15 July 2019

15 Minute Challenge and 3 More Sleeps

Another 7 out of 7 days but some of those were only 15 minute, apart from yesterday which was a stitchathon.  It was drizzly wet, all day so the hubby and I parked our butts on the lounge and watched movies all afternoon.

Maestro worked late shift Saturday and Sunday and Mo disappeared into her room for the afternoon so we had the TV to ourselves.  It was the perfect sort of day to just sit and sew and that's what I did.

Block 9 is very close to a finish (2 flower centres to go) and then I plan to finish block 4 this week.  I worked on the border pattern on the weekend in EQ, but I am having a few issues working out how to cut and paste elements from the blocks in the centre.  I think I have worked things out.  I was hoping to have the bottom border done by the time I left for my road trip but I don't think that is going to happen.  I am probably a bit a head of myself anyway.

I'm going to load files on my ipad and try and get some pattern writing done while I'm away (more getting ahead of myself).

Mo bought some oil paints a few weeks ago she struggles with the drying times of acrylics and thought oils might give her a bigger window to work with.  Here is her first effort a self portrait, we think its pretty amazing but she has picked it to pieces.  It is a perfect likeness.

How did your week go.  This week I have to pack for my sewing trip on Thursday, but I am sure I will fit in 15 minutes in the meantime as the end of the blocks are in sight.

 Head to Kate's to see how everyone else got on this week.


Kate said...

Some days eking out even just 15 minutes is a challenge, so yeah for making that happen last week. Mo's painting looks great. I assume that just as we pick our quilts apart, it's the same for artists, it's easier to see the mistakes than the parts that went right. With the 12 hour time difference by the time your read this you'll be ready to head out on your road trip. Enjoy!!!

dq said...

I just love the vase and the flowers in it. Your fabric selection is divine!

Great painting too! Honestly, tell her so.