31 October 2010

Love Steampunk

My etsy email today was titled Victorian Tech, and I must say I am heavily drawn to Steampunk stuff.  Now if only I had an IPhone I think I would have to have one of these, I think it is the coolest case ever.  

29 October 2010

Favourite Things Friday

From memory I think Mrs P said she would be late in putting up FTF post, but as I need to fill in a bit of time while the kids are playing WII (they have a pupil free day today), mind you I should be doing housework or working on karen's quilt but I am lacking energy today so that probably won't happen... Too much sports day yesterday I think, standing around in the heat (when we haven't had much yet) and wind and then too much sleep. Don't report us for child neglect but I then fell asleep on the lounge just after 8 (so did hubby). The kids woke me up at 8.45 after watching a shark eat a woman on CSI, put them to bed they were too tired to have nightmare's ... tonight might be different lol.

I digress.... my favourite things friday is Geralton Wax and this time of year is when it looks its best.

The reason I love them is they remind me of my childhood. My nana's next door neighbour had one in her garden.  The garden was always immaculate and well tended.  She had a formal flower garden in the centre  which was always perfect and then this beautiful ball of pink flowers to the right.  My mum always worked so we spent a lot of time at my nana's house, she had a lovely flower garden as well but the neighbours was always perfect, secretly I think Nan was always competing with her, but she was like the Martha Stewart of Gardens and Senior's Craft so there really was not competition.

I have 4 bushes but only two are worth photographing, the other 2 have just not done very well I don't think the soil is very ideal in that bit of the garden in fact I think it is pretty much just top soil on a big lot of builders rubble.  The bush above is always a winner, I think it is a fairly generic variety.  The one below is quite pretty but hasn't liked the drought over the last few years and isn't looking as good (hubby is threatening to dig it up), but it's flowers change shade from light pink to drk pink as they mature (or it might be the other way round) and I like the different shades on the one bush.

While I was taking snaps I found this guy, another favourite thing for me a dragonfly he was pretty spectacular.  I haven't seen one quite this small.  He had a fluro blue spot at the end of his tail and his main body was bright green, which is a bit lost on the photo... one day I will get that macro lense.

Did it again forgot the important bit.  
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28 October 2010

A Little Bird Told Me

That it is only 8 weeks till Christmas.  That means I have to make 3 teachers gifts, sort something for the quilting girls and think about and start on stocking my market stall.  Also throw into the mix the fact that I have designed a boy's quilt which is half cut out.  Have Karen's quilt on my machine (planning on a finish this weekend) and squid wants a sewing case made from one of the cases I got from Sarah.  I think those 8 weeks are going to be busy. I have teachers gifts sorted, I have a project coming up in Homespun and I think it will be perfect for them, but you won't be able to see photo's till after it is released.  As my daughter has a male teacher I am a bit at a loss so I think I can Man Up my Homespun project sufficiently.

It's sports day today so no creative space here I am afraid but you can check out some at kootoyoo.

26 October 2010

This market was announced yesterday and I think I might dip my toe in and have a stall. It is set to be held on Sunday evenings 6th, 13th and 24th of February.  That time of year the only place to be is by the sea so if you are in Adelaide any of these weekends it might be worth a trip to the seaside.

23 October 2010

Very Sketchy Daisy Cushion

Here is my latest tutorial for QFD, it is all worked in a single strand of thread on natural linen.  The size of the cushion is a little smaller than your usual bed pillow and I find it is great to lean on while I am sitting on the lounge as it supports my lower back while I stitch.  I hope you like it.  You can find the Tutorial here.

22 October 2010

Favourite Things Friday

This week my favourite things are these.  Freshly manicured and painted nails.  Every 3 weeks off I go and sit and have them done with the girl who has been doing them for over 10 years.  Sometimes they are pretty mangled by the end of the 3 weeks but when they are freshly done I am happy as long as I manage to get out of the shop without smudging them lol.

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21 October 2010

My Creative Space

I wasn't going to join in this week but thought I might just blog about my new project that is buzzing around in my head at the moment.  I am going to design a boys quilt, not a little boys quilt but more a big boys quilt.   Here are the backgrounds, I am going to be drawing some applique soon but I have decided on these dark backgrounds, I didn't want to go for black but sort of wanted that impression so have gone for lots of dk greys with plenty of texture.  I will be doing raw edge applique and use a nice heavy black thread.  The applique will be in quite bright colours and I will probably be going for solids as I have seen some Day in the Country Solids that are bright but with a bit of subtleness to them which I think will work well with the grey.  I worked on a sketch last night and my son just said "SWEET" so I guess that means it passes the coolness gauge on a 10 year old going on 20 something.

