08 August 2022

15 Minute Challenge & Splat

 The excitement for this week is that I took the dog for a walk and managed to trip over and went splat.  Luckily apartment from being jarred there was no real damage, though today I'm pretty sore.  

I'm on the home stretch for quilting Springtime Romance one more and a bit more borders to quilt. 

More crochet progress below.  

Mo made her first Etsy sale and she has just received an email from the customer to say it arrived safely, which we have been worried about because you just don't know what is going to happen with Australia Post.  

01 August 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 I'm quilting the final border on springtime romance, so it might get finished in time to go in show, if I am happy with the final quilt. 

My crochet projects are zooming along I'm on a roll and I am really happy with them.  There are plans for the next projects, I found another designer with projects that I love and can't wait to get started on.  

I'm gradually closing my etsy shop, once the patterns expire that will be it. I might find another venue or just leave it for now. 

Mo has opened her shop .  Hopefully she can make enough money to pay for supplies.  

25 July 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 More crochet this week.  The shawl I'm working on is getting easier and I've made progress.  I am using Scheepjes whirl and the colour changes are quite subtle.  It has started a magenta red and is gradually changing to pink.  I love the fact that the colour changes can be hidden in the stitches without the need to start and finish.  The end of the ball is purple should look quite spectacular when it is done.  

The sofa runner is moving along.  I have a couple more blues to go and then it is heading to yellow, the ends I don't have to do for the shawl and made up for in runner as there are ends to weave in at every row.  

Quilting continues on Springtime Romance, I did too much on Saturday and suffered Saturday night, one day I will learn to make smaller quilts that are easier to move under the machine.  Hopefully next weekend I can start on the big borders.

I started a small cross stitch project but didn't get very far it will be a drum, just felt like doing something new, you know how it is.  

Link to Kate's

18 July 2022

15 Minute Challenge a couple of new starts

 I finished the shawl I have been working on but I haven't blocked it yet, should of done it on the weekend but it was pretty cold and wet so it wouldn't have dried.  I did start another shawl the first few rows were a bit complicated and the instructions are in US terms so I have to really think about it and there was lots of unpicking.  

The sofa runner is coming along nicely, now that the pattern has developed its pretty easy to keep track of and will be a reasonably quick project to crochet.  

I have done some more quilting on Springtime Romance, hoping that it may still be worth entering in show, but will have to see if I'm happy with the finished quilting.  

Mo is doing a 2 week intensive at Uni with a Claymation Studio.  Here is her character, it looks pretty spectacular, I had to drop her at Uni today as we didn't think it would survive the trip on the train.  She is painting it now.  She initially wanted to make the clothes from fabric but I think the modelling clay gave her a lot more versatility and it was a medium she was more comfortable with.

Thats it for me well and truly keeping up with 15 minutes each day.  

11 July 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Reflecting

This week in my facebook memories a couple of entries came up about times we had struggled with Mo.  They were from 9 years ago, at a time when she was having issues with her back.  Now in hindsight we know that the back issues were a result of her OCD which wasn't diagnosed until she was 14 and was very under weight due to her need to control. 9 years ago she had a number of rituals that she would repeat, one of them was stretching and rubbing her back, so much so she left a mark/bruise and she was having back spasms.  The memories shared that she was doing swimming and she was going to physio a lot and there was quite a number of bad days.

When she was diagnosed things all fell into place about all the rituals she had done over the years, there were lots and they changed over over time, some were quite funny to watch others not so much.   Thankfully I have all but forgotten all the struggles we had.   She can still be very controlling when she is stressed about time, about food, about things being perfect but we don't notice the rituals any more, she probably still has them she just has learnt to hide them better. 

Nimue is all dry now, it took nearly a week and on the weekend I wove all the ends in.  This is the last time I'll show a picture of it I promise.  I've entered it in the Royal Show this year.  I'm pulling springtime romance, I'm not happy with the quiltings but will continue to quilt it and get it all finished and bound.  

I have started a sofa runner and am finishing up a shawl that I started when Mo had her wisdom teeth out.  It is going to be lovely and warm with any luck it will be finished this week.  

I only managed a little bit of cross stitch this week not anything worth showing, but I need to get going on that as well.  

With any luck Kate will be back.  

