30 November 2007

The Dogs have left the building

Today I handed all the costumes over to my son's teacher and the kids did a dress rehearsal with all their ears, tails and spotted T-shirts. We had our final working bee yesterday, 7 mum's sitting at my dining room table sewing on patches of fur to white and black t-shirts.

Today was the first day for a month that I didn't think about ears, tails and spots just hope there isn't any wardrobe malfunctions on the night.

27 November 2007

Dogs Ears

I volunteered to help make costumes for my son's school concert. I also donated a heap of stuff from my sewing room which I was quite happy to get rid of. The kids are going to do a medley of dog songs so I have been making 22 sets of dogs ears and tails. I have had help with most of it but the ears are a bit difficult to attach to the headbands so they are pretty much left up to me and the Bernina. I broke 4 needles last night but ended up finishing all but the last 5 ears because I didn't think the last of my needles would cope with the fur fabric that make up the last few. Off to Spotlight this morning for more supplies and then fittings this afternoon. Hopefully for Thursday's sewing bee with the mums from school all we will have to sew on is some spots on t-shirts and it will all be over.

24 November 2007

Living in a Vacum

I have been experiencing internet problems this past week so I haven't been able to post on my blog or send emails until Wednesday last week and even now my connection is pretty flakey at best. This morning I couldn't email again and only had limited access to the internet so fired off another complaint to my service provider this time asking for a discount on my monthly access fee because this is not what I am paying for.

I will be turning 40 in February and my husband keeps asking me what I want and I have already told him but he doesn't like the price its one of those Canon 400D's I figure if I don't give him any other options he will have to get it for me. He also want to know what I want for Christmas and I took care of that this morning with a big order of books from Amazon so hopefully I get them in time.
The kids have been wanting to put up the Christmas decorations so I hauled them out this morning and we have put up a couple of tree's this year. It still needs some finishing touches but it is a good start.

11 November 2007

Christmas Pageant 2007

We were up really early yesterday to head to town for the Christmas Pageant. We caught the train and as we are the second to last stop before the trains heads back to town we took the trip down to the last stop which was lucky because there weren't many seats after the hoards got on at the last stop. By the time we reached Woodville station it was like sardines.

It was quite warm in Adelaide yesterday 30 degrees, but luckily my husband works on the main route of the pageant so we were able to see most of it from a relatively comfortable spot though the air conditioner wasn't on and our window was in full sun the kids ended up going to the other side of the building so that they were in the shade. We headed down for the last 10 floats and to see Santa going past.

They estimated that there was 375,000 people at the pageant yesterday and there was an absolute sea of people everywhere and lots of tired, grumpy kids at the end. We followed the swarm to the train station and made into seats by luck for another game of sardines down to the beach.

09 November 2007

Busy Busy end to Week

Yesterday I had a very full day, the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair in the morning and then Costume making for my son's class in the afternoon.

All I really wanted was beads from the craft fair and I achieved that with lots of glass pearls, bicones and square beads as well as a few feature beads and a fabulous lampwork bead by Sharon Griffiths from Beads Indeed, its not a very big bead but it is lovely. I think I will splurge on some swarovski pearls and crystals to go with it.

On Wednesday night I was introduced to Angelina Fibres and decided that I had to get some but it would have to wait until after the fair, but there was a stall Unique Stitching and she had Angelina Fibres and lots of other mix media bits and pieces to try so I got some of those things as well.
What I understand about using the angelina fibres is that you make fabric from the fibres by spreading them out and then ironing them between two pieces baking paper. I also got some dyed wool and dyed silk, and a kit with some luminere paint which you paint on fabric and heat set and they don't stiffen the fabric. Hopefully I get to have a play on the weekend but as I am writing this the kids are discussing the Christmas Pageant and Sunday is looking to be busy as well. Oh well it can wait ...

02 November 2007

Girls Night In and would you believe Mumps

The Girls Night in was a great success and we raised $225 (this figure may go up because a few no shows and going to donate as well). I think we had about 15 ladies doing craft or just sitting chatting and reports are that everyone had a lovely night. So we will have some stuff to sell at the craft stall in a couple of weeks. I made mobile phone doodahs (that's a technical term) and I have sold a few already to the girls at the party so will have to make a few more. I probably would have been a bit more productive if I hadn't of had a couple of wines (which I don't usually drink) before most of the girls got there big mistake.

Had one of those weeks you know the ones you would rather forget and then my daughter started screaming at 8 am this morning that her ear was hurting. As fire engine was coming to playgroup and she really wanted to and it was what I thought just an earache I let her come but we had to leave to go to the Dr. who diagnosed her with the Mumps which she has been vaccinated for so hopefully it will only be a mild case but looking on the internet today she will not be going to kindy for the whole of next week. So a quick detour to playgroup to let them know the wonderful news, luckily she didn't eat fruit with them all or cough or sneeze on anyone she was too miserable to join in.