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20 October 2010

A block finish

I have decided I am having a rest from My Creative Space this week, so I won't be posting anything tomorrow.  As you can see I have been kinda of busy on the creative front anyway and her is the first Flower Pots block all done.  If are interested in some of Kim's other designs check out the Glorious Applique blog you will find lots of eye candy there to get you inspired.  

Yesterday I picked up Amy Butler's Style Stitches from Hetties Patch and I think in a minute I am going to sit down with a coffee and further look through it.  There are a couple of projects that I think I might just have to try.  

Last week I blogged that I was hoping that this project would shock my creativity into action and it has I have an idea for a boy's quilt in my head which I think I might do a bit of shopping for tomorrow, spied some perfect Day in the Country Fabrics yesterday that I think will work with the design I am thinking up.  Now to get drawing.

18 October 2010

The Passage

Last week I finished this book, it is a post apocalyptic fantasy.  It is fast and pacey and a real page turner.  The problem is it ends in a cliff hanger and the next installment is not due out till 2012.  It is an excellent read and one of the best new books I have read can't wait till the next one.

If you are looking for the book the Aussie version has a girl on the cover, but I haven't been able to find a picture on the web.

15 October 2010

Favourite Things Friday

It is probably pretty obvious that I love quilting but I think it should be my favourite thing this Friday.  The two things about quilting that I love the most is Machine Quilting and Needle Turn Applique both of which I did yesterday which helped me calm down and lowered my stress levels.
Here is my block from yesterday, with still a heap of other bits and pieces to add but so far I am happy with the colour combo.  Have picked out a few more pieces of fabric that I just have to have to add to the quilt just waiting for pay day.

And I made inroads into the blank space in Karen's quilt.

So my favourite thing this week is my sanity keeper Quilting might head out to the sewing room once the kids are home from school.  Check out Mrs P for more FTF.

14 October 2010

My Creative Space

When life keeps throwing you lemons it must be time to start a new project or go shopping.  I have tried the shopping bit and it wasn't working,  I have decided to start Kim Mclean's Flower Pots which  I wasn't going to start until the new year but my creative mojo has been lacking the last few weeks so I have decided to take on something big to shock myself out of it.  I have picked a yummy chocolate brown background so that it is totally different from the original quilt and I think there are going to be lots of orange, hot pink, lime green and whatever yummy brights I can find in the fabric stash.  I do confess to making a couple of purchases on Tuesday to start me off.  

Just to ease into it I am doing the two small blocks (Cut 2 x 20" Squares).  The patterns are full size and you can use them as overlays to position the pieces which is pretty handy.  As this quilt requires a bit more precision that I am use to in needle turn I have decided to tack the large pieces down through the freezer paper.  All the pieces are quite large so this will help keep the freezer paper attached while I stitch and it didn't really take that long to do.  These are only half the pieces of this block but I thought it would be good just to tackle a couple at a time.

And if you are wondering about the quilt from last week quilting was interrupted by 10th birthday celebration, however I did a bit more yesterday the centre tree is all quilted and I have started quilting the background and will be heading into the floral border soon.  I might find time to do a bit more today, shouldn't take too much longer to finish.

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13 October 2010

Last Day of the Holidays Zoo Trip

I decided that we should go to the Zoo on Monday.  It turned out to be great day to go as there were not a lot of people just a few mums with toddlers and some retirees so there wasn't masses of crowds and we were able to get into to see the Panda's fairly easily can't say I am all excited about seeing the Panda's unlike everyone else that was lining up (the lady behind me was most concerned that there was 10 groups in front of her lol).  This was not a problem at all there was plenty of room for everyone in the huge enclosure, we were all told to be very quiet and no flash (which wasn't necessary as Wang Wang was walking around outside).  The kids were about as impressed as I was so we didn't have to be asked to move on and made a quick exit.     The zoo has changed since the last time we went as that was when the huge new entrance and panda enclosure was being built.  I did notice there were lots more keepers around and volunteers around.  

The kids liked these guys and I have to admit they were pretty cute.
And this guy according to the keeper he is a handful for the keeper and its parents, I guess like all kids.  

I was very impressed with the Lion he was just a yearly cub the last time were at the zoo and there was 4 of them in this enclosure I think his sisters have been sent to Monarto.  His main was short and golden last time we saw him, this one is pretty impressive now.  The log is his scratching post was kinda glad that there was a big wire fence between us.

