29 March 2011

15 Minute Challenge 29/3 update

Well this week I had a couple of no show days on the creative front but I think I made up for it on the days that I did some, and I did have a new baby to look after.

Tuesday - 2.5 hours basted quilt and QFD project
Wednesday - None
Thursday - 1 hour QFD project
Friday - 1.5 hour QFD project
Saturday - none puppy sat
Sunday - 1.5 hour QFD project
Monday - 1 hour QFD project + 1 hour writing first draft of pattern (which I am including in the challenge because it is part of the creative process.

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27 March 2011

New Member of the Family

Yesterday morning I told squid that she needed to get dressed because we had to pick up a parcel from the airport.  She said "can't you go on your own, I want to stay home", I said to her that she really should come because the parcel may be something for her.  At 7.30 we headed to the airport following the directions from their website only to find when we got there that the freight collection had moved.
Squid still didn't twig as we pulled up to the building and the sign at the front said Pet Drop off and Collection Centre.  It wasn't until the man at the counter deposited a box and said "One Dog" that everything became clear.

Poor Coco was shivering and it wasn't made any better by the jackhammering that was happening outside the centre.  We got her home and over the day she seemed to recover from the travel and settling in to her new home.   Today she has been quite naughty at times but I think she will be a pretty laid back dog, she has already put up with being picked up and put down thousands of times and without a whimper and woken up when she is asleep.  At least she will have some peace while they are at school tomorrow.

25 March 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Today it is Chai Latte, and it is probably the reason I have put on so much weight the last 12 months.  So now I am on rationing, so I can fit back into my clothes.  I should have known that something that taste's this good couldn't be good for you.  Now it is one normal skinny Latte a week and no Chai for me because I really need to break the cycle.  It is probably the sweetness of it that has got me in.
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24 March 2011

My Creative Space

This is all I have been working on over the last few days and I think there are still a few hours left in it yet.  I had to have a break last night and just vegged in front of the TV but it will be back to work again today.  

I also have been arranging delivery of the new member of our family, which is early Saturday morning so I will post pictures of her soon.  The kids have no idea they think she isn't coming for weeks.  

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23 March 2011

15 Minute Challenge 22/3 update

Sorry girls little late on the update.  Last night I was busy purchasing a puppy.

Here is my update, this week I romped it in.

15/3 - 2 hours stitching at sewing class
16/3 - 2 hours stitching and bitching with quilt group
17/3 - 1 hour working on QFD project
18/3 - 1 hour working on QFD project
19/3 - 10am - 4pm Workshop with Rosalie and Mellie at Country Hart
20/3 - 9am - 3pm Workshop with Rosalie and Mellie at Country Hart
21/3 - 1 hour working on QFD Project

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21 March 2011

Roadtrip Wrapup

Apparently this post needs to be long according to Mrs P so that she can live vicariously through me, I'll do my best.

So with my two partners in crime we left my place as scheduled just after 1.30pm having not encounted to much trouble getting home because of Clipsal.

With a stop for coffee at Pt Wakefield we made it to Robyn's shop before closing for a quick look around and some shopping.  Off to Woolies for some food and then headed for the Cabin Park to find our accommodation.  To be honest we weren't expecting the accommodation to be great even though we had booked a 3 bedroom cabin, sometimes they are a bit cramped and you are sitting in each others pockets.  However the accommodation far exceeded our expectations and had a big lounge/kitchen area a huge bathroom with spa and 3 excellent sized bedrooms, dishwasher / laundry facilities, we were 3 happy campers.

The morning started at 10 so we had plenty of time to get ready, some of us needed more time than others and we headed off a little early.

The rooms Robyn has available for lessons are fantastic and have wonderful bright light for those of us who are at a certain age (which is the 3 of us) who are starting to have trouble seeing to sew.
Introductions done the first day's projects were unveiled.

I apologise for the terrible pictures I obviously wasn't up to this on the first day.  

I decided to work on Rosalie's bag, as I don't know any babies at the moment but I might modify the girl one to do one for Squid.  Granny Loz get's the award for being the most industrious she finished a boy one ready for day 2.

We had a lovely tea with a few of the girls and then headed back to the Cabin for some sewing, wines and TV.

Day 2 bought another 2 projects how lucky are we.

Mellies (my favourite for the weekend I think) a lovely bag.  In two colourways and we were provided with the kits for both.

Then a stitchery from Rosalie which I have decided to do in Cottage Garden threads.

Here is my progress.  

Love these Little Ninga's going to have to get this pattern it slipped my mind on the weekend. 

We headed back to Adelaide in the pouring rain which was a bit scarey at times, because visibility wasn't too good, glad Helen was driving and not me.  Must say I was very tired last night, went to bed early and slept in.  In hindsight should have had today off.  But oh well its done now and I have a day to potter tomorrow.  

18 March 2011

Favourite Things Friday - I'm outa hear

Baring heavy traffic because of the Clipsal I am leaving work early to go to Country Hart this afternoon with two pals, we plan to be on the road by 1.30.  The sewing bags are all packed but I haven't finished my clothes and essentials.   I haven't really felt like doing the packing bit so might be a bit light on this weekend lol. As long as I have my motion sickness wrist bands and sewing needles and thimble, and better put my glasses in I should be ok.  

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17 March 2011

My Creative Space

Sorry about the quality of the photo, it is still dark here this morning and I wasn't organised this week.  Here are the blocks from last week all together in the quilt top.  Now pattern writing and quilting is in store over the next week.  Today though I am having a bit of me maintenance (nail/massage) and then packing for my weekend sewing away with a couple of girlfriends at a workshop with Mellie and Rosalie up at Port Pirie.  My stitchery design is still going strong and there is a lot more lines in there to cover yet so I can't reveal any more of that.

