21 July 2016

I hate binding

This chore has finished, I hate sewing down binding but I can't bring my self to machine stitch it and I'm to much of a control freak to get someone else to do it.  But its done, the hanging sleeve isn't quite sitting right so I will be restitching that tonight and weaving in more threads.

I really want to wash this baby so I can get it hung and take some decent shots of the finished quilt.  It might happen on the weekend.

I've started stitching backgrounds for 2016 BOM so stay tuned for more details.

14 July 2016

Marathon Quilting Event has ended

I finished quilting Flowers for Alison last night.  I've been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks have had a couple of health issues and ended up with the migraine of all migraines on the weekend probably courtesy of the marathon quilting that I did on Saturday to get the borders finished combined with a sinus infection.

I'm hoping to start the binding this afternoon and fit a hanging sleeve as well.

I took this photo to show the drape of the quilt.   This quilt is quilted within an inch of its life and in the past that has made my quilts quite stiff until they have been washed a few times and even then they were never soft.  Not so with this quilt it drapes beautifully.  I used a cotton voile on the back which is finer than quilters cotton and the batting I used Quilters Dream Cotton Request and I think I've found my all time favourite batting.  This is a big quilt and it folds up to the size of a pillow it is light and I can't wait to have it on my bed, but first I need to get it ready for a show.

Once the hanging sleeve is in place I hope to find a space big enough to photograph it fully so watch this space.

02 July 2016

Celtic Tree of Life

There is a pic of the design so far on its own page which you can find here.  

So check it out and if you are thinking about joining in start looking for fabrics for backgrounds and some brights for the appliqué.

As you can see from the picture below the grey's range from light to dark.  I'm not really worrying about how dark they are but I have probably steered away from black but there are a few dk grey's in there.

The Celtic Knots will probably need to be on lighter greys as I will need to be able to see the outline through a lightbox in order to transfer the design.

There is another link to the grey's I've picked on the Tree of Life page.  

01 July 2016

Bee Inspired BOM Block 2

Block 2 of Bee Inspired is available for download on the Bee Inspired page.  If you are new to my page and you want missed out on last months pattern you can purchase it here for $3.