30 January 2012

Birthday Extravaganza

I'm glad to be going to work today... for a rest.  The 9th birthday party is over.

We have avoided pool parties at home (or having too many kids at one time) it is just too much responsibility.  Our kids have had at least 5 years of swimming lessons so we know they can swim but you never know about other peoples kids.  But squid just wanted a pool party at home with a sleepover and at a weak moment I agreed.  I was trying to talk her into having one at the new Aquatic Centre (which as it turned out would have been less expensive and less tiring) but no she wanted it at home.

The weather was just about perfect and the kids all had a great time and they even slept a bit thanks to swimming,  the slippery slide on the front lawn, a few party games rounded off with a video.

I don't think we will be doing the home party again for a while at least the adults just aren't up to it.

27 January 2012

Favourite Thing Friday

My favourite thing friday is actually 2 favourites.

Squid chillen in Nan's backyard

The first is the end of school holidays yeah.... 6 or was it 7 weeks is way to long... I am sure my hubby would not agree because he has to go back to work but I have had enough of having to find things to occupy the kids especially when the the weather has been too hot for any outdoor activity other than pool and trips to the beach which is packed at the moment.

I do love the extra hour I get in the morning before work so that I am not rushed for my second favourite which is morning walks down to the beach especially really early morning walks when there isn't many people around and it is quiet and there is a cool sea breeze just like todays.  The sky had a pretty purple haze over the ocean and it was very still.

Local wetland this morning

Its better now I have someone to go with .... it had been too hot all week, and I had woken up too late to go early but yesterday she decided it was cool enough to go and she grabbed her lead from the laundry and put it by the front door.  This morning I had to wake her up to go lol.

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26 January 2012

Where has the week gone

Its the last week of the holidays and the kids have been trying to fit as much as they can into the week weather permitting.  It has been hot very hot.

One the really hot one we headed to the movies to see Journey2 Mysterious Island which everyone really enjoyed.  The shopping centre where the theatre is is really cool so it was the perfect place to be on a hot day and while away a couple of hours.

Last night we went fishing, it was going to be Monday night, but I had come home from work with a migraine and although it was pretty much over it was 39 degrees during the day and it hadn't really cooled down so we put it off.  Last night the wind was incredibly strong and the sea was pretty choppy but there weren't a lot of people down the beach and we had no problem getting a park.  And I knew the kids wouldn't last too long an hour max.

We only took 2 rods (I usually take mine but I just wasn't feeling that enthused about the whole fishing thing).  We got a couple of nibbles, but the lack of fishers kind of indicated that it probably wasn't the best condition for fishing.  In the end the kids just practiced there casting techniques.  Squid got pretty good in the end, the maestro struggled because he was using my rod which is a bit longer than his.

I told them that when I got my first rod Grandpa made me practice casts in the back yard (we had quite a big one, so in the end I got quite good and then and only then did he take me fishing.

So no fish for tea, but the fishing thing is out of their systems till the next holidays.

I have been working on a quilt project during the week.  Here is the top. The raw edge appliqué is all finished and it is ready to be quilted.  I used traputo to make the words standout when it is quilted.  I have just about finished piecing the back.  I think it will be headed to my etsy shop which will probably mean I need to find storage for it lol.

I have been playing with Instagram the last few days.

I have a quiet house at the moment DH has taken the kids to the beach, I decided I didn't want to go I am all beached out at the moment and it is Australia Day and so it will be like a zoo down there.  I told him there were no parks at 8am this morning so why does he think he will get one now... but he has a couple of secret parks.  They will either be back really soon or be gone for hours.  I think I will go out to the sewing room and finish that back.

22 January 2012

SHHHH and be quick

Remember this post from Favourite Things Friday late last year. Cathy has just listed some new charms so head here.

p.s. I have already got the one I want so I am quite happy about sharing the link lol.

20 January 2012

Favourite Things Friday

I actually forgot last week and it was Saturday before I remembered about FTF.

My Favourite Thing Friday this weekend is our veggie patch.

Our backyard is totally paved.  There was a boxed garden around the boundary fence DH has tried various things in it.  Plants actually don't last long in our garden because DH likes to move things, plants don't actually like being uprooted and moved but DH hasn't worked that out yet.  He also likes to prune.... he seems to like to do it when a plant is in flower ... the whole point in having a particular plant is to have flowers I would have thought.  

When we first moved here my husband put up a perma pine monstrosity shade house as the fences were really low and we didn't really like the idea of looking into the neighbours backyard. The shade house had to be removed last year (finally I breathe a sigh of satisfaction) as a new house was being built behind us and the fence needed to be shifted.  So he demolished the shade house and the boxed garden and we decided to try to have a veggie patch had to think quickly and suggest this just incase there was another shade house planned.

