29 November 2013

A Finish

The kids have 2 more weeks of school and I for one will be glad that the school year is finally over.  This school year has been a little stressful so I will be glad it is over.

Maestro will have his Graduation evening in just over a week and hopefully it will be uneventful.  All the kids had to write a Valedictory   Speech and all I can say is he needs to be a politician when he grows up because he can lie like one, because I know none of the sentiment that he expressed in that speech is anything like what he feels about the last year at Primary School.

He had his High School Induction day last week and he came out and said that that was the best day of school for the whole year.  He had a great time,  I know he is looking forward to a new chapter.  He was asked to go to the High School during the year for extended Maths so he wasn't nervous one bit and he had already decided which teacher he wanted and he was please to find out that he was in his class next year.

Last week I managed to watch most of the video's for the Christmas Ornaments.   Finding supplies though is proving a bit difficult and when I can get them they are expensive :( as they aren't available downunder… No Fake Snow and I can get Paperclay but it is really pricy especially when you add postage.  Haven't tried Spotlight yet but I hope to head there on the weekend for  few bits and pieces.

So that I can clear the decks in the sewing room and start painting, I finished this quilt.

I plan to have some more goodies of the painted variety to show you next week.  Fingers crossed.  

21 November 2013

all things christmassy

I just purchased my first Christmas decoration for the year.  I love little ornamental trees and I have them up all year round.  I just popped to the Chemist and there was this in their gift section so of course it had to come home with me, it is too cute for words.

I'm home today waiting for a guy to service the Aircon and Telstra again.  We now have a phone line but it is still crackly (it worked beautifully for 6 hours).  I rang my internet service provider and they can track the drop outs and there have 200 in the last 48 hours so I guess it wasn't the fix that Telstra thought it was… another bandaid solution … they seem to be good at those or not good however you like to look at it.

On Tuesday because there was hope of an internet fix I decided to join the 2013 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas by Christy Tomilnson.  There are 12 projects given via internet video,  I haven't managed to look at any apart from Welcome Videos but I think I am going to set up the iPad in the kitchen and get watching while I am cleaning up today.  Might even do some baking a bit later.  I have my mind to do one of the projects from the first days classes, something big a bold, might have to head to bunnings first for some supplies though.

15 November 2013

You would think

That without the phone and the internet I would have plenty of time to just be creative but that hasn't been the case.   I seem to not have much time at all.

Last week Maestro participated in the SAPSASA Tennis Carnival playing for Western District.  He won 6 of his 7 singles matches and 2 of his 7 doubles matches.  He had a fantastic time and enjoyed mixing with a new bunch of kids while playing tennis.  It was a totally different experience to club tennis and it gave him a bit more enthusiasm for the game.

The team came equal 2nd in their Division.

I'm working on Marquee Diamond Quilt at the moment, there is one fabric that I think I will swap, and I have to cut the edge shapes and then I will be able to sew all the rows together.  

This weekend Squid and I are planning to head to the Boutique Life Design Market at Belair.  

Telstra tell me they plan to install the new cable to my house on Tuesday… can't say I am holding my breath on that one.  

13 November 2013

No Phone and No Internet

We are having phone trouble again in fact we do not have a functioning phone line at the moment and no internet, to say I am super sick of Telstra would have to be the understatement of the Century. ETA for fixing it is the end of the Month. My kids are struggling to do homework and its really hard when you run an online business. If you place an order for a PDF pattern I will do my upmost to deliver however there may be a bit of a delay in the delivery.

04 November 2013