04 January 2012

Beating the Heat

How have you got through the heat?  Got to say I have pretty much been in hibernation the last few days. Have been trying to beat off a sinus infection without going to the Drs for antibiotics and I nearly gave in yesterday, but last night the pounding in my face stopped and I am back to being and looking human again.  Think I will keep up with the salt spray for a few more days but any avoidance of antibiotics is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

The picture here is the beach on New Years Day the first day of this current heat wave and it was at least 10 degrees cooler on the beach and there was a lovely breeze (the specks in the middle are Squid and DH, Maestro is walking out to meet them).  We tried the same thing yesterday and it was awful no breeze at all, Squid and I both on the sick list left the boys to it after half an hour and I dropped back later to pick them up (the joy of living 2 minutes from the beach).   We headed to the pictures at Marion in the afternoon, we lucked a car park instantly but when I got to the ticket booth they said that there was no air conditioning in the theatre which we decided wasn't such a great idea after all so we went home and decided to go to West Lakes cinema in the evening.  

The veggie patch has survived the heat.  We have tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers growing at the moment.  These were planted late so we don't have any fruit ripe yet though the tomatoes are cropping quite well already and there are nearly some capsicums ready to pick and lots more coming.  

I harvested our beetroot just before christmas.  Nothing like homemade pickled beetroot, better than the canned stuff.   

You may notice I have been having a bit of a fiddle with the look of the blog over the last couple of days and I have reopened my Etsy Shop.  I have dabbled with Made It and Craftumi which are Australian sites with little success so I am trying Etsy again.  At least you can advertise your items on your website and facebook, twitter etc with apps and they now have Australian Currency converter. And I only need one shop not 2 for all my items don't have to separate patterns and finished products.  

With the app I have found you can scroll through all my current items (I think) I thought there was a restriction of 7 items  but 8 are going round at the moment so maybe I read it wrong.    

The Xstitch is growing and I think another couple of days and I would have finished the first half (I have ordered a couple of more patterns so I think I am hooked).  Now that its cooler I might head out to the sewing room and put that quilt together that is all cut out ready to sew on the cutting table.  But today Maestro is playing in a Tennis Tournament so that will have to wait till this afternoon or maybe tomorrow.  Only a few more days of my holiday left so hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder so we can do a bit more.  


Leanne said...

Morning ......... looking like being a better day today. Like your new look the etsy thingy is very good. Hope the boy does well in the tennis tournament.

Shay said...

Nice blog changes Amanda. It looks very clean over here.

I;m so glad the weather broke for today . I just haven't had the energy to do anything much and talk about hot . It's been revolting. And yes we did the movie thing as well at the Plaza. I turned our air conditioning on at lunchtime Friday and it only went off last night !

I'm a bit under the weather too..sinus or chest infection or both.Hope you feel better soon.