So far we have had baby carrots (squid ate carrots without complaint for the first time), broccoli (squid's favourite veg), beetroot (my favourite) and strawberries.  We currently have tomatoes which we planted a bit late so we haven't had many so far but the bush is quite full of green ones.  We are also trying our luck at capsicums and cucumbers.  

The tomatoes have been a bit neglected as DH didn't tie them up until last week and he hasn't pruned them at all, so they look a bit of a dogs breakfast at the moment.  I am hoping that now they are supported they will send up more shoots and grow upwards more.  I have learned not to interfere with tomato growing (having some Italian blood flowing in his veins makes him an expert... some would say know all.)
We notice one of these guys (a blue banded bee) which is a native bee and apparently one of the best tomato pollinators around because they do a bit of a wiggle when they are collecting pollen.  She was nesting in our corrugated iron veggie pot, but I just checked it and I think DH has managed to water over the burrow, so I am hoping she wasn't home when he did it.

Last week we were battling a rat who was enjoying eating every ripe tomato and picked the strawberries clean.  One of our neighbours has birds and our fence has always been rat highway number one.  The drought has meant that rat numbers have been down for a number of years but they are back with vengeance this year.  Because of the dog we really didn't want to bait the area so I got a couple of rat traps and we set the around the bottom of the tomato.  The next morning it had been set off but there was no sign of the rat so we think we may have wounded him  or scared him off but it appears that the veggies are safe now.

Plants in our place have to be fairly hardy, they are often neglected.  We have a couple of water tanks which with the rain we have had this year have meant that we have only really had to use mains water recently to water them so the veggie patch is costing very little to keep going and straight from the garden is so much better than what you buy at the shops.  Still enjoying my pickled beetroot from Christmas.

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18 January 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I reported here most of the sewing for this week.  I have added 1 and a bit birds to the right bottom corner since the picture was taken.

My BOM patterns are all finalised ready for printing when Sarah needs them and I send of the first batch this week WOO HOO.  Hopefully lots of people love it and sign up so I have to send her more soon.

Monday saw me head to sewing with Leanne (she runs a class on Monday nights to help people with sewing patterns).  There were ladies making all manner of things from bags, to quilts, to dresses and dolls.  I went to draft a pattern for a top that I recently purchased and I figure I could make it easily myself, I just needed a bit of advise on the dart drafting bit... mind you I don't think I took any advise and did it my way anyway... which worked (luckily otherwise I would have egg on my face).  Then I went ahead a made a calico version of my lovely linen top.  The end result fits pretty good so the pattern is a goer.  Will now have to search the stash for a suitable fabric or head to the shop for something different.  Think I had some perfect fabric in the stash but I have a feeling it might have gone in the great cull of 2010.  Will look tonight after work.

In other news our air conditioner died on Monday so we faced yesterday's 39 degree top with trepidation.  We decided to just shut everything up and head to the movies and the shops.  We had to head home mid afternoon as Coco had a hair appointment by that time the wind had changed direction and the cool change was coming.  Air con repair guy is coming today(first place I called said February)... I am hoping that it isn't going to be terminal otherwise my dreams of an ipad for my birthday is going to be toast.  The picture is of the jetty yesterday morning I headed out before the sun was fully up so that I didn't get to hot.

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16 January 2012

The wait is over

Blueberry Botanicals block of the month is now for sale at Quilt Fabric Delights head here for all the details.

First week back done and dusted

Last week was my first week back at work.  It really isn't fun when the rest of the family is still on holiday.  Still managing to do my cross stitch, not far to go now.

Managing to get in some good walks down to the beach, though my heel spur is playing up so I have to ice it a couple of times during the day if I want to get a couple of walks in a row.... didn't do it yesterday put that together with a longer walk and a trip to town yesterday I couldn't go today :(

Better finish getting ready for work and head off for another week.

12 January 2012

15 minute challenge

Ok I know I am a bit late for the challenge update but I didn't want to show you more of my cross stitch until its all finished.  It is a bit brighter today for photo's.

The 15 minutes has been interrupted by a minor surgical procedure and date night with hubby, last one we had was when the Sherlock Homes Movie ... was it last year,  came out the last time on Tuesday we went to the latest one. It was pretty cool and over the top but we enjoyed it.

I probably have still averaged more than 15 minutes a day  mainly on the cross stitch it is great to do in front of the TV at night especially the crappy TV that we have at the moment.  I have been collecting more cross stitch patterns and the final Loose Feathers instalment has hit our shores so I have ordered that and the fabric to do the pattern which should come in the next day or so.

