27 December 2008

Brilliant Sunset

My husband said to me last night "Hey it is one of those plastic skys you should take a photo". To which my reply was "What the!" but here it is.

Don't know if it was the new lens or just a brilliant "plastic sky". 

Had a great relaxing Christmas and spent yesterday doing not much but going in the pool and sorting out the next sewing project to start.  Decided to get Janelle Wind's Little Bluebirds out.  I had finished the centre stitchery and just had to do the applique border and the bluebird in the centre.  Both are nearly finished so might start on the next block if I get a chance.  

Got up at 5.30am and headed to Target (they were open from midnight but I prefer the early morning because there are hardly anyone silly enough to be there and you don't have to line up).  Got bathers for myself and the kids.... in a weeks time you won't be able to get bathers and it is the beginning of swimming season for us.  They have already got the winter clothes starting to come out...ridiculous.   All I really want from the sales is a new iron for my sewing room, steams gone on the one out there now so really need to do something about it because it is useless for quilting.

23 December 2008

Every year I like to buy flowers at Christmas. Here is this years bunch. I did spied some yummy bright red Kangaroo Paws in a white vase at the local florist but I resisted, if I was have Christmas dinner at my place I would have splurged because they were gorgeous but I couldn't justify them if I would be the only one to appreciate them. Christmas this year is going to be a hot one and we wish we were having it because at least the kids could have had a swim in the afternoon....oh well maybe next year.

I have a week and a bit off starting tomorrow, the boss says we can knock off early and go to the pub for lunch and who am I to argue (wonder if he is paying lol).

21 December 2008

Princess in a Green Dress

She lasted a couple of hours in the dress then put on something that she could tear around in.

20 December 2008

The Green Dress is Finished

I finished this tonight ready for a Christmas Party tomorrow....now all I have to do is get my husband to shut up about it being too hot to wear it.  Hopefully will get a couple of good photo's of the princess in it tomorrow to show you.

Drove along the seafront today and the water looked magical another great photo opportunity missed.  According to the news there was a Bronze Whaler at Grange and the beach was evacuated....glad we spent the afternoon safe in the pool.

19 December 2008

Whirl Wind Trip To Melbourne

I didn't realise how small Adelaide is until I saw a tiny tiny bit of Melbourne.  That said I had a great time.  Didn't really see much apart from the Airport, the Freeway and the Crown Casino.   I was worried about getting a dodgy taxi driver but I was lucky on my way from the Airport and the one back wasn't too bad though I looked at my receipt and there are a couple of charges on there that I don't understand (maybe they are airport fees grrrr) luckily the company is paying for it.

Food was fabulous and the wine and champagne was very nice and I really wished that they had organised an overnight stay instead of sending me home early because they were still partying when I left, but I was very very very tired by the time I crawled into bed at 11 it had been a very long day and I am very sluggish today.  

Just wish I had my camera because the view over Adelaide on the way out was magnificent and I really wanted to take a photo.

17 December 2008

I Love My Job

I might have said so before but I do love my job.  The company is sooo sooo good to its employees and my boss is the best.  I am getting flown to Melbourne tomorrow for Christmas lunch and today I checked my bank account and I got a Christmas Bonus as well I think I will be pinching myself for days.   Here's hoping that we have a good year next year so I can keep my job because I would still work there in a heartbeat on less money and without all the added extras (but the added extras are so nice).

Had dinner with the quilting girls last night, fabulous fun as usual and lots of goodies were exchanged.  

15 December 2008

Christmas Care Swap

This parcel is winging its way to Christina today she should receive it tomorrow or maybe Wednesday with the Christmas mail.  The ribbon will probably need a little fluffing when it gets there though as I underestimated the size when I purchase the post satchel but it should be ok it is wire ribbon and it was easy to posed it for for the photo.

If you love it and have to have some I got it from Hetties, it also comes in green...must get back there myself and get some more.

