27 May 2019

15 Minute Challenge and Block 5 nearly finished

Another 7 out of 7 this week.

I have been stitching up a storm on this block and it has taken all week to have it nearly finished.  One more small flower to go and flower centres and the blocks all done.  I keep saying this is Block 5 but I looked at the image today and it isn't block 5 it's block 7.  Oh well.

My goal was to get 3 blocks finished in May and I think I will do it and make a good start on another block.  I'm behind on writing the patterns but I will get there, I think it is better that the actual blocks get sewn than the patterns get written.  I have all the templates printed off so that they can get scanned and edited.

My goal for June will be to have another 3 blocks finished, that will only leave me 2 for July.

12 months ago, we had our sewing retreat.  We planned to do it again this year, but we hadn't got around to planning it, we now have a date.  It won't be quite as long as last time but I'm sure we will pack a lot of sewing into it, just waiting on confirmation from 1 of the girls and we will book in to sewing down the coast.  Can't wait.

Mo's passport arrived last week so her Japan trip is getting more real..... don't know how I feel about that.

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20 May 2019

15 Minute Challenge - Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Another  7 out of 7 this week.

The Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM that I have been collecting from Amitie was a little behind.  I decided this week I would use the week to catch up.  I just have to do some berries on the last applique block and then I am up to date until the next block is due at the beginning of the month.  Here are all the blocks I finished this week.

Can't complain about the amount of fabric they give you for the BOM I have a lovely big pile and we have been given templates for the filler blocks so I can start on them anytime.

I will be heading back to my applique block this week.  The next one I am working on is another of the Vase blocks and it is pretty full on... I don't think I will get that one finished this week but I will make a go of it.

Mo has had the lurgy  and she ended up having Friday home from school, she has heaps of assignments due and they will have exams in a couple of weeks so she has been a bit anxious about everything.  Maestro has lots of assignments and test and exams coming up as well.

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19 May 2019

Free BOM Springtime Romance starting 1/7/2019

My new BOM is set to start on 1/7/2019.  I hope to get most of the patterns loaded in my Etsy shop before then.  3 Blocks are stitched and all the blocks have designs.  Block 1 is already available here.

They will be for sale in my Etsy shop for ever but will also be available for free from this blog on the Springtime Romance page for the first week of the month for each block of the month.  The requirements sheet and basic information can be downloaded from the Springtime Romance Page and  will be part of the dowload for each block so you will never miss out even if you start months down the track.

Block 1 is already available in my Etsy shop.

13 May 2019

15 minute Challenge and Block 3 Springtime Romance

Another 7 out of 7 this week.  One of those days was wrangling with EQ but I'm counting that towards this as it was printing off templates and finalising designs.

This week all of the stitching was for Block 3 of Springtime Romance which I finished yesterday.  This one was one of the simpler blocks of the quilt so I powered through.  I'm having a break from  Springtime Romance it this week as I need to get caught up with Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM and I am also signed up for Dear Jen.  The blocks for Dear Jen look like quite a challenge so that one might be on the when Romance is finished list.

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12 May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day

This is my present from Mo, it is one of her originals.   She does wonderful life like sketches but I love her cartoon drawings as well.  I think I am going to get it framed.

Had a bit of a disaster this week with EQ and my BOM. The project file got corrupted.  Luckily I was able to salvage all the blocks and it was just the quilts that are lost.  I had about 9 or 10 versions of the build up and had started designing the borders but I can get it back to where I was with a bit of work and things may change from now until then.  I have printed off all the templates for each file and have image files ready to scan for each block.  Luckily the borders were mainly still just in my head and I have already tweaked a couple of ideas so there isn’t much work lost.

According to EQ this is a rare occurrence but this is the 2nd time it has happened to me.  I think last time it was more of a disaster than this time.  Though it could have been worse if I couldn’t salvage the blocks.  I think the file corrupted because the Mac switched off while the file was open I have been have a few issues due to a Microsoft Office update that was stuck and was slowing every thing down and wouldn’t let me restart or force quite so I pulled the plug.  BLOODY MICROSOFT and its automatic updates.

06 May 2019

15 Minute Challenge Block 2 of Springtime Romance Finished

Another 7 out of 7 this week though some of those days I did only the 15 minute other days I went way over.

Block 2 is finished and I hope to start on block 3 tonight, though I did mess up with the backbasting and jumped the gun on the vase when I should have put the stems in first.  Going to see if I can work around it.

I went to sewing class this Thursday, can't go for a couple of weeks as I have appointments but it was good to sit and stitch for a couple of hours on my "free" day. I took my Green Tea and Sweet Beans block which I am doing with Amitie.  I have fallen a bit behind on Green Tea while doing Romance BOM so I though it was a good opportunity to catch up.  I have a drunkards path block to finish from last month and 3 from this month.  The first block Poppie had 8 templates for the 6" block it was a bit of a mongrel to get together and had me unpicking a bit.  I just have
appliqué the flower on now.  Once I got the templates round the right way it wasn't so hard to put together.

I have a goal to get another 2 blocks of Springtime Romance finished by the end of the month.  Block 2 was full on with the amount of pieces.  There a two more wreath block which are probably going to be as much work but I might leave them to a bit later and tackle another couple of vases this month.  I've traced all the blocks on the background so it is just basting and applique from now on and pattern writing of course.

I did some stash building as well this week, from a new shop I found on etsy.  She does the most beautiful wrapping.

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01 May 2019

Row by Row Putting it all together Discounted

 The final pattern for the Row by Row of the month is on sale now so head to the etsy shop and pick up the final piece to the quilt.  There are 3 putting it together options for you to choose.