28 November 2009

Big Day

The squid is having her ballet concert tonight so we have a big day and I am trying to contain her excitement. This afternoon we have rehearsal at the theatre and tonight is the actual concert. Now this ballet school is very different from the sort I attended as a child. This is actually just for fun and there is no pressure and no costumes for me to make they are all hired.

I am a dresser which means I don't get to see them from the front but the sidelines but that is ok. I remember my mum use to do the same so it doesn't bother me and I thought it might be better if squid is a little nervous. My mum use to help on side stage because she was a bundle of nerves..can't say I was much better I use to have awful stage fright in the end I had to give it away because it was all to much.

I remember we use to train most of Saturday and during the week after school and extra sessions leading up to concerts and competition. I know she isn't going to be a prima ballerina but at least she has fun and at 6 that is the main thing and dressing up with the make up is the most fun of all.

27 November 2009


On what to do for teacher pressies. The quilting girls are all worked out but I wasn't sure about the Teacher's stuff. My son wants to make cookies which we make every year but what to put them in. Then the other day I got Natalie's Raspberry Cream from Hetties and thought that Rudolf would be perfect for the front of the bag. So last night I ironed on 3 copies (one for the quilt) of the transfer to crisp white fabric and started stitching ready for Cookie Sacks.

Did I buy the cute little sewing machine? OOOOH yes it is so darn cute, tiny little thing I am sure my daughter will love it.... My son will want one too but I have promised him he can use it too. It is very basic but just the thing for starting out without having to out lay much money. There are a couple of books from the girls from Possibilities about Machine Sewing for Children so I think I might add these to the parcel as well and some sewing notions.

25 November 2009

Christmas Birthday's and all the Planning

My daughter's birthday is the first week back at school so all the preparation for the Birthday Party has to happen now. A week ago she came to a decision about what she wanted and I booked a Mermaid and Pirate party at a this place. They use to just come to your house and bring there dressups and games and entertain the kids for a couple of hours but now they have a venue so you can go there and they clean up the mess. So the party is all booked just have to send out the invites before the end of school.

My daughter has been wanting a toy sewing machine since her last birthday, of course she found one a couple of weeks after her last birthday and I have been promising her that she could have it. But a search on the internet has failed to find one as well as every likely shop at Westfield on the weekend. But searching on the internet I discovered this. Which is a mini real sewing machine by Janome and they only cost a little bit more than the toy ones that I saw last year. I am off to the local Janome centre this week to check it out. According to the sales lady they have sold heaps for little girls and they love it. I am a little concerned about fingers and needles but the lady suggested a walking foot option to keep fingers away.

18 November 2009

Night at the Movies

My friend Sue and I went to the pictures last night and saw Julie and Julia. I must admit that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I wasn't expecting it to be as funny as it was. Earlier this year some of the Sloanies on the forum were comparing the movie to the book mentioned and that they didn't like the character of Julie, but I quite liked her it was about her growth as a person. It was quite a love story too especially the story of Julia between Julia, her husband and of course food. So if you get the chance go and see it.

11 November 2009

Why do you need to go to classes?

Do you like my latest Etsy find. If you like it you can find more like it here. The problem with etsy is that there is so many talented crafters in the world and I keep finding stuff like this piece that I just have to have.

A couple of weeks ago my son asked "Why do you need to go to sewing classes?" and I have been thinking quite a bit about this question. Why do we jump at the chance to have a class with a favourite designer or teacher. There are a number of reasons that come to mind.

Firstly my son of 9 years doesn't appreciate that learning is a life long experience (which is something I won't be letting on for a while as he is hoping to finish school sometime and telling him it will go on for ever might be a bit depressing). Secondly there is always a chance that someone knows how to do something easier than you or you pick up a few little hints and tricks (learn about a new tool) that you can incorporate into what you do, even if you don't appreciate it at the time. Thirdly it is being in a room with like minded people, you can learn off them too they are after all kindred sprits. Fourthly it is inspiration for new things, new colour schemes, not everyone has the same tastes and it is wonderful to see everyone's interpretation of a piece.

Fifthly I love doing classes if I do it on my own or with a group of friends I always enjoy the experience.

Are you Hot enough Yet?

Yesterday was my class with the Thimblelady. It was held in one of the lecture rooms in the Mortlock Wing of the state library which was absolutely spectacular and surprisingly a great location for stitching though the lighting might have been a bit better. (See much better photo's on Leanne's blog). The class was needle turn applique.

I have to admit I struggled with the first half of the class I just could cope with her small needles. I like to use the Bohin long applique needles but I was trying to do it the Thimblelady way so thought I had better use her equipment but my nails just kept getting in the way. I was much happier with my results in the afternoon when I threw away the tiny needles and grabbed my crowbars.