10 December 2008

Love those clouds ...cont

Sent the top photo to Channel 10 Weather yesterday and it is going to be on the news tonight..... How exciting.

09 December 2008

Love those clouds

Here are some photo's of the clouds that I took down the beach.  Luckily (or unluckily for Adelaide) no rain fell.  Although this one is under exposed I like it the best for its drama.

08 December 2008

Teacher's Gifts

Had a sickie today (is it still called a sickie if you are actually sick).  Took myself off to the Dr time for something more than panadol.  Been sick and coughing at night for over a week and this morning I woke up feeling worse than ever so some magic pills are in order. Planned to just have a quiet one but first I took myself to the sewing room and finished the teachers gifts that I have been stitching.  

As there was nothing on the box this afternoon went and got a dvd "Sex and The City" which I was surprised I quite enjoyed.   

Now back to the quilty girls chrissie pressies so more stitching tonight and that dress has got to be done.  

Off to the beach for my son's school party then running between his and my daughter's class for the lunch.  Then I might come home for a nanny nap before picking them up at 3.15  Only 4 more days of school then I might get to sleep in a little longer before work...

Next week I am getting flown to Melbourne for the day for my work's Christmas lunch (have I told you I love my job).  Looking forward to it, though I am a little scared about catching  a plane there and back on my own.  Picked up a little cardy to go with my little black dress.....

04 December 2008

Waiting for Tradesmen Again

I am waiting to have a pura tap installed today and the guy who put in the new hot water service is also dropping in the turn down the settings on the new Heat Pump and put a restrictor on our shower rose.  Now that we have an abundance of flow with our hot water it has been going everywhere, it is also a requirement by law that the restricter be fitted which I think is fine by us because we are so use to having minimal flow in the shower all this pressure is a bit much.   

Got my photoshop elements all set up and I have taken a couple of photo's for this post because the first shots weren't too good and it is so easy now just to connect it up to and download it to the mac.... love it.   Was looking at a couple of Digital Scrapbooking sites last night and am going to have a play while the kids are on holiday and in theory I have a bit more time.

After I had my nails and eyebrows done this morning I whipped up to Hetties to get some fabric for a project I have been thinking about.  Here it is isn't it yummy, it is called Charisma there is another colourway of the range coming out soon and Lorraine just received the Jelly Rolls so I put one of those on layby, that is in brighter colours than this range but I think this will be nicer for the project I have in mind.    The red and whites are for teacher's pressies which I had better get to on the weekend I have to make 3 (hopefully the pattern arrives tomorrow otherwise I am in trouble).


02 December 2008

You Guessed it I am avoiding again

The ironing is calling me but I am fiddling on the computer.  Just got my Photoshop Elements and have been loading it a my apple.  Looks a little different to how it looks on the pc but I should have too many worries I don't think.  Have managed to crop and downsize a couple of photo's pretty quick for this post so Sue will be very happy.  

Have managed to catch some bug off the kids, after avoiding colds all winter now we head into summer and I am a bit poorly.  It only seems to affect me at night, last night I was barking at the moon so to speak, the old ribs are a bit sore and sorry today but the
 cough is nearly non existent so I can almost function today (except for the lack of sleep).  

I am pretty sure everyone has their ornies now.  So here is a picture, aren't they fabulous as usual the girls all outdid themselves.  Ornie swaps are the best and all the girls are so talented it is such a privilege to be in it with them all.
Now what am I working on...well apart from a few chrissy pressies I am trying to get this dress together for my daughter before she is too big for it.  I have to attach the back skirt then do the arm binding and of course hem it but I think another hour or two and it should be finished just have to find them.  

Went to Hetties on Sunday for their fundrais
er to raise money for Women's Cancer and met up with Julie who gave me this as a thank you for Cyber Stitching Day which was lovely ..but you shouldn't have (see
 julie I love pink and it goes so well with my pink embroidery scissors).
Well better had stop and get on with some work... maybe I'll go for a walk.