25 February 2019

15 Minutes Report

I've kept up my record of 6 out of 7 days for the 15 minute.  Admittedly most of the days was way more than 15 minute.  

On the weekend I started this bag for Mo.  I messed up following the instructions and had to adjust pattern for the ends to get it it fit, otherwise it would have been finished.  I have to do the handles.  Mo has been after an overnight bag for a year or so and I thought this would be the perfect size.  If I hadn't stuffed the main zipper insert it would have been super easy, but at least I know I can make it my way and have the right pattern adjustment for next time.  

I've also been working on another project which I can't show you as it's for a friend's birthday.  I will have to get it done this week sometime as I am going to a quilting class all weekend.  

Well that's my report for the week.  Head to Kate's if you want to join in.  

19 February 2019

15 Minute Challenge

Well this week I made the challenge 6 days out of 7 which seems to be my average.  I wasn't as productive this week and didn't sew much on the weekend as we had to go out microwave shopping as ours died.  I don't use it to cook in just usually for defrosting and heating milk for coffee for DH.  Decided to go for one with a grill which so far has been pretty good.

Back to the sewing.  Last week Green Tea and Sweet Tea BOM arrived and I decided to get right into the first 2 blocks.  They were pretty easy so took no time to stitch.  Future months are probably going to be more adventurous but this is going to be another fun hand pieced adventure and the colours are more out there than the Pretty Circle Game.

Last night I started stitching together the blocks for Pretty Circle Game I didn't get far but its a start.  By next week it might be nearly together.

I also made a batch of pickled onions.  It was the first time I'd seen good quality pickling onions in the grocers so I went for it.  Still can't get the stink of onion out of my hands, but I won't mind in a couple of weeks when they are ready for eating.  

13 February 2019

Final Row by Row Pattern to Put it All together

If you want to finish your quilt now you can purchase the final row here. Otherwise wait until it is discounted in May.

I have worked out 3 options to finish the quilt.

 Like Mine

Option 2 to make it Double Bed or Queensize

Single Bed Size

11 February 2019

15 Minute Challenge and Lots of Physio

Its my birthday tomorrow, there have been lots of just because its my birthday purchases.  Got a pack of fat 16th's the other day at the quiltshop.  I have a 20% voucher and I am eyeing off a kit at Amitie and bought Susan Smith's new book which is a Quiltmania book.  I am doing a class with her in a couple of weeks.  

I managed to fit in 6/7 this week and I did go to sewing class on Thursday so that kinda made up for not sewing the day before.  

I feel like I was really busy last week, did manage to fit in 3 Physio appointments which was why I felt busy.  2 appointments were for my elbow and one to see if they could fix my vertigo.  Happy to say that the Physio pretty much fixed the vertigo, though I was a bit whosey this morning, may need 1 more to get it completely settled.

Although I was pretty much fixed straight away I had to be careful not to move my neck all day and I slept prompted  up in bed... which made for a very bad's night sleep.  

As you can see the blocks are all finished for Pretty Circle Game, I was going to have a bit of a play with placement on weekend but it didn't happen.  

Below is the first Florence block.  Not quite finished but you can get the look of the block

If you want to see who else is doing the challenge or want to join in head over to Kate's blog.  

04 February 2019

15 Minute Challenge

This week has been so much better for stitching with a total of 6 out of 7 days.    

Saturday I spent most of the day in my sewing room with the air-conditioner blasting on me and cutting out backgrounds for Florence.  The flower blocks are nearly all cut out I now just have to cut the backgrounds for the cross blocks.

I also sorted all my Jen Kingwell fabrics that I have collected from their fabric club over the last 2 year.  I have separated into colours and low volume fabrics which is going to make easier to pull fabrics for future projects.  I've decided to collect more low volume fabrics this year.

I managed  to complete the frames of 2 more Pretty Circle Game Blocks so that means only 2 more and the centre is finished.

02 February 2019

February Row by Row - Large Fan Row

Row 6 Large Fan Row 

Purchase your Pattern here

Sorry a day late this month I'll add an extra couple of days for this one at the end just to be fair Feb's a short month as well.  I had work and then a couple of appointments and then out to dinner with the girls and I just plain forgot. 

I woke up this morning with vertigo so going to have ring a locum to come out and get a prescription.    It's not too bad just enough that if I move to suddenly the room spins and a tiny bit of nausea.  So I might just head to my sewing room and cut out some more Florence.