04 July 2022

15 Minute Challenge and CAL all finished

 There was a bit of quilting done this weekend (a very little bit) working on quilting the sashing round the outside of the blocks.  I can't say I am happy with some of the quilting so I'm not sure if it will end up going in the Royal Show.  

I have finished the crochet Cal and blocked it on the weekend.  As its pretty cold here it is going to take a while to dry another couple of days I think.  

I'm working on a shawl at the moment, giving the big projects a bit of a rest for a while.  I yarn arrived for another blanket during the week, which I think I will give to Maestro, maybe for his birthday if I am quick, but I do have a couple of shawls that I want to work on first.

Head to Kate's who has been a bit MIA for a few weeks hopefully work will settle down for her and she will resurface.  

27 June 2022

15 Minute Challenge and end of financial year

The last week work has been a bit full on, the end of the financial year is looming and it never was that much of a deal in the past but last year was nuts and this year is a close 2nd but it has only really been the last 2 weeks.  Why of why do people leave this stuff to the last minute.  

I powered ahead with the CAL this week and did a couple of extra rows only about 4 to go unless I add a few more .... still deciding.  Its getting harder to take picture of the whole thing.  I think once its all blocked I will maybe use Mo's bed to spread it out.

There was a little bit of quilting my neck and back are playing up so I kept it to bare minimum but progress was made. 

Only a few stitches were added to my cross stitch.  

Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.  

20 June 2022

15 Minute Challenge and no more Wisdom Teeth

Mo had her wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday.  She was a bit of a basket case leading up to it but as per usual once it was done she was fine.  It was done under a twilight and not general anaesthetic, but  she was still pretty groggy on they way home and we had an interesting conversation.  They did give us some stronger medication to take and I only gave her half of one of the tablets that first night.  She ended up sleeping all the way through with no need for anything else though I made her take Advil and paracetamol for the first 36 hours she decided she didn't want or need it much after that.  She did look like a chipmunk for much of the week but the swelling had pretty much disappeared by yesterday.  

Even though she is pretty much eating normally, I noticed when I came home from work she had talked her boyfriend into making and delivering her a big tray of chocolate pudding (the cake variety with chocolate sauce).  

There has been more progress on the Crochet CAL and I started a shawl while I was in the waiting room on Tuesday.  As I still have some rows to go on the CAL the Shawl will have to wait.  

Cross stitch progress is below. I'm enjoying doing the house with it's lovely blue bricks, they have been quite quick though I need to fill in the blanks.  

Not much quilting progress this week though I did do a couple of hours on Saturday, Sunday was a bit of a bust as we had a bit of a fridge emergency which turned out to be a false alarm.  

Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.

13 June 2022

15 Minute Challenge and a Long Weekend

 It was a public holiday today so we have had a nice restful break.  I did some quilting today, working on the sashing now and have plenty of crochet to go on with tonight with the latest instalment of the CAL being scheduled today.  

I managed to get the required rows finished and did an extra row, the next few rows are a bit complicated but I think I will make them in the next 2 weeks.  The blanket is already bigger than it is supposed to be,  obviously have a looser tension than the pattern designer.  I still have 2 balls of yarn so I am not worrying about running out. 

I'm loving the next cross stitch in the group, it is looking very pretty with brighter colours for this one.  

I went to Fibrefest yesterday and got a lovely stash of yarn.  The plan is to make some wraps from these, I already have patterns for the whirls and looked for something suitable on ravelry last night for the dyed yarn and found a pattern for free which I think will work perfectly.  Once the CAL is finished it will be full steam ahead on some wraps.  

06 June 2022

15 Minute Challenge Wild and Woolly Weather

 We've been rugging up and staying home this last week, its been cold, windy and rainy.  DH has been on tender hooks making sure we don't have any leaks anywhere unsure if the repairs he did after the last big storm will hold.  

So its been good to stitch, crochet and quilt.  I have one more block to quilt on Springtime Romance and then I have to make a decision about how to quilt the sashing I had a few thoughts last night it bed which might work.  

I started on the No 4 Loose Feathers.  This one has a few additional colours in it but I am liking it so far.  

The Crochet Cal is slowly growing I'm hoping that the next few row are a bit simpler so I can get them done but I think I might be pushing it to get the rows finished.  Oh well I will get there eventually i've done pretty well to keep up so far.    

