31 March 2010

Excitement Plus

Block 2 of my quilt is finished.  Leanne is convinced that I am sewing till my fingers bleed but I assure you I am not, I am just super quick and needleturn.   I have had enough of the tulips for a while now and I am going to try my hand at a sunflower.   I have one more small tulip block drawn but I will leave that until the end because I might not need it.  I made up a few more background blocks last night so I can sit and stitch at night in front of the TV.

I also got my bundle of goodies ready for the next QFD Design Team Tutorial so hopefully I will get some time over the long weekend to tweak the design that is bursting to get out of my head soon so I can go back to normal speed instead of having my head think a thousand thoughts a minute.  I need to slow down because I have ideas for 3 more projects and I might just be sewing all the school holidays if I am not careful.  I guess at least I am ahead of myself and hopefully won't get designer block before the six months is up.

29 March 2010

28 March 2010

Better Late than Never

Finally finished Viv's bag last night.  Poor Viv has been waiting a while for this I am too embarrassed to say how long but she did say there was no hurry lol.

Do you like the blog's new do?  Blogger have some new templates, haven't worked everything out yet but at least I have my header picture resized right and hopefully I have enough blog space... I always want lots so I can have nice big pictures.  Apparently you can have extra pages now which might come in handing in the future but I don't know how they work yet.  After spending 2 hours on it this morning when I should have been getting ready to go out today I think enough is enough.

27 March 2010

Bowerbird Bazaar

6 Months I have been waiting for the Bazaar and then this weekend loomed and I had more and more things happening and somebody who will remain nameless was grumbling because I am never home... so I was wondering where I was going to fit it all in...  I got it into my head I could zip in after work yesterday ... guess who didn't read the times right... Went through the city found a car park on the top floor of the park.  Found the building and then found the sign opens at 4pm.  There was a guy busily doing stuff in the door way and I almost begged to be let in ... no I didn't but I think the eye's were welling up...

So I went home I didn't cry... maybe I could bring the Squid in with me and we could make it a Girl Bonding thing...(the boys were having boy bonding at Karate and dinner at Macca's) the problem being I had dinner with playgroup mum's at 6.30.  And we had to get the Squid enthused to go which straight after school is like Russian Roulette ... you never know what version of Squid you are going to get.. (happy or down right cranky capital B version).

Fast talking by Mum and a quick look at the website and she was excited so off we went and we had a lovely time.  Lots of Jewellery some of which came home with me some  had to stay but I collected lots of cards for websites... My sister's birthday pressie was taken care of and we had the yummiest cakes from From Scratch Patisserie.  

Here you can do a little window shopping.  I got a wonderful Glass bead from Clare Wilson, she is an amazing glass blower.  A etched ring from Smug and a necklace and earrings from Moe Moe.  If I hadn't had run out of money I would have got The Good Scissors from Victoria Mason and Squid would have got.  And I meant to go back to Bilingual (they had some great specials) but by that time the money had all gone and Squid had had enough and it was quite close and hot in the venue.  Squid didn't miss out she got some cute badges and pink tights with cupcakes printed on them.... could have got some patterns ones myself and then decided that I am 42 years old and the world is probably not ready to see me in lime green patterned leggings (and the 1 size fits most also put me off).  

I have more websites to cruise and lots of online shops to check out and we had a lovely time walking around and looking.  If you are in Adelaide go this weekend and check it out.  It is just off Currie Street the lane is just opposite Adelaide Tafe.  And if you can't make it there is another one in October.

25 March 2010

Block 1

I know 2 blog posts in one day but you see it has been an exciting day and  I can't keep too many secret for too long.  Here is the finished Block 1 of my new quilt.  I now need to slip out and finish Viv's bag and then make one or two more backgrounds and get started on Block 2 and 3 and 4 ....5.... haven't decided yet how big it actually going to be.

Can I keep a secret....

No sneaky peaks no nothing.... Here it is the great unveil.  I am on QFD Creative Team see the other project and team members over at the Quilt Fabric Delight's blog.

23 March 2010

A Sneak Peak

Remember this.... I am about half way through stitching it.    There are another eight blocks drafted ready to stitch straight after this one so I will be burning the midnight oil for a few weeks.  Can't wait to the quilt in my head materialises.

