2018 Row by Row of the Month

This years BOM is going to be run a bit differently. Firstly it will be a Row by Row and secondly it will be no longer free but each block will be available for $1au (or $1.10 AU where GST is applicable) for 1 month before reverting to $3au (or $3.30AU where GST is applicable) per pattern as per previous years in case you need to catch up.  

Because I am charging I will complete the whole quilt before the BOM starts so there won't be any lengthy gaps in between months when life just gets in the way, which happened way to much the last couple of years.  

The Row by Row is starting soon.   The 2nd row will be discounted on the 1st of October.    As you will see from the finished quilt the row placement is a little different from the original quilt picture above.  

The patterns will be available through my Etsy shop.  The Row by Row will run for 9 months.  The final month will be all the pieced in between rows and putting it together.  

If there is enough space I will include the requirements list with each download.  

Row 1 is now discounted until 30/8/2018

Row 2 will be discounted from 1/10/2018

Row 3 will be discounted from 1/11/2018

 Row 4 Tip Toe Through the Tulips will be discounted from 1/12/2018

Row 5 The Florist Shop will be discounted 1/1/2019

Row 6 Large Fan Row will be discounted 1/2/2019

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Row 7 The Vines will be discounted 1/3/2019

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Row 8 The Flower Field will be discounted 1/4/2019

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Row 9 Putting It All Together will be discounted 1/5/2019

3 Options to finish the quilt

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