to start first with the girls on hand to teach needle turn, needle punch, demonstrate shrink sheets and and fine art of applying ric rac to a table runner.  It was a wonderful weekend and we laughed lots and had lots of fun and even got a bit of sewing done.  Hopefully it didn't take too much out of Sarah and she will organise another one next year.  I'll organise pictures of the projects a bit later or you can check out Granny Loz's blog she has them on there.

24 April 2009

One More Sleep

Am I a sewing tragic?  I am so looking forward to this weekend it is silly.  It might be the 2 days of child free hours, it might be catching up with stitching friends that I simply haven't been doing enough of this year, it might be stitching without interruption for hours on end, it might be the laughing and talking that I am looking forward to or the fabric fondling and shopping that will be done whatever it is I can't wait to go to bed tonight and wake up and be off tomorrow.

The bags are packed(thimble, hoops, needles, scissor, cutter, ruler and board and a few things just in case) camera battery is charged, show and tell is bundled up and I am ready to head out the door at 8.45 on the dot. 

Yes I am a sewing tragic but I don't care.

23 April 2009

Rain Glorious Rain

I decided to give the kids an outing today (guilt for working so much) so we headed down to the Maritime Museum at Port Adelaide.  It was quite interesting I especially loved all the figureheads the kids favourite bit was the big boat in the centre of the museum which they are allowed to climb all over.  The problem was there was a few groups of Vacation Care kids there so the boat was especially crowded.  There were other parts that I really would have like to have looked at more closely like the displays of the ships cabins where migrants lived while travelling to Australia starting from the 1800 to the 1950's but the kids weren't really interested in them.

SA is having a "Rain Event" we use to just call it just rain but now it is an Event because it has been so long since we have had actual rain not just showers.  It has been raining on and off for most of the day and it is set to continue for a few more days it is wonderful.

Only 2 more sleeps until Inspired Stitches and it is the perfect weather for sitting in a sewing so what more could we want.  Have nearly finished the binding on a quilt, I think I have said before that it is my least favourite job when making a quilt.   I would never pay to have a quilt quilted (because I love machine quilting) but I think that I would actually pay to have someone put the binding on.  Just have to join the ends together and finish the last 2 feet.

20 April 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

My Endurance Necklace is winging it's way to Vivian in Canada.  So I guess you could say that it couldn't go much further.  I asked the Australia Post lady how long it would take and she said that probably about 10 days.  She said to me (with a perfectly straight face too I might add) that Australia Post is pretty good but once it leaves the country it is anyones guess.   My experience has been once it hits these shores thats when the trouble begins.    Like my original swap parcel that I should of got the next day after it was posted but took a week and the girl from Queensland got hers before me and that is the other side of the country and the books dispatched direct from Melbourne that took longer than the ones that had to be ordered in from the US.

Only a few more sleeps till Inspired Stitches I am just about beside myself with excitement.  I want to put some binding on a quilt for show and tell, hopefully sometime tonight, I doubt there will be much distraction on the box tonight so shouldn't be too difficult.  Only have to get through 2 more days of work and 2 days of kiddie entertainment. 

NOTE TO SELF: Next school holidays organise some time off and some vacation care for the kids so that they don't drive my MIL nuts.

19 April 2009

To Market

The Gillies Street Market was on again today but I decided not to push the issue with DH as he wasn't impressed last time and we had son in tow which was against my better judgement.  I think I would have enjoyed it more going by myself (or with a girlfriend) so I could really have a look instead of skimming past which is what DH likes to do (uuggh).  There were lots of clothes for say, mostly for ubber skinnies and trendies and lots of jewellery, bags and handmade things for little tots which my two are too big for now.  Oh well next time. 

We went to Fisherman's Wharf market today to get my daughter some new training wheels for her bike (there is a good bike part stall there).  Was on the lookout for mini shakers but didn't find any.  Found a vintage looking handbag (not too sure if it was vintage label said made in china) but it was cute nonetheless .... walked away without though being very good.  Also found some vintage postcard that I may have to head back to get (on my own).

Yesterday I finished my skirt.  The easy skirt turned out to be a bit of a nightmare last week.  I think I added too much ease and then struck trouble putting lining in.  On Easter Monday after finally getting the drawstring in I looked at it and went yuck and decided to make it fitted with a back zip instead and decided to take the books advice and put darts in it (because who am I kidding I have got a curvy figure).  So now I have wasted about 12" of fabric I didn't need to and have a perfectly fitted fully lined skirt complete with ric rac hem.  Just need some black boots to go with (maybe next week).  Next skirt I attempt is going to be straight have found some wonderful woven fabrics at DK's so when the kids are back at school I will be heading there.

I read the how to on the Spirit Vessels seems you have to think spiritually while you are making (don't think that will be happening, probably the only spirited thing happening will be me swearing when something goes wrong).  

