28 November 2009

Big Day

The squid is having her ballet concert tonight so we have a big day and I am trying to contain her excitement. This afternoon we have rehearsal at the theatre and tonight is the actual concert. Now this ballet school is very different from the sort I attended as a child. This is actually just for fun and there is no pressure and no costumes for me to make they are all hired.

I am a dresser which means I don't get to see them from the front but the sidelines but that is ok. I remember my mum use to do the same so it doesn't bother me and I thought it might be better if squid is a little nervous. My mum use to help on side stage because she was a bundle of nerves..can't say I was much better I use to have awful stage fright in the end I had to give it away because it was all to much.

I remember we use to train most of Saturday and during the week after school and extra sessions leading up to concerts and competition. I know she isn't going to be a prima ballerina but at least she has fun and at 6 that is the main thing and dressing up with the make up is the most fun of all.

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Sue said...

Have fun!! I hope it all goes well
Cheers S