I did enjoy the class, I thought Luixin was going to be more rigid in her teaching than she was and I was quite happy with how relaxed the class actually was. Applique is one of those amazing skills that there are hundred
s of ways to do it. And I will take what I learned yesterday and add it to my skill and use those bits that I am comfortable with and not use those bits that are far to fiddly for my tastes. I don't strive for perfection and probably will never enter a quilt competition I am really glad I took a class with the Applique GURU.

For all you northerners the reference in the title is that we are in Day 4 of a heat wave today promises to be 39C again. I have had enough.

07 November 2009

Bag is Listed

My second bag is listed on Etsy. Just click the link on the side bar to view.

06 November 2009

I'm Going to Do It Different

The other day when the girls were over for the sewing day, we were talking about Kellie' Quilt a long and how I had joined up. And I said "I am doing it but I'm Going to Do It Different" for which Sue replied "Of Course You are". I didn't realise I was so predictable. I was trying to tidy my stash yesterday and came across some very suitable fabrics left unloved in the boxes so I think that I have yet another plan for another quilt.

I finished my test block for the Sue Ross BOM here it is, I am very pleased with how it looks and am planning on doing another 3 of this block and make a wallhanging out of it. Problem was I couldn't get some of the fabric's anymore they were sold out on Pat Sloan's website but a quick email to Pat and she found me what I wanted and it is winging it's way to me as we speak. Must admit I didn't like this range when it first arrived but when I opened the bag to do the test block with it, the lipstick red just jumped out at me and I had to get some more which I did and a couple of other fabrics as well.

This the first time I have made a block totally hand piecing and I must admit I have really enjoyed it. I have started cutting out the fabric for the real block and I really love the fabrics that I received. I have started cutting out the second blocks test piece will do a bit more of that tonight that is machine pieced.

Next week I am going to a hand applique class with the Thimblelady with Leanne and Viv (no Blog). Hopefully we won't get in to much trouble I get the feeling she has a no nonsense approach to quilting.

My next bag is about 20 minutes away from being finished so it will probably go up on Etsy tomorrow, then I have an order for one from Viv to get on with. Then it will be Chrissy pressies to make.

04 November 2009

Jazz Hands

I fell in love with this quilt in Material Obsession 2 as soon as I opened the book. I madely purchased template after template in the hope that the exact shape would be in it.I knew that it was a Matilda's own template (now I have quite a good collection of the little darlings) but the right shape wasn't in any of them. Finally I got in contact with Sarah and she said that she was getting some made if I could wait. You can get the template if you really have to have it from Sewn. I've had the template for a couple of weeks and have been deciding on what fabric I was going to use. I had a thought the other night in bed and came up with the idea of using black and white fabrics in the centre and outside border of the blocks. To the left of the pile is a group of black and white fabrics that at the moment are out (when they photographed they came out medium). I want there to be a definite dark and light to the group as I will alternate these in the blocks light in centre dark on outside and light on outside dark in centre. This is probably not all the fabric I will use because I want it to be really scrappy but it is a start. I am waiting on the arrival of some of Amy Butler's new range and I think these will probably add a bit of zing to the quilt.

03 November 2009

The Sounds of Excavators in the Morning

I came home yesterday to a street filled with van's and they were digging up my Telephone inspection point. They all disappeared at about 3.30 and then reappeared bright and early this morning. Part of the neighbour's driveway is a big pile on the reserve, so it looks like Telstra did have plan's for getting rid of my "extension cord" they just didn't tell Bombay or Moombi or wherever the call centre is.

It's Melbourne Cup Day today but I don't think I can be bothered with watching it. I am avoiding 2 weeks worth of ironing which I really must get too then maybe I can have a half hour play in my sewing room this afternoon. So better get on.

02 November 2009

Girls Sew In

Sorry no pics from yesterday's Girls Night In afternoon.... I just forgot we were too busy sewing....fancy that (a bit of eating and drinking was done as well). I finished piecing the outside of my test block for Material Obsessions BOM. I got up to pinning it together before the girls left yesterday afternoon and last night I hand stitched it. Now I have to applique it to the background square and put in the centre circle. I love it so much I am going to make 4 and do a wall hanging out of it. But first I had better get on to the actual BOM block.

We did have a lovely afternoon out of the heat of the day. Spring/Summer has arrived in a burst of heat. The kids had a Pupil Free Day on Friday so they have had 3 days in the pool and are very tired today. It is already 28 and it is only 7am so it is going to be another warm one today but a cool change is set to hit tonight for a bit of relief.

01 November 2009


Last night I finished the first of my funky bags for Etsy. Here is the finished product. I really like this one, if it hadn't taken me so long to get it done I probably would have kept it for myself and made another one for Etsy.

During the week I got the latest Haute Handbags from Somerset Studio's which is jammed packed full of inspiration for new bags and I am going to have lots of fun putting different bags together over the next few months.