25 March 2024

15 Minute & Joining In

 The heat has finally stopped.  There was a couple of days of low 30's and now the weather nice and mild.  In fact the morning a quite chilly have had to pull out a jumper to go for my morning walks... but I'm not complaining. 

Last week I join the Australian Crochet Guild, the local chapter meets in a pub on a Saturday morning.   The pub has to be open  for pokies but the place is empty (apart from the pokies room) .  The ladies meet in  the beer garden, and a few of the ladies stay for lunch after the meeting.   I think there was about 15 ladies meeting up to crochet and talk about crochet and the annual conference which is due to happen in June.   It is only their second meeting but it was good fun to meet with like minded ladies look at what everyone is doing and share ideas.  

I've worked more on my redwork embroidery.  This time I used the non sticky wash away, which was way better than the sticky variety.  No residue on the needle to contend with.  Need to get back to it, but I have been trying to finish the centre of the Cove (see below), but I plan to pick it up again tomorrow night.  

The Cove is growing.  One more row and I'm up to the smaller squares that surround the middle.  At least they will be nice a portable.  

I just got delivery of some new yarn which will go with my new lounge which is on order.  I have picked the pattern which I found on pinterest, it's an organic/wool mix in a pretty green.  

Lastly we sorted tickets for Mo Graduation Ceremony and paid for her gown rental, which I thi
nk is just another way for the Uni to squeeze a few more bucks out of us before she finishes.   Her job is going well and she is happy doing 3 days a week.  Each nite she lets us know what she has done so we can spy the graphics on the nightly news.  

That's it for me this week have a good week.  


11 March 2024

15 Minute and Heatwave

 We are in the middle of a heatwave, cooler change is expected Thursdays, the nights have been up round 25 - 29C and day temps are high 30's with the worse day Saturday being 42.  Can't say it has been conducive for working on my crochet, just too hot. 

The week before I just didn't feel like doing much probably just tired from my work trip.  Although I have finished a couple of rows on The Cove the heat has put a stop to it this week.  

Last weekend I went to Fibre Feast, not for a long time I did purchase some more Leahcim Wool, I'm planning on an Afghan of some kind, just waiting to find the right pattern.   The colours I have mix nicely with the stash I already have.  

On Saturday (yes the hot day) I was booked into a redwork class with Lorraine from Hetties Patch.  It was held in the Navy, Military and Airforce Club in the city up stairs in their Library.  At least the air conditioning was good so we didn't even notice the heat of the day.  Had a lovely time with a lot of like minded ladies doing hand work.  Dh dropped me off and picked me up so I didn't have to worry about parking (though they did have onsite parking which I will use if I do a class there again).

Can't say I liked using the Sulky which I have used before making felt ornaments, it gums up the needle which I can't cope with.  Part of the kit was the non glue variety which I will try next.  It does dissolve nicely though with no trace so the non glue might just the trick.    I bought a small printed panel which I am adding some embroidery to.  And will add more to the initial when I decide what I want to put round it probably some more sprays of flowers.  

I decided to book into another class in Lorraine is running with interstate teachers in May its a 3 day workshop help in a local cafe with a gallery space.  I haven't felt like stitching much lately but the one day workshop has helped giving me back my stitching mojo.  

Below is the french panel, haven't decided what I will do with it, might make a project bag (you can never have enough).

Head to Kates to see how everyone is travelling.