29 July 2019

15 Minute Challenge and New to me Car

6 out of 7 this week and some of those days where just the 15 minutes took a bit of time to recover from the girls trip.

Work on my return was only mildly painful, though I found a few emails that I missed today which I swear weren't there last Tuesday so that spread the pain out a bit, I've managed to clear most of them up today.

Progress on Block 4 below, I think this will take most of the week and then I should be able to put the centre together on the weekend.

I'm still having eq issues with the border, and am still trying to work out how to get around it.  I want to use a book template in one corner however each time I make changes to the image (it has more detail than I want and I want to resize it) the project file corrupts so I am going to have to either be creative with how I create the border block or work around it and do all the image change in another software program... which is not ideal.  More thinking and hair pulling to come.

The other news this week is that we bought a new car.  Both our cars are 15 and 20 years old, Maestro is doing his learners and is saving up for a car, we decided to give him my car for 12 months he can then save some more and buy a better car and use mine as a trade in so I got a new (to me) one.

The technology is going to take a bit of getting use to but listening to my audio books is wonderful through the car speakers instead of through the phone on my way to work.  Now that I know how to turn it off real quick when I need to is even better... 😳.

So how did you go this week with the challenge head to Kate's to see what everyone else is doing.

  The sun is shining in the back yard I think I'm going to head out and do some stitching in the warm.

22 July 2019

Girls Sewing Getaway and 15 Minute Challenge

Well this week we crushed the 15 minutes in fact I think there might be 15 minutes in the bank for next 3 weeks.  I'm pretty sure I won't be sewing tonight so this week is off to a bad start as I am very very tired after getting back from our sewing weekend.

The getaway was wonderful.  We sewed, ate too much, and laughed a lot as well as just recharged.

Springtime Romance is well on the way to being finished.  1 Block and Borders to go.  I have made the filler blocks and I think it is looking pretty good.  

Over the weekend it went from this to this. Rows aren't joined yet but once the last block is finished it will all go together nicely.

We stayed in different accomodation this time and we have decided that we will be going back there again next year.  The house was all on one level, had ample lighting, 3 queensize bedrooms 2 bathrooms and was halfway between Port Elliot and Victor.

It was quite warm, we remember last year we were freezing and I bought lots of jumpers but I could have used more longsleeve T's with me this time.

We walked up the hill and saw the Cockle Train yesterday that runs along the beach.   I took a small video which the girls shared with their grandchildren... I'm quite sure my kids wouldn't have been interested.

It was quite windy and a couple of nights we could hear the sea from our bedrooms which I enjoyed.

 Train coming 

 Train going 
 Walking back to the house. 

 Getting lots done.  

So how was your challenge this week.  Head to Kate's for the run down.  

15 July 2019

15 Minute Challenge and 3 More Sleeps

Another 7 out of 7 days but some of those were only 15 minute, apart from yesterday which was a stitchathon.  It was drizzly wet, all day so the hubby and I parked our butts on the lounge and watched movies all afternoon.

Maestro worked late shift Saturday and Sunday and Mo disappeared into her room for the afternoon so we had the TV to ourselves.  It was the perfect sort of day to just sit and sew and that's what I did.

Block 9 is very close to a finish (2 flower centres to go) and then I plan to finish block 4 this week.  I worked on the border pattern on the weekend in EQ, but I am having a few issues working out how to cut and paste elements from the blocks in the centre.  I think I have worked things out.  I was hoping to have the bottom border done by the time I left for my road trip but I don't think that is going to happen.  I am probably a bit a head of myself anyway.

I'm going to load files on my ipad and try and get some pattern writing done while I'm away (more getting ahead of myself).

Mo bought some oil paints a few weeks ago she struggles with the drying times of acrylics and thought oils might give her a bigger window to work with.  Here is her first effort a self portrait, we think its pretty amazing but she has picked it to pieces.  It is a perfect likeness.

How did your week go.  This week I have to pack for my sewing trip on Thursday, but I am sure I will fit in 15 minutes in the meantime as the end of the blocks are in sight.

 Head to Kate's to see how everyone else got on this week.

08 July 2019

15 Minute Challenge Getaway Planning and School Holidays

It is the offical start of the school holidays, though Mo only went to "school" for 1 and a bit days last week.  The one full day was spent checking out the 2 city Uni campuses.  Both are within walking distance of each other and at the moment she is thinking she likes the facilities at Uni SA and is interested in one of the Art Courses they have there.  A lot can happen in 12 months but she is going to do Art in year 12 that is probably the only subject she is firm on.

This week was another 7 out of 7 for stitching.  A couple of those days were only 15minutes others were a lot longer.  My left index finger is starting to show a bit of wear and tear when the needle keeps sticking it.

I'm down the to flowers on Block 9 and last night because I didn't want to go and pull fabrics for flowers I started doing the leaves on Block 4.  I'll sort out flowers fabric tonight to get Block 9 squared away and then start working on Block 4 with a vengeance.

There is only 9 sleeps until I head down the coast with my quilting buddies for our sewing retreat.... can't wait.  I have finalised what projects I am going to take.  I am hoping that Block 4 will be completed enough so that I can work on putting the blocks together or at the very least start on the filler blocks.  I have to hit EQ to start on the big border design once again but its pretty well plotted in my head.

I also need to take Green Tea and Sweet Beans as I am behind in that and their is another month's kit coming this week so I need to do a catchup.

I'm still having a sale on all my past BOM in my Etsy Shop for another week all patterns half priced.

So how did your sewing go get your daily 15min in.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone got on.

01 July 2019

15 Minute Challenge Block 5 Finished

Only 6 out of 7 days stitching this week.  Maestro and Hubby took over the lounge room to watch the cricket world cup one night and I escaped the noise and went to bed and read a book so no stitching was done.

I did make up for it on the other days though Block 5 got finished and I helped Mo make a wallet for the boyfriend.  We were both pretty impressed with how it turned out, haven't heard if he liked it or not.  They have gone bowling today as Teachers are on strike and classes were cancelled.  There are only 2 more school days for her for the term, they have a visit to the Uni SA and Adelaide Uni on Wednesday and then that is it for the term.

I went to a meeting at the school to get more information on Mo's trip to Japan which happens at the end of next term.  Makes it all that more real.

Maestro has one more exam tomorrow and then that is it for the Semester for Uni.

First Block of Springtime Romance is free to download for this week only (see the previous post if you want to avail yourself).

Free Block of the Month Springtime Romance available for free 1/7/2019 to 7/7/2019

Block 1 is now available below.  I have put the link here and not on the Springtime Romance Page because I can schedule this post there is a link on the Springtime Romance page which will become active once this blogpost is up.    The  block is available for 7 days from Midnight Australian Central Standard time.  It will mean that there will probably be a few extra hours at the end to download the files because there is no way I'm getting up at Midnight on the 8th to take the files down.  

As a thank you for joining in I am running a 1/2 price sale on all my previous BOM's these can be purchased at www.seabeezequilts.com.au and the sale goes till 14/7/2019.

This Free download has now expired.  

Block 2 will be free to download from 1/8/2019 to 7/8/2019