22 April 2024

15 Minute Challenge and Graduation

 We attended Mo's graduation ceremony last week.  It was a beautiful autumn day, there was a train strike so we had to find alternative transport.  So we did the drive and ride on the tram.  There was a huge metal band playing at the Entertainment Centre which is the tram intersection which was interesting.  There were quite a few Goth's lined up when we arrived to go into the city, when we arrived back there was an unbelievable number waiting in line to go in.  All very well behaved I might add but very interesting outfits and lots of piercings on display.  Mo was particularly impressed with the green mohawk sported by one guy.  

Mo had to arrive early so we did a bit of window shopping in the city before making our way to the ceremony.  DH thought we were at Hogwarts there was lots of pomp and ceremony in the Graduate Ceremony.  We took the opportunity to take photo's, she is just a camera shy as I am.  

It's been slow going on the stitching and crocheting front.  I have been fabric sorting ready for a class I will be doing in May and trying to get small squares done for my Cove Cal.  Last week I attended the Crochet Guild meeting which was fun again.  Lots of very talented ladies in attendance.  

Thats it for me this week head to Kate's.  

08 April 2024

15 Minute Challenge & Finish

There was a couple of days when didn't manage 15 minutes but I did have a finish this week.  I decided that my redwork be suitable for a bag.  I have been wanting to make this type of bag for a while, can't say that I found the instructions all that easy to follow but I got there in the end. I  think it may have been linen  mixed with the iron on pelon, I notice I didn't have as much of an issue with the lining which was just cotton. 

DH is slowly recovery he has stopped all the medication now so its just time for the nerves in his face to get back to normal.

That's it for me this week short and sweet.  

01 April 2024

15 Minute Challenge & Happy Easter

 We have had a very quiet Easter.  Hubby was feeling off Thursday afternoon which ended in numbness in his face and odd change in his taste.  He was worse Good Friday and we got up early and tried to find a Dr open.  Luckily there is a 365 Clinic not far from us and he got in early.  He was diagnosed with Bells Palsy  and then the hunt was on for a chemist open on Good Friday to get the meds to help improve his symptoms not sure if he is better today or not his face is still lopsided but he thinks maybe his mouth is a little less numb on the inside.  

He's pretty much stuck to the couch and sleeping on and off and he will be back to the Drs tomorrow to see how he is faring.  

I've been stitching and crocheting.  My red work is now finished, the centre of the Cove is done and I have started on the border squares.   I think the red work will end up as a bag just have to decide what type of bag to make.