I really love the Day in the Country micro spots, stripes and checks and they go so wonderfully with my stash of Pat Sloan tone on tones that have been collected throughout the years.  I am planning to make this quilt entirely from my stash (apart from the few backgrounds I have purchased amazingly the stash is pretty light on tone on tones and backgrounds.

Speaking of Pat Sloan I have been a Sloanie for quite a few years and have been a long time member of her yahoo group and now forum.   Her patterns gave me the confidence to try needle turn with their large easy pieces.  She has recently launched a internet radio show and it is well worth a listen.  She talks to lots of different quilt and craft celebrities.  This week it is Michelle Fielke from Sewn and the Material Obsession books fame as well as Frieda Anderson can't wait to have a listen on my morning walk.

22 March 2010

Mini Break

In the words of Bridget Jones we went on a Mini Break on the weekend.  The kids and we got Friday off and headed off for a little holiday to Normanville, which is down the coast from Adelaide.  The beaches aren't really great for swimming too much seaweed ... yuck... and too many rocks.  But it was a little adventure for the kids and we went fishing which was fun but DH kept wanting to wrap it up which was very annoying ... yes everyone I am the fisherman in the family not him.

Squid had never been fishing so we got her a new rod just before we went and I got a new one as well.... just because....maestro had already been fishing with grandpa before but he said that he would let him do anything so fishing with me was better and I know how to catch fish better than grandpa.  We caught a few fish but only a couple legal size.  I think the last time I went fishing was just after my son was born so it has been a while and I have forgotten how much I actually enjoy it.

Apparently I don't get in enough photo's so here I am with squid.

The coast is very spectacular and so are the rock formations.


Like some other's we've been at the beach too.

18 March 2010

Goddess of the Last Minute

Started reading this book the other day.   This woman is me or at least the me inside my head.  So far Meet the Goddess (the first chapter I so totally relate too it is scary).  The only difference is her husband seems to totally accepts the Goddess and hasn't tried to change her lol.... maybe he did in the beginning... though it doesn't sound like it.   Mine still thinks that one day I will be tidy and he will come home to a spotless house.... never going to happen unless we have visitors.... I am going to stop meeting the quilting girls or going on retreats or doing workshops or disappearing into the sewing room for a few hours...  Instead he says I have broken him lol I tell you he ain't broken enough because the voice still works and he can still whine a lot lol...  wonder how many years it will take for me to fix ...  sorry break that.

But I digress, the book wasn't what I expected, but I think it was the book I needed at this point in time.  If you have the unstoppable urge to make stuff to the exclusion of all else you need to read this book as we obviously are not alone.

I have been trying to workout how I am going to make it to the Bazaar next weekend.  It is a Sewing Day with the girls on Sunday so I can only go on Saturday (2 days out on the weekend more whining ...see above) plus out to tea with other girl friends friday night....more....  Now I find out it isn't where I thought it was, doh! which means that maybe I should drive and not take the train as I intended which might mean I won't be away for quite so long... might get a brownie point (doubt it)  Mind you it never was where I thought it was I just was not reading the address properly.

Me reading stuff and thinking completely something else is also a concern in our marriage....Don't ask about the Nit treatment instructions that I misread 4 times and wondered why the critters wouldn't crawl up just die once and for all....my excuse was I had just had the big H and the anesthetic obviously addled my brain. Or maybe the instructions JUST WEREN'T CLEAR ENOUGH.

16 March 2010

Progress Progress Progress

See the block in the previous post... now there are five more blocks to add to it.

Went to stitching today and have finished the outside of my bag for Viv (no blog). She is happy with my colour choice.. yeah... which is a great relief because I just chose them on a hunch.  Before I started stitching I had a bit of a hunt in the shop and came across the Day in the Country micro spots, checks and stripes.  I have selected a few pinks, might go back for some purples and maybe some yellows though yellow isn't my colour it will add interest to the quilt will have to think about it.  So now I am all inspired and the quilt that is in my head is gradually making its way to the computer might even be able to start stitching when we are away on the weekend.... maybe not.

I have learnt how to make words and thick stems now (thanks Judy for the page no.) so I am happy with the way the templates are coming out and I am figuring how to use my Bamboo tablet which is actually quite fun.  So far I have kept it hidden from the kids we will  have to see how long that lasts.