Mo has handed in her main assignment for the cinematography class over the weekend and on Friday she has to display her life drawing sketches for marking, I think she still has one project for animation and she is done for the semester. She told us that the new tablet we bought a few weeks ago is making animation so much easier, at least it was worth it.   Next week she has to have her wisdom teeth out then she has a break from everything for a few weeks.  I think she is pretty much in holiday mode now though.  

Thats it for the week.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going. 

30 May 2022

15 Minute and Winter May have Arrived

 It has finally turned cold.  Most days have been high teens to low 20's up until yesterday, so we are in a bit of shock today. It has been raining all night and most of the day and the wind is pretty cold, I guess it had to happen.  We have hardly had the heater for most of May but I think that will change now, I put it on as soon as I got home from work.  

I managed some quilting on the weekend, 6 blocks are finished 3 to go and borders and sashing.  Have a couple of week until have to enter the quilt so I will wait until I have the centre of the quilt done before I make my official entry though I will have until August to finish it.  Don't think I will enter the CAL It is probably another month until it is finished and I am thinking that I will probably make it bigger so it might not be ready in time.

I finished the 2nd Loose Feathers design on the weekend.  I think I will do no 4 next and i may move the order around.   No 5 is my least favourite so I'm think about putting it in No 9' s place.  I am waiting on some more threads, though I can probably safely use substitutes but I do like the subtle colour change of the weeks threads but they do become a bit costly.  

I'm on the hunt for the correct blue for dutch sampler.  I found the perfect thread in one of my thread boxes but the number had fallen off the thread holder.  I have tried to use the colour chart for cosmo thread  but I've managed to purchase the wrong colour each time, so as a last resort I have sent off some of the thread to a shop in Victoria to see if they can match it for me as a last resort I'll see if DMC has some (I much prefer using Cosmo).

That's it for me this week.  Hope you have managed 15 minute a day.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.  

23 May 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 I've been unwell all week with a sinus infection, I try and avoid going to the Dr as he just gives me antibiotics, though after a week yesterday I really felt that I needed to go as all my home treatments weren't working, but I woke up this morning and my throbbing head had lifted.  Will still keep up the sinus washes for a few more days but I'm hoping I am over the worst of it.  Though I still feel and look like I've been hit by a truck, I have some ugly black rings under my eyes.  

I couldn't face the machine on Saturday, I tried to do some quilting but I just couldn't do it.  I did manage to get another block quilted yesterday so only 5 more to go, fingers crossed I haven't put myself too far behind.  

I've managed to do some cross stitching and a bit of crochet, I have 2 rows to go in the next week of the CAL so it was a good that I finished some rows ahead last week.  

Hopefully you have managed to keep up with the challenge.  Head to Kates' to see how everyone is going.  

16 May 2022

15 Minute Challenge Lots of Crafting

 Mo and I went to Bowerbird Market on Friday evening.  The market is run in May and November every year, usually the May one coincides with Mother Day this one was a week later and there weren't as many people and not as many stalls this time.  We always plan to get there early and have dinner at one of the food stalls before it gets busy.  There is alway vegetarian options, I was tempted by paella (not vegetarian) but we decided to get both something from Lets Eat which is vegan.  We then sauntered round the stalls.  

Mo nearly bought a pair of earrings at one of the stalls but decided against it when she couldn't decide.  When she looked at the makers etsy shop she found she could buy the earrings singularly which she was happier with.  She has 4 piercings in each ear and she wants all the earrings to be different.  She is lamenting how much it is going to cost to replace all her sleepers with silver jewellery.  

I have finished backgrounds on 3 of my Springtime Romance blocks, I would have done more but my shoulder has been quite sore since the previous week, it was a bit better yesterday but I didn't want to push it too much and I knew it was the quilting that did it.  As long as I can get the majority of it quilted by the time entries are due I will be happy that it can be finished.  

I finished adding the small squares to Nimue and started on a few rows so I could get ahead in the CAL which is a good thing because it takes a couple of nights to finish a row now and I need to get up to row 58 in next 2 weeks I'm working on 54 now, so it is doable.  