I also release a pattern this week so head on down and check it out and put a few more goodies in my Made It Store.

It will be good to get away today, the neighbour's house is being demolished its 7am and they have already started.  

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16 March 2011

15 Minutes a Day Challenge

I have decided to join Kate in the 15 Minutes a day spent being creative.   I have deadlines looming so this will help me along the way.  I will report back next Tuesday with my week.

14 March 2011

11 March 2011

Favourite Things Friday - Pat Sloan

Many years ago when I first started to quilt, I was sitting at Quilters Circle which was at my then local patchwork shop and one of the ladies was in a swap with an American Quilter called Pat Sloan.  She bought in a quilt she had made from one of Pat's Patterns and that was it I was hooked I had to have that pattern it was MaMa's Garden (my version right).  So I did some research on the internet, which at that time wasn't full of blogs etc but Pat had a website and a yahoo group which I joined.

Now Pat is very computer savvy and she has always had a huge online presence she now runs a forum, which sadly I don't get to very often there is just not enough hours in the day, but that doesn't stop Pat where she visits everyday to check in on the community.  She not only has the forum but also a blog which she updates every day (even when she is away) and now a Podcast, which is absolutely amazing with diverse guests who will get your creativity up and going (this week she talked to Sue Spargo can't wait to get around to listening to that one) and she is on Facebook.  And still has enough time to write books, design fabric and patterns and makes quilts.  I am sure the woman does not sleep.  She is a wonderful Quilting resource and very giving of her time.

This bed quilt is a Pat's first BOM.  This was her second whoops haven't finished that one (I did make the shop sample as well so I should be forgiven for that.  And here are  a few blocks from another quilt that I haven't finished either it's on the gunna pile.

This one is finished.
And this one is finished and the kids use it every day.

Another MaMa's Garden must quilt this one one day.

And this one has been hanging in my sewing room for years (sorry about the photo) another finish.

As you can see I am a Pat Sloan groupie or as we are known "Sloanie"

10 March 2011

My Creative Space

My sketch from last week is taking shape but I had better not show you any more of that.

This week I have been working on a jellyroll/charmpack quilt.  Hopefully I will be able to finish the blocks soon and write the pattern.   The fabric is really bright and cheery.    I think I will put the quilt up for sale on my Made It  store as the number of quilts in the house is outnumbering people, beds, lounges and places to store them.

I am really excited that I am able to release my Life's Essential pattern early next week and I already have a shop order.

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06 March 2011

The needle is at the ready and I am stitching up a storm

On Friday I got a wonderful parcel of goodies from Sarah for some stitching.  While I was waiting for this to arrive I finalised the sketch that I was working on Thursday until I was happy with it.  

The template is finished and I transferred the pattern to the background fabric, last night I started stitching.     This little guy is nearly done.  I forgot how wonderful Cosmo thread is to sew with.  I haven't done any embroidery for so long, fingers are a bit sore today, but they will toughen up (they will have too there is a lot of stitching to be done).  

While I was waiting for supplies I copied the sketch and painted it ready to be uploaded to Spoonflower which is a great site where you can upload images and print them on fabric.  Going to do a little bit more playing with the images and print up my own fabric down the track when I have a minute.

04 March 2011

Favourite Things Friday - Road Trips with the Girls

What better way is there to have fun, than to pile into a car with a couple of friends and spend the weekend away sewing.  We missed out last year as the Loxton shop isn't there any more but this year we are heading to Port Pirie, to visit Robyn at Country Hart to have a weekend with Mellie and Rosalie in 2 weeks can't believe it is that close.  Even talked fast enough to have hubby believe that it is a semi business trip as I really should meet Robyn as she has been kind enough to invite me to be one of the designers for her POM.

Think I will be going to Haighes for a few muchies to take in the car on the way up.  There will be 3 of us which at times has been a dangerous number, but I think we all know each other well enough that everything is going to be fabulous.

The girls have also signed up for Inspired Stitches  but we won't be staying overnight anywhere for that one so this will be special.  I was Travel Co-ordinator this trip, and Helen has volunteered to drive which I am kind of happy about, bit unsure the drive up there (I'll be fine if we have a return trip).  Sue and I will be the 2 with the paper bags (we both suffer travel sickness, must remember to get the magic wrist bands).

I must say I am getting a bit excited, especially as we don't have to take our machines or any great wads of fabric which means that I can leave packing to the very last minute.  I know the next 2 weeks are going to drag but then I am going to be a bit busy anyway have a few projects in the pipeline for next month so I might even be up late most nights, so then again it might go super fast.

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03 March 2011

My Creative Space

Its all about designing here today I think.  I have been busy, got up before the birds this morning and took the kids to the city for an 8am dentist appointment (what was I thinking of).  Have come home made lunches and then dropped them off at school, headed to the quilt shop for a couple of supplies and now I am going out to the sewing room. I have a charm square/jelly roll quilt to make up and a bit later i will be working on the design for a stitchery for QFD Creative Team here is a sneak peak at the first draft.

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01 March 2011

hello is there anybody there?

Been having a bit of a rest this last week.  After loading a heap of stuff to my Made It Store I just decided to hide out for a while.  I haven't participated in my usual blog happenings and I haven't done any sewing until today.  The family and I headed down the coast and I sat on the beach and read a couple of books and Dh and the kids played in the surf.  

The kids were fascinated by all the sea snails and I was amazed by the size of some of the limpets.

The rest must have worked, even though the bed in the cabin was like sleeping on the floor.  When we came home yesterday and finished the mountain of washing, I sketched a fair bit and today I started working on my proto-type for the POM with Country Hart.