30 September 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My mate Helen gave me the idea for today's Favourite Things Friday.  We kind of arranged for her daughter to come down to my place to meet the dog as she is going to be our doggy baby sitter when we go on hols in a couple of week.  But after the busy day at work on Wednesday I just decided to pull the plug and not to commit to anything.  And she thoroughly understood and said "Its ok those days are Golden just before school holidays" and you know she is right.

So my FTF is the last day of peace and quiet before school holidays.

So I fitted in nail appointment, a small errand, a walk on the beach with Coco, mopped the floors and did a bit of sewing.

Can't say that the beach was real enjoyable though have look at the waves and it was blowing a gale but we tested out the new 10m lead and Coco had a ball having a bit more freedom.  I think she found every piece of cuttlefish on the beach.

Today I am off to work got to say I will be so happy when 30 September has come and gone for another year (our busiest month of the year).

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27 September 2011

15 minute challenge

If you averaged it out I would have rompt it in again this week but I had to admit I had a bit of a holiday yesterday from this.

I am a hopeless Sci-fi/Fantasy reader and I have been reading a trilogy by Robin Hobb and I am up to the last book and I decided that instead of doing this in front of the Brownlow Medal Count last night I would  go to bed a read for a few hours ..... to midnight actually until I couldn't keep my eyes open any more .... the book is calling but I had better not do it again tonight only 100 pages left.

Back to sewing.... the block is just over half way there.   Its a bit of a hard slog as the end of the needle sliced another cut in my finger half way through the week. Can't wait to finish this block because then I can start putting it all together.

This week is the week from hell at work so I am hoping I am not to tired to fit more sewing in.   I am expecting a call from my boss to head in today fingers crossed he doesn't need me, but it will only mean that tomorrow will be worse.  Oh well.

At least next week will be school holidays and I will have a bit more time in the morning to sleep in if I need to.  

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20 September 2011

15 Minute Challenge

Here I am 2 weeks in a row.  Here is this weeks progress... well actually I have completed the corner and have started on the second corner this morning.    My poor index finger is raw and Leanne always jokes that I have stitched until my fingers bleed and she is pretty much right this week.  I decided to resort to my spare "Thimblelady Thimble" this morning which will let me stitch and protect my index finger.  I have a Ultra Thimble on my left index finger as well.  I kind of feel like I have castanets on and any minute I will break out into a flamenco round the lounge room.

The lurgy has hit though, I've managed to stay free of all the sickness that my family has bought home with them over winter but the changing weather has done me in over the last week or so and I have one of those lovely husky voices at the moment.

So as you can see I have managed to do my 15 minutes a day and more this week and there will be more of the same next week.  Although there is lots and lots of stitching on this block I think it is going to look fabulous when its done.  And have you guessed what I am up to yet?

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16 September 2011

Favourite Thing Friday

It was a beautiful day in Adelaide yesterday.  Just the hint of a breeze and the sun was shining.   I had to do a couple of things in the morning (like taking my son to the dentist for a filling and looking for a swim suite for our holiday) but when I got home I thought it would be the perfect day for doing one of most favourite things.  Walking on the beach.

I use to have to travel quite a way to do this in our previous house, but for the past 12 or so years it is just a quick trip in the car or a nice 20 minute walk.  Today I took the car down because I took the dog down and I didn't think she would last doing a long walk down the beach and the trip there and back.

As you can see from the pictures there wasn't many people around which is just the way I like it.  The was one other person walking their dog which was fine by me as I am kind of scared of what can happen with unleashed dogs on the beach.  The rules are that they must be under effective control but that rarely is the case.  Coco stays on her leash at least that way if there is a problem I can pick her up fairly quickly.

The only noise was the waves braking which frightens Coco a bit.  She is now walking quite well on the leash until we get to the soft sand that makes her bounce for some reason.

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15 September 2011

My Creative Space

Not much progress last night, after a full day at work my eye's are shot so sewing is hard work.  Hopefully today I will make real progress.  I really want to get this block well under way by next week.  Going to have to get some more thimbles though fingers are getting pretty raw.

I am also studying for work... which I am not enjoying and trying to fit it in when the mind is actually functioning is pretty problematic.  I have done a few sessions waking up before the birds and the kids to get an hour or two of quiet.  The plan was to do it again this morning but I just crashed and didn't wake up till too late this morning.

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14 September 2011

15 Minute Challenge

I think I probably romped it in this week.  Last night I put the finishing touches on my 12th small stitchery for the big project I am working on.  Made the middle block and transferred the drawing to the block ready for embroidery.  I can see a few late nights to get it finished.  So I think the 15 minute challenge is safe for the next week or 2.

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09 September 2011

Favourite Things Friday

One thing that I have been missing for a couple of years.  My hairdresser changed careers a few years ago and told me via Text.  I don't think I have yet forgiven her for that. She cut my hair since High School.   Long story short I haven't had a good hair cut since.  

My hair is the longest its been since I was a little girl and I feel a frump most of the time.  

Tonight I am getting a new doo, my nail lady is going to cut it. She has done it once before and I liked the way she did my hair but it was problematic having it done by her in the past because there was a hairdresser there.   

Also on the new doo front Coco had her second clip and I have been struggling to find a dog salon with a good recommendation that was close by.   I did stumble across Fur Creations in on Trulocal and she did a lovely job and she is just down the road from me.  

So my FTF is a GOOD HAIR CUT fingers crossed I will have by 5pm tonight.  Head over to Mrs P for some other FTF.

06 September 2011

Show Day

The kids had a day of school yesterday for a "Show Day".  We went to the new SA Leisure Swim Centre at Marion instead.  My son was looking forward to going on the slides all day but when we got there apparently they are only open on the weekend.  The face dropped... with a stern "Don't Start" look from me we headed into the pool area.

3 hours later I had to drag them out seems its pretty fun even without the slides (which are $2 a ride).

They don't have the inside slide fully functional while lessons were on so we had an hour of medium fun.  You can still slide down the slides etc.  Then at 11.50 they turned the whole thing on.  It had fountains, water guns and a couple of slippery options and walls and walls of water.   As the bucket filled and started to tip the kids came running in ready for it all to come tumbling down.   Don't know who had more fun me (watching them and taking videos on my phone) or the kids.

I know where we will be heading next pupil free day.

02 September 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Absent again this week.  Things have been a bit hectic and a bit crappy.  The crappiness hasn't been helped by my attitude I think so I have pulled myself out of it, got the old chip off my shoulder and sucked it up as they say.  Life's to short to worry about things that you can't change.

My POM is winging it's way round the world for Country Hart which is very exciting.  If you would like to see what I designed here it is. Sorry you can't yet.  If you were quick this morning you would have seen it but I wasn't thinking.  

Now that I have blatantly advertised I will head on to My Favourite Things Friday.

My favourite thing today is photo's.  I think I am one of the worlds worst photographer's my photo's hardly ever live up to my expectations but every now and again I take one does.

This one was taken at the zoo, the kids were eating lunch and decided to go and sit here while I was finishing my coffee I loved the way the sunlight played on their hair.  This one is on my fridge and I see it everyday.

I don't know why I like this one it is just one that makes me smile.  I am going to get it put on a canvas one day.  It is at Mount Lofty Botanic Park and it was freezing cold.  

Its the sunlight in this one that gets me.  This is helping my son with a school project.  

This is one from my old photo's of mum from my Pop's house. It is her and a neighbour and it just has always struck a cord.

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