14 March 2010

New Toy

I mentioned last week my yearning for a new gadget.  Last week I decided to get it, and I must say that it was far superior drawing with a pen than a mouse. I can't say that I have completely mastered the art but we are getting there.  I have also ordered another book from eq about drawing applique designs, which should bridge the learning curve to my satisfaction.  Like how do you draw stems so they are not a single line? and How to refine the snap too grid.  Must say I am happy with my first attempt.  Was going to make this a medallion quilt and I made a really cool vine tulip border to go with it.  But during the night I thought of other ways to put this quilt together.. think I am going to go for a pieced background and a custom set so that there will be lots of different sized blocks with this as the centre piece or maybe not the centre piece maybe an off centre piece.   OOOh the possibilities.

12 March 2010

Another Queen

Can you see her that little rectangle on the horizon....it's the Queen Mary.  DH was all for giving the kids a day off school and heading down to the harbour to see it because it was one of those once in a lifetime things, I told him she would be back again and sure enough they said on the news last night that she would be returning in February.  The kids already had half a day off school as we had to got to the city for dental appointments.  Not all that fun on the first day of Clipsal V8 Race, the train was more packed than usual.

The dentist trip just made for more appointments, squid's has to have a full head Xray and Maestro has to  go to the Orthodontist as one of his teeth has not emerged from the gum after 12 months.  Even though his Full Head Xray of last year showed that it was there.  And why the full head Xray, Maestro had a larger than normal tooth come through last year in his bottom jaw and I was concerned ..well hoping that the tooth was fused with its neighbour (no room for another one if it wasn't) as the squid had similar in her baby teeth...I was right the dentist was wrong.  Squid doesn't have room for an extra tooth either so we have to make sure that her adult teeth will be the same as the baby ones.

05 March 2010

Gadget Queen

I have rediscovered EQ6, it was neglected on my old pc for a while but then I got a Mac (doesn't run on a Mac except if you have a separate Windows partition).  The kids got a new pc last year and I couldn't decide what to do, the fact that there are only limited times you can load the software stopped me from jumping right in.  But I was trying to design a quilt the other week and I thought it would be a good idea to crank out EQ and get me maths right in my head and design the applique.  I was surprise that the applique was easier than I thought it would be once I worked out a few quirks.  The problem is drawing with the mouse is a bit hit and miss so I think I might have to get one of these.


I am working on another quilt in my head at the moment which once I get my ideas sorted I will be jumping back on to EQ to nut it out.  This urgency started when I spied some fantastic spot fabric yesterday that screams background.   Might be getting the table sooner than I thought.

04 March 2010

Lovely Night Out

Went to dinner with the girls last night.  We went here.  I just felt the need for good Greek food.  It has been very windy here in Adelaide since the weekend but last night it was a wonderful balmy night just great for sitting outside and eating good food and talking LOTS.  We went to celebrate my birthday which was nearly a month ago and it was so much better than my actual birthday, thanks girls.

Every one else thought it was a great night to be out too and Henley Square was packed with people enjoying what will probably be some of the last days of summer.  I didn't take my camera but here is Henley 3 weeks ago and it was more like a true autumn day, but this is the middle of February.

I have been researching tools for the Dyeing day and supplies and have found the wax tools we need.  Have to just source some fabric to dye on....but I am working on it.

01 March 2010

The Last Book arrived

Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook arrived on Friday and I have already gleened a few hints that might make me be in love with Bottomline again when I go back to the Christmas tree quilt.  I also just got a parcel in the mail with some fabrics to go in a project I am working on and I must say I love this colour way, and I might have to go shopping for some more at a later date.

Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook

I had my post op visit to the Dr last week and he said that I am in fantastic shape.  He also told me I was a bit silly to go back to work after 3 weeks, but he was the one that originally said that I could do it.  Must admit it wasn't till the 6 week mark that I actually had my act together, both mentally as well as physically.   I have managed to walk 5 days a week, for the last couple of weeks and I probably would have done 7 if the kids hadn't bought home various bugs from school, which they have been very kind to share, still I have managed to shake these off very quickly so I must be healthy.

Off to sewing a Hetties tomorrow, that is if my kids don't decide to have another sickie or need to go to some sporting event that they haven't told me about.  Work has been a little bit nuts the last few weeks and I need some girlie sewing time... wonder if I should turn off the mobile phone just in case.  Can't wait to see the new part of the shop...