There is a little bit of progress on the cross stitch and I think I might sign up for another SAL which will go with the cryptid one that I started last year (not finished) but I have the linen all ready (the other half of the piece for cryptid).    So what is another start when I already have the supplies.  

That's it for me for the week.  You know the drill head to Kate's to see how everyone is progressing.  

09 May 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Expensive Week

 Had to drop the dog at the Vet today for dentist surgery, they rang a little while ago to say 2 teeth out so it was the more expensive quote they gave me.

Mo came home from Uni saying she needs a higher end tablet for animation class.  She has been struggling with the new software they are using this year and wasn't happy with her last assignment though she still got a HD but it took 10 times longer than it needed to and she still wasn't happy with the results.  So there's another expense I wasn't bargaining on.  Her friend has the one with the built in screen and she said it was so much easier to use with the software.  Glad I'm still working.

Springtime Romance is all basted and I have outline quilted all the appliqué blocks in the centre of the quilt.  My neck isn't very happy with me today.  The quilt is quite heavy which surprised me as I'm using a thin batting and backed it in voile but there is lots of layers to the appliqué and i don't trim out the back of my appliqué pieces so I think that has added to the weight.  With the outline done I only have to figure how to quilt the background, but I'm leaving that till next weekend.  

Nimue CAL is steaming ahead.  I finished all the small blocks (this is half the number) that I blocked yesterday, last night I finished sewing in ends for the final 12 squares.  These are blocked and we have some sun today so the board has been dragged out into the back yard otherwise I fear it will be a week before they are dry because winter has sort of started to set in and it has been cold for the last couple of days though it is supposed to be warming up again.  

There was even a bit of cross stitch done though it doesn't look like I have done much but it is a couple of hours work.  

Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.

02 May 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Closing Up My Shop

 I've decided to close my Etsy shop, etsy fees have gone up and most of the time I end up paying Etsy for the privilege of the shop so it just isn't worth it just to have the convenience of instant downloads.  

I'm not shutting immediately, I just won't be renewing any of the patterns on there, so the patterns will gradually disappear so if you want one and haven't purchased it go ahead and do so.  I actually thought I would be sadder but I'm not, I think the decision has just taken the pressure off a bit for another BOM.

I got an email for entries to the Royal Show last week and I have decided to try and quilt Springtime Romance in time to enter it.  There is also a crochet class so I might try and enter my Nimue Cal as well.  I joined the fabric for the backing yesterday and DH got the trestle table out so I might make a start this afternoon at basting it so it will be all ready to put under the machine on the weekend.  

This weeks progress it was a 7 out of 7 week.  I managed lots of crochet and a tiny bit of cross stitch.  As well as doing some tidying in my sewing room on the weekend.  Last night I finished 3 sides of row 48 so one more row and another 8 small blocks to finish for the CAL.  Row 49 is the end of the centre square, then there is a row of the smaller blocks.  Then another 42 more rows for the outside border, a couple of people have added a few more rows to make the blanket larger, I will see how much wool I have left over I haven't used as many balls as I thought I would yet so I might have some left overs.  The last couple of rows are a little less intricate so they have crocheted up in no time, it was good to have a bit of a rest because parts of the centre quite challenging.  It's going to need blocking before I head to the next step.  

Only a little bit of progress on the cross stitch and the house is pretty much all filled in so it is going to take a while but it is cute and I found some cushion inserts while I was searching for batting on the weekend so cushions are sounding promising.  

Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.  

25 April 2022

15 Minute & another quiet week

 I'm enjoying the calm before the storm. Mo goes back to Uni this week and with the end of the month I'm pretty sure work will ramp up again.  

I finished another the 8 small squares for the Nimue CAL ready for today's for a new list of instructions.  10 rows and another 8 small squares.  I have finished one row this afternoon as we have a long weekend for Anzac Day today.  

I have finished the first Loose Feathers pattern and have started on the next.  I think I will make a cushion out of it as I'm not sure where I would put a framed piece but I may change my mind once it is finished.  Its fun breaking it off into small chunks with each 6" pattern.  I like this next chart better than the first, it has a house in the centre and some birds and vines and not as much of a defined border.  

It was a 6 out of 7 week for me, Maestro came over one night we haven't seen him since we went into iso so it was good to catch up.  

So that is me for this week short and sweet. Head to Kates to see what everyone is up to.