23 December 2023

Really MIA and lots to report

 It's been a while.  But I am well and things are going swimmingly leading up to Christmas.  

I have been training the new recruit at work and he has settled in quite easily.  He is very young but has a lot of industry knowledge and is a quick study and an all round nice guy.  The boss just has to get comfortable with having another person in the office to rely on.  I think the 2 weeks I just had off came at a good time.  It was the first time I have come back to work and all I really had to do was delete most of the emails because just about everything had been taken care of. I think I am looking forward to working next year.  

Mo has been busy finalising projects for her final semester at uni. And raising more money for the graduate show and preparing the Catalogue that was handed out to guests.  Just before we were due to fly out on holiday we attended the Graduate Show for the program.  Awards were announced and Mo was one of 3 Dux of the Program all with GPA within decimal points of each other. She told us going in to not expect her to get any awards, we were all pleasantly  surprised.

She is now searching for a part time job and is going to do a few more short courses and build her portfolio over the next twelve months.  Probably do some markets and try and get her name out there.  

The week before we headed of the dog managed to dislocate her hip, she is on the mend but it ended up being a very expensive weekend just before we went away.  

And now for our trip to Tasmania.  We drove (I drove) nearly 2,000 km up and down mountain roads  doing a full circuit of the island it was fun but very exhausting.  DH was sick about halfway through, we assume it was just a head cold, I didn't get sick and we didn't have access to a covid test to check by the time we got back near to a chemist he was well again.  

The country side was pretty spectacular and the coast was very rugged all in all it was a great get away and we are quietly starting to think about our next adventure.  Prepare for photo overload.