10 October 2010

10 on the 10th day of 10th month 2010

Well my little boy turns 10 today.  I can't believe that it is 10 years since we bought him home.  He talked before he was one and hasn't stopped since, he does occasionally even talk in his sleep.  He had a couple of friend's over for a sleepover last night and he pretty much talked all night at least he whispered after 10.30.

We have had a few ups and downs over the last month and I was a bit concerned that we wouldn't be celebrating much at all.  My MIL has been very ill with an infection and my son is particularly close to his Nana, they go to see the Crow's home game together and he has missed out on being with her over the school holidays while I work.  The last month has been pretty hard on him so her recovery is probably the best birthday present of all.

08 October 2010

Favourite Things Friday - Bowerbird Bazaar

The Bowerbird Bazaar is this weekend and as it is my son's birthday I don't see a window of opportunity for going which I am gutted about because it is an excellent event and my Favourite Thing this Friday.  If you are in Adelaide this weekend go there, NO RUN there because the best of design and wonderful things will be available for sale  Jewellery, Bags, Clothing, Textiles, Art and wonderful food and lots more.     It will be on again in May 2011 so I might have to wait until then.  Check the website and the Catalogue for the designers in attendance I had better not look because that will make me wish I was going too.

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07 October 2010

Creative Space

With school holidays still in full swing heading to the Creative Space has been a bit limited.  But I did find a bit of time yesterday to try out my new toys that I got from the Machine Quilting Show on the weekend.
The first toys are my new quilting gloves and Magic Bobbin Washers.  I am not a fan of gloves for quilting, but these are light and breath well so I am giving them a go.  The washer goes in the bobbin case and helps keep your bobbin tension even and it works a treat.
The final toy is the Supreme Slider and it has taken a load off my shoulders so I am really happy with my acquisitions.  To find out more about these gismo's go to my previous post and check out the 365 Freemotion Quilting Designs blog.  These were all recommended by Leah Day.  

Sorry forgot again check kootoyoo for more Creative Spaces

04 October 2010

It's Been a Busy Day

Didn't sleep well last night, I have a few aches and pains at the moment and they were keeping me awake also the daylight savings change hasn't helped.  When I can't sleep I usually resort to the Ipod and my selection of podcasts to help me drop off only this time I didn't and kept listening.

I was listening to a Podcast by Pat Sloan it is a couple of weeks old,  and she interviewed Leah Day and she is writing a blog and posting video's 365 days of free motion quilting filler designs.  This is a fantastic resource, I have only viewed a couple of video's but they are pretty good.  I think I will be spending a bit of my free time here in the coming weeks.

I also spied her must have kit of machine quilting goodies and as I was going to the AMQF today with Helen, I thought it might be worth a look to see if I could get a couple of the items.  And about the second vendor we went to had the 3 items on my list.  I also picked up a few Aurifil threads and looked at some truly spectacular quilts.  I think I might head back next year and get organised to do some classes.

We rounded up the morning with lunch and when I got home the kids were all up for a trip down to the beach for an ice cream and a walk.  It was a tad nippy down there with the breeze but it has been a lovely long weekend with some warmth in it for a change.

I Interrupt this Blog Post for a Message


The squidder had a themed birthday party to attend this weekend. It was Aliens or Vampires.  Leading up to the weekend I thought we were going to do the Alien thing then she decides it has to be Vampire.  Cheap as Chips to the rescue with a $10 witch costume and some minor skill in face painting which I am required to draw on from time to time with have Miss Vampira.

01 October 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Life has been a little bit crappy lately and when that happens I like to loose myself in these.  I probably should have opened one of these lovelies recently but I have decided to read The Passage by Justin Cronin which is a apocalyptic horror which might have not been a good choice but I will forge on.

These are my all time favourite books.  I hated reading when I was at school but once I left I devoured lots and lots of books at first it was all Sci-fi/Fantasy then I went to Historical Novels, now I just about anything.  About 10 years ago maybe more I decided that I might start reading some classics which are well represented in  my all time favourite books, ones that I go back to again and again.

I am not really a romantic person and don't go in for sentimentality but these are all love stories so go figure.

Persuasion by Jane Austen love it and I watch the Amanda Root/Ciaran Hinds Version often (stay away from that horrible recent adaption it was a bit of a joke).

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte about time the BBC did a remake if they haven't already.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte my all time favourite of the Bronte sisters novels, my copy is well worn.

The Guernsey Literacy & Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer, this was the author's first and last novel and it is a delight from cover to cover.  I don't think I have even leant this out to the girls to read.

Now join in Mrs P Favourite Things Friday.