29 November 2012

Its Been An Expensive Week

We have known for about 10 years that our roof needed replacing and we have been kind of lucky because where it was really bad there was enough things in the roof (old hot water system, air conditioning ducting) to stop too much damage being done to the ceiling.  Everytime we have a heavy rain at night I don't sleep wondering if I can hear the drip drip drip of rain coming through the ceiling.

The thing that has bought it to a head is need for Solar Panels to help us with the electricity bills.  Seems our pool and our efficient heat pump water heater are the culprit.

I thought we were going to do it maybe after xmas but then we looked into the solar panel thing and the rebate changes from 1 January so we needed to get moving.

Rang the roof guy on Monday and he got all the wheels in motion and they started today. OMG that was so quick I haven't had time to think about all the money...... the solar panel guy came yesterday and  that will all be happening as soon as the paperwork and approvals have been done.

Came home today just before the rain set in to a well covered roof.  4 or 5 more days to go but so far it is looking good.

28 November 2012

15 minute challenge

This week has been another one of those weeks.  Its seems that Tuesdays are shot to hell for some reason maybe I'll skip next Tuesday and see how that goes.

I finished this project for Lets Stitch which would have pushed my average over the week to well over 15 minutes but there was a couple of days where no sewing was done.

Yesterday I signed on the dotted line to have the roof replaced.  That has put a major dent in the finances, we are also going to have solar panels installed so there will be another major dent in the next couple of weeks.  Just after signing on the dotted line yesterday I got a call from the school and my son had burnt his hand during a science experiment.  That put paid to any plans I had for the day, a trip to the Drs and another one first thing this morning.

Wednesday: Paper Piecing
Thursday: paper Piecing
Friday: paper piecing/ putting it all together and unpicking the first attempt
Saturday: rethink on construction, finish the cushion
Sunday