26 August 2011

Favourite Things Friday

This is another sewing related FTF.  My Favourite Things Friday is paper piecing I just can't get enough of it at the moment.

I can't say that I have always liked it ... I have shocking memories of a quilt made by my grandma using 70's sample fabrics and it has taken me a long time to get over that monstrosity.  However now with busy finger papers put together with templates to cut the fabric and the technique of basting with a glue stick it gets you stitching in no time add to this Busy Fingers Needles which are superfine and sharp for quick piecing.

I have signed up for a new BOM through Hetties for more paper piecing fun, I'm doing the contemporary option.  Might even have to get out the old Pies and Tarts now but I have a few new projects to start before I go back to that one.

I have even included paper piecing in my new big project.  Check up more FTF at Mrs P's.

25 August 2011

Our Creative Spaces - slight bend in the road

I was going to be working on this today.  I have four blocks to buttonhole.

However I bought the puppy in the sewing room last night to keep me company.  The night before she just slept at my feet.

Last night she got up to no good and did this.

So I am off to Otto's today to hopefully get this fixed.

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22 August 2011

The Week That Was

I don't know what happened to last week but it is gone.  It started out with a Mental Health Day on Monday for me.  I just needed a day that wasn't scheduled that wasn't all a mad rush.  Hubby didn't understand because I have a day off every other day don't I?

So the day was half Tuesday and Thursday chores and an hour or two in the sewing room.  Which meant Tuesday was no rush straight from sewing and was a chill out day.

Mind you work was a bit full on and I will still be trying to catch up today lol.  But I did get block 1 complete (sneak peak).   All the drawings are just about finalised and it will be full steam ahead on the project.

Friday I booked our Holiday that we have been promising the kids for about 2 years now.  Just to the Gold Coast for a few days.  It will be our first "big" holiday since our honeymoon.  

13 August 2011

Jane Eyre - Can't Decide

I think I enjoyed it but it kind of left me wishing for more.  I know this story inside out and back to front.  They kind of glossed over bits and skipped things entirely, I realise that there is only so much you can fit into 2 hours but they did repeat the scene on the moor again halfway through the film which is how it opened, when I would much rather have had a bit longer finale to it... you know the happily ever after bit, it just sort of stopped at a hug and the credits came up.  I'll probably get the DVD when it comes out, but I think I prefer the longer BBC production.

12 August 2011

Favourite Things Friday

I have probably already had this as a favourite thing because when I mentioned Favourite Books.  But I love Jane Eyre and there is a new picture just released in Australia this week.  I know it opened in the US months ago but for some reason it kept getting delayed here which was all so frustrating.

I switched on to Margaret and David on Wednesday night to get their spin.   David loved it, Margaret had misgivings.  Her problem is that it starts somewhere in the middle of the story and it is told through flashbacks.  So we will have to see what I think about it which quite often doesn't coincide with what Margaret and David have to say.

So because it is my Favourite Thing Friday I'm going to cook tea and then head to the movies on my own (which I haven't done for the longest time... which once upon a time I use to do all the time) and see a film that I want to see.

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11 August 2011

Our Creative Spaces - beginnings

Last week I alluded to a big decision.  This week I acted on it and here is the start.  I have chopped in to my fat quarter bundle of Blueberry Crumb Cake and it is just gorgeous and goes really well with Blue Wren Cottage Garden Thread.

That's it for today I think I will try and finish this stitchery and go on to the next bit.

I also bought this week a couple of metres of Emma Louise (my favourite all time fabric for embroidering on) in a magical christmas red.  Think it is screaming to have white embroidery all over it.   Just about drop the big project for it but I will resist.

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05 August 2011


I have come to a big decision today.  It involves what is in this picture and more than likely I am totally mad but I have no commission work for the next few months and I have decided to jump into a big project.

04 August 2011

Our Creative Spaces

I don't have a deadline in the forseeable future and I am lacking focus.  Class notes are done, patterns are ready to be copied just one more photo for the cover and I am all set for Sunday's applique class.

I might play with these today its by Lynette Anderson and I have her BOM pattern Scandinavian Christmas so I think I might get stuck into cutting this out.  But I am also waiting for a parcel of fabric (Blueberry Crumb Cake) and threads (Cottage Garden Threads) which I have started doing some drawing for which if the postie comes early might put Scandinavian Christmas out of my mind.  You also might like to check out my Christmas In July project in the previous post.

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02 August 2011

Christmas in July - My 1st Project

Well Christmas in July has been going for a little over a week now and I think the ladies are very happy with the patterns so far.  I thought I would unveil my first project so that you know what you are missing out on if you don't go and join in.

There have already been a quilt, Christmas decorations, a gift bag and this.   There are still more projects to come.  So it isn't to late to join in just head here.