31 August 2007

Cloth Paper Scissors

Ohhh this magazine is deadly, just got mine in the mail today and again for the 3rd time in a row I want to try all the techniques and get lots and lots of supplies. And there are heaps of great links to wonderful website that I am going to have to visit and be tempted even more. It is by the same people that publish Quilting Arts another fabulous magazine that I am going to have to subscribe to as well.
Now all I have to do is find the time to fit these projects in as well.

28 August 2007

I'm a Little Sad the Harry Potter Has ended

I finished reading the final installment of Harry Potter yesterday afternoon. Which was a good thing because my husband was about to toss it out because I spent every waking moment with it over the weekend. I must say I really enjoyed it but I am sad that it is finished and you get the tantalising bit at the end when they are all grown up and all you want to do is know more (well I do anyway).

Now I had better go back to doing some sewing I think. I saw the new blackbird range this morning at the Fat Quarter Shop, might have to get a bit of it, I really love there cross stitch pieces, great for background for applique. The range is called Madiera and they have a block of the month also which is very tempting.

23 August 2007

Gotta Love Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs

Wow what a great innovation the jelly roll is. You get a tiny smidge of each fabric in a range and you can do lots with it. The sawtooth stars in my quilt from last post was made with a charm pack and jelly rolls. Last night a saw a wonderful quilt made from 1 jelly roll all that was needed was a few set in triangles and borders, which the quilter had found in her stash. All it was was strips sewn together then triangles cut from 45 degree then sewn together to form squares and it looked absolutely fabulous and it only took 6 hours to make.

19 August 2007

Is it Kinda Cheating?

The quilt police would probably say yes. Using just fabric from just one range. I guess it is, it takes the hardwork out of choosing colours that go well together and the light and dark thing. I usually buy quite a lot of ranges but then I usually mix in a bit here and there from the stash. This time I didn't because I just loved the fabric.

Here is my version of Leanne's Quilt from the Loxton Road Trip.

I went a bit mad with this range Roman Holiday by 3 Sisters. I just loved it and I ended up getting a lot of it including a couple of charm packs, a jelly roll which I shared with a friend and 3 lots of 2yard lengths for borders. Now all I have to do is decide what will be my final border. Might put a thin border round the stars first. Looking at the picture I am leaning towards the border strip I think I might leave it for a week and then go and have a fresh look. Well No 3 Project is almost done.

16 August 2007

No 2 Finished

I finished the bag yesterday from the Road Trip, it is just the right size to take to quilting group, I added a bit to the size of the pattern. Once all the hand stitching was done it was really quick to put together, love the handles. It is a bit different from the original but these colours are more me..
I have been spending a bit of time searching the internet for Glass Beads at a good price for one of Viv Robinson's projects which was a table cloth which she brought with her to Loxton. It featured 500 faceted glass beads instead of french knots and it was absolutely stunning. Well I sourced them and at excellent price and quite a few friends have joined in and so this morning placed an order for 3000 beads. Just hope they bag them in 500 lots don't think I really want to separate 3000 beads.

14 August 2007

Project 1 Finished

Here is my version of Viv Robinson's project from the Loxton Road Trip. Haven't been able to actually attach it to the basket (the weave is too close) so it just might rest on top for now.
I should finish all the hand sewing on the bag tonight if I ever get off the computer, and I have sorted what I am going to be doing to Leanne's quilt top to make it bigger just have to get a spare bit of time to lock myself in my sewing room, plus I have to stop starting projects in between. I have started another quilt and a bag in the last two weeks (very naughty).
Received some mail today, new book from Pat Sloan, Take the Fear Out of Color and one of her patterns that I have been wanting for quite some time I love the fact that she now takes orders direct from Australia.

I have been tagged by Leanne and I have to list 8 random things, the rules are as follows:

RULES - Post rules before giving the facts - Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules - At the end of the your blog you need to tag eight people and list their names - Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

I don't do the tagging thingy but here are eight random facts about me.
  1. I religiously watch Friday night crime night on the ABC.
  2. My favourite colour is hot pink, followed closely by lime green.
  3. I always collect at least 15 - 20 m of fabric for a quilt. Yes my stash is at this present time totally out of control and exceeding my storage space.
  4. I love love love to shop.
  5. I gotta have gadgets (if it is new and to do with quilting I probably have got it, latest purchase is the yo yo makers and I hate yo yo's, but mine are hot pink, electric blue and lime green so they must be cool).
  6. I get really bad motion sickness in fact I drive everywhere, but recently found wrist bands with pressure points on them which allowed me to travel in the back seat on our Road Trip to Loxton with no pit stops.
  7. I had a breast reduction 3 years ago and lost 1/2 a stone in a day.
  8. I rarely drink but when I do it is only Jim Beam and coke.

09 August 2007

Pat Sloan Club 2007

Had my Pat Sloan meeting last night, haven't had one for a couple of months so we were a bit behind. I really love all the different patterns that we are getting this year, just haven't managed to get on to them yet. I really love the quilt for August Little Blue Bird which we won't get for another week or so but I think I will have to to make that up straight away.

Here are a couple of quilts that I have made using Pat's patterns. Pat has a great blog which she posts to every day. And the great thing is that her online shop now ships to Australia so I can now get which ever pattern I want when I want it and her books as well. Pat also has a free newsletter which you can access from her website with recipes, and a free block of the month on the back which started in July.

I just got notification that I will soon be receiving her new colours of her latest fabric range. It includes lots of pinks and browns so I know I am going to have to order some more of those fabrics but I don't know what I am going to do with then yet. Maybe Old Blooms which is a pattern I have been wanting for a long time and finally got it a few months ago.

04 August 2007

Home and almost recovered

What a fantastic weekend, great food, great fun, lots of sewing and no littlies to interupt (though I did miss them just a bit). Sewed well into the night each night over a few drinks. The only problem was my neck ceased up after the second night and I have spent most of this week getting it fixed. At least today I can turn my head again so I will be able to get on with the 3 projects.

Above are Carmel and Sue in our "extra large" cabin.

Leanne signing my copy of her latest book. Have a look at how big the shop is and the usual workroom is another large room behind us. Great facilities and the whole weekend was so well organised. Can't wait to get back next year.
I got out all my Making Memories signed blocks today and had a quick flip through them. Will have to do some stitcheries and then get the whole thing put together so that is 4 projects to finish. Gail so kindly posted my picture on her blog, I was hoping she lost that one. It was really great to meet Leanne, Gail, Viv and of course Tricia from Almond Grove Crafts and her family who made it all possible.