01 July 2019

15 Minute Challenge Block 5 Finished

Only 6 out of 7 days stitching this week.  Maestro and Hubby took over the lounge room to watch the cricket world cup one night and I escaped the noise and went to bed and read a book so no stitching was done.

I did make up for it on the other days though Block 5 got finished and I helped Mo make a wallet for the boyfriend.  We were both pretty impressed with how it turned out, haven't heard if he liked it or not.  They have gone bowling today as Teachers are on strike and classes were cancelled.  There are only 2 more school days for her for the term, they have a visit to the Uni SA and Adelaide Uni on Wednesday and then that is it for the term.

I went to a meeting at the school to get more information on Mo's trip to Japan which happens at the end of next term.  Makes it all that more real.

Maestro has one more exam tomorrow and then that is it for the Semester for Uni.

First Block of Springtime Romance is free to download for this week only (see the previous post if you want to avail yourself).


Kate said...

You've been doing really well at working in the stitching time. Hope it's helping keep up the sanity at home with all the insanity at work. So the boyfriend's still around? Wasn't sure how long he'd last since Mo wasn't keen on the whole thing at the start. Hope Maestro did well on his last exam. Hopefully you can still get some stitching in even with the kids out on school break. Have a great week.

DawnyK said...

Great block. That's quite a lot going on with the family! Wishing you the best of luck with everything.