29 November 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Maybe some better news on the house hunting

We put in an offer on a property last week, but the agent wanted to have an opening so it wasn't presented to the vendor.  We have done some more paperwork today so fingers crossed our offer is better than the other people and we can get off this merry go round but I'm not holding out much hope.  

This week the properties were better, the last few weeks have been pretty depressing with what is on offer basically old with all their issues covered with a lick of paint and asking for top dollar.

I am a bit late this week.  Spent the most of my working day yesterday looking at new offices and walking around the city I then had to do some more work when I got home.    We found some serviced offices that we like, they have a space available now but I'm not sure if our people in Melbourne will move in time as our lease doesn't run out till June.  

This week I've managed to do some crocheting most days (I think).  I managed to finish another  octagon and a square.  Tonight I'll join them together.   I managed nearly finish the octagon and then realised that I'd skipped the colour to a different block half way through.  It looked pretty but it repeated the colours from the centre so I decided to unpick it and start again.  

Well that's it for me.  I'm off to Melbourne for Christmas lunch at the end of the week, staying 2 days so will be a good rest from house hunting.  Head to Kates.  

21 November 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 Feeling lots better this week, have been going to sleep with the diffuser on and I think that is helping and I probably needs some hay-fever medication because when sun is out so is the pollen but we have had a return to winter the last couple of weeks (I'm back in a jumper today). Maestro went to a music festival yesterday in the rain, he texted us in the afternoon to say he had never been so cold in his life.  

I've made quite a bit of progress in the Persian Tile Blanket, thinking of making it bigger but I probably shouldn't bite off more than I can chew as I keep finding patterns I want to try.  

Work is winding down which means we need to start thinking about finding a new office and advertising for another person to join the team.  

That's it for me.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is travelling.  

14 November 2022

15 Minute Challenge & Almost down for the count

 My 4th sinus infection for the season had me down this last week.   The other three I have managed to get over without resorting to going to the doctor with just saline flushes but after 3 days of high temperature and splitting headache and with no signs it was going to let go I headed to the Drs for the dreaded antibiotics.  Within 24 hours I was on the mend and so far thanks to probiotics and plenty of yogurt no side affects (fingers crossed).  

There wasn't much progress on the crochet front, I did finish a couple of motives for the Persian tile blanket but when I went to take a picture I found a couple of mistakes which has resulted in quite a bit of unpicking including one of the first octagons I finished because it was missing 2 rows.... don't ask me how I missed that.  So you just get a progress shot of the motive I did manage to finish then stitched to the group all wrong which was the first bit of unpicking this afternoon.  

I think this motive is my favourite colourway of the blanket.  

Here is a picture of what I think is a day lily.  We got a random pack of bulbs from the Royal Show a couple of years ago with no clue what they were but they flower every year so they are a winner in my book even thought the flowers only last a day there are usually lots of them one after the other.  

No news on the house hunting front in fact this week has been downright depressing in that regard.

07 November 2022

15 Minute Challenge No House Yet

We made an offer on the house we were looking at this week but we weren't the only ones so I don't think we will get. The agent was saying she was expecting a price way out of our budget so I don't know if our low offer will make the grade.  We found out an issue with the property so it may be better that we don't get it.  So we are probably back to the drawing board.  

Bit slow on the crochet this week.  Got 4 motives joined together and a few more rows on mosaic.  I did work out that I don't need to sew in all the ends in the mosaic as the border folds over and encloses them all so that is a bonus.  

I have been sewing in the ends on Persian Tiles Blanket as I complete each row in the motive so that won't be an issue at the end.  
That's it from me this week.  Head to Kate's to check out what everyone is up to.