18 April 2009

Spirit Vessels

I have been on the look out on ebay for tiny salt and pepper shakers to use for a necklace piece I saw in the latest Belle Armoire Jewellery.  As I have said before I haven't been very successful but Christina got 3 sets on ebay and offered to sell me a couple so we did a deal.  Then I found another set which though looked good sounded really heavy but I decided to bid anyway and got them for the asking price.  They are too heavy but I really like the look of them so might just keep them for a collection or to add to something down the track.  Both sets arrived on the same day.   You can see the finished article in the magazine in the background there is no way I am going to be able to make a window in the ones in the foreground they are .5cm thick.

16 April 2009

Central Market

I took the kids to the Market today which meant getting them up early because I don't like to have to look for a car park I like there to be lots of choice so we were there by 8.45.  As usual we did a quick scout around to find the good stalls and work out what we would buy then headed for the coffee shop for Hot Chocolates for the kids and a Latte for me mmmmm.    We shopped for veggies and a few other things that would be ok in the car for a while and then I decided to take the opportunity to head up to the mall on the tram to do a little bit of shopping for me (new camera bag).  

I haven't been on the new trams before and they were quite quick and not very crowded because we missed the morning peak but I did have to sit backwards which isn't a good move for me but I didn't feel sick but it was only a short trip.  I picked up by bag and then headed back to the market on the tram again.  

Then it was off to buy yummy cold meats, fish and chicken and head on home.

14 April 2009

13 April 2009

Fabulous Break

What do you think these 4 are doing?

They are searching for a hole in the grass for the Totem Tennis.  I found it as I was taking the photo from 20 feet away.

Then there was time for some golf.

A little Footy Practise .

And of course a few visits down the beach which was absolutely perfect all weekend.

All in all it has been a great weekend break.

09 April 2009

I should be

Well I should be making the kids lunches and getting them round up for school but I am not.  I should be feeling energised but I am not.  

I went out stitching last night and that was quite fun (not so much the stitching but the girl bonding time which has been sadly lacking).  Picked up some fabric to make a yummy skirt.   I think I told you I was waiting on the arrival of a couple of skirt books.  One was way off but the other was absolutely fantastic full of how to draft any skirt pattern and then ideas for making so many cool skirts so I am off sometime today to get black lining to go with my red poppies on a black background which I plan to make into a uber cool skirt.

Don't forget to get your comments in for the giveaway there aren't many there so you are in with a chance if you do it soon.

04 April 2009

Give Away - Endurance Necklace

Here is my Endurance swap piece.  I am really happy with it and I think it looks great with a black T-shirt which is my essential piece of wardrobe at the moment (don't ask me how many black t-shirts I have because the number will change by next week).

Below is the one I am giving away.  The message in the bottle is “Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”  When I was making this those terrible fires were happening in Victoria and I thought it was a fitting tribute to the people who have lost so much.

Just leave a comment with this post and I will draw it in a weeks time.  And what did the other girls make I hear you ask well here is the picture.  As usually the tags are just as good as the pieces so they are included in the picture as well.  I think we all did a fantastic job.  

03 April 2009

^%$$#@ Australia Post

My mailbox was full today but not with the stuff I really wanted (apart from the fabric).  My books and the Endurance Swap is missing in action (I know one of the parcels has got to Victoria) beginning to wonder if I put the wrong address on my post bag (0h well must be taking the scenic route).    Once we hear that the other parcel has got to its destination in QLD I will prepare the  give away post.  

I did get my one ebay bargain but they ended up way to big so will have to find some other project to do with these salt and pepper shakers. If I make a necklace out of these I'll end up in a neck brace  or take an eye out if I move suddenly.  Thankfully Christina had better luck and is more of an ebay expert than me and found some minature shakers and is willing to share her win with me.  I think I will give ebay a rest for a while.

Thought I would share with you the fabric which of course I got from QFD.  Not sure about the dark pink one but all the rest look pretty good together I thought they might go well with my Swanky collection but some of them are a bit out there will have to see small pieces might be alright.  If this fails want to use them in Kellie's new pattern which is to be released on Tuesday.

02 April 2009

Ebay Angst

I have been having a bidding war this morning on ebay over some silver salt and pepper shakers and I have given up in disgust.  I want them for a mixed media jewellery piece that I saw in one of the mags I got last week.  Paying over $20 for something I hope to chop up and use for a spirit vessel was not the way it all played out in my head and I was starting to get a bit obsessed so it was time to back away.  Oh well better luck next time...where are those 99c bargains that everyone else seems to get obviously I am not looking in the right places.  

Here are a couple of more ATC's that I completed on the weekend.  Can't say that I love them all that much but at least they are completed projects which isn't happening too much around this place (probably because I am spending too much time on EBAY.

Another thing I am doing this morning is waiting impatiently for the postie.  The endurance swap should be here as well as my skirt books that I planned to use today on my last day off for the week to be sewing or at least looking at don't you love the ever reliable Aussie Post.