 Today I headed to Hetties to get the fabric and threads for my next cross stitch... which I will try not to start before I finish the panel I am working on.  It is Christmas Garden by Blackbird again and here are the threads I am going to use... really disappointed the Seasons doesn't come in Dark Red variegation but I am going to use 2 burgundies together to try and get a similar effect.  The other book is another Blackbird Cross Stitch book which I had put away for me and my mate Helen decided to give it to me as an early birthday present.  So I think I have enough to go on with for a while.

I'm also trying to get to a small quilt.... something keeps getting in the way though.  Probably Cross Stitch.     Here are the blocks it is Athill, I have to admit I am not overly attracted to it, it is very wishy washy for my taste but it is very popular in the shop so I will give it a go.  Watch for a new pattern soon.

This year I am going to try and do new things in craft and I have signed up for a Mix Media Kit of the month from Blue Bazaar  (got to say the pink bag was the clincher) and Helen and I are planning to get together once a month to play.  

Lastly do you like the nails.  This is the latest thing.  The polish has metallic elements in it and once its painted on the technician holds a special magnet close to the nail and the stripes appear.  This was the only colour she could get at the moment.

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10 January 2012

A Few Leftovers

Do you remember this time last year I was madly stitching away for the market that Leanne and I was doing in February.  I over did it of course and had quite a bit left over.  Some of the leftovers were Valentine Favours which we used to decorate the stall, hanging them from fairy lights.  We thought they looked pretty cool.  I have few to my Etsy Shop.  Great to add to a present for that special someone on Valentines Day or just to give on it's own.

05 January 2012


As I said yesterday I am a couple of days of finishing the first half of the cross stitch.  Love the fact that you don't have to make the fabric.  Don't love the fact that I think I have managed to unpick just about every letter so far because I have found a mistake halfway through.

The flower border continues round 3 sides and that is quite quick and easy to do because it is repetitive, now that I am just about past the corner just have to watch the thread changes.

The second side has the rest of the letters (apart from Z for some reason) and another floral motive and a couple of birds thrown in so that will be fun.  I think I am going to make this into a cushion when its finished with lovely wide moda ric rac along the edge.

Bought a couple of more pattern the other day... they might even come today.  

04 January 2012

Beating the Heat

How have you got through the heat?  Got to say I have pretty much been in hibernation the last few days. Have been trying to beat off a sinus infection without going to the Drs for antibiotics and I nearly gave in yesterday, but last night the pounding in my face stopped and I am back to being and looking human again.  Think I will keep up with the salt spray for a few more days but any avoidance of antibiotics is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

The picture here is the beach on New Years Day the first day of this current heat wave and it was at least 10 degrees cooler on the beach and there was a lovely breeze (the specks in the middle are Squid and DH, Maestro is walking out to meet them).  We tried the same thing yesterday and it was awful no breeze at all, Squid and I both on the sick list left the boys to it after half an hour and I dropped back later to pick them up (the joy of living 2 minutes from the beach).   We headed to the pictures at Marion in the afternoon, we lucked a car park instantly but when I got to the ticket booth they said that there was no air conditioning in the theatre which we decided wasn't such a great idea after all so we went home and decided to go to West Lakes cinema in the evening.  

The veggie patch has survived the heat.  We have tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers growing at the moment.  These were planted late so we don't have any fruit ripe yet though the tomatoes are cropping quite well already and there are nearly some capsicums ready to pick and lots more coming.  

I harvested our beetroot just before christmas.  Nothing like homemade pickled beetroot, better than the canned stuff.   

You may notice I have been having a bit of a fiddle with the look of the blog over the last couple of days and I have reopened my Etsy Shop.  I have dabbled with Made It and Craftumi which are Australian sites with little success so I am trying Etsy again.  At least you can advertise your items on your website and facebook, twitter etc with apps and they now have Australian Currency converter. And I only need one shop not 2 for all my items don't have to separate patterns and finished products.  

With the app I have found you can scroll through all my current items (I think) I thought there was a restriction of 7 items  but 8 are going round at the moment so maybe I read it wrong.    

The Xstitch is growing and I think another couple of days and I would have finished the first half (I have ordered a couple of more patterns so I think I am hooked).  Now that its cooler I might head out to the sewing room and put that quilt together that is all cut out ready to sew on the cutting table.  But today Maestro is playing in a Tennis Tournament so that will have to wait till this afternoon or maybe tomorrow.  Only a few more days of my holiday left so hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder so we can do a bit more.