17 October 2022

15 Minute Challenge & More House Hunting

 The house hunting continues, we thought we found the perfect house, but they have already had offers exceeding the price indicator and we needed to get a offer in within the next 24hours.  Our buyers advocate said that he could get our offer in if we are interested but he also found out a few things about the property that we weren't ok with and could cause issues down the track so we have backed off.  

Maestro couldn't get time off to go and see it anyway and it is a lot of extra money for us to spend on his behalf without him actually seeing the house.  So the search continues and more time he has to get his pre approval sorted as the bank keeps asking for more information.  

Crochet update.  I'm heading into the pinks and purples for the sofa runner now and I'm loving the colours.  

I decided to make the square to join the first 2 motives of the Persian Tiles Blanket.  I just have to decide which motive to do next 2 more to join below these or continue in a row.  

I purchased a couple of books which have more mosaic crochet in them. I really like the density of the fabric they create.  I have found a few more Mosaic designers on instagram as well.  I'm a bit obsessed with this technique.

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Kate said...

Sorry the house hunting hasn't gone well. But you'll find the right house when you are supposed to I suppose. Love your crochet project. Those squares are so pretty. Hope you are feeling better and have time to get in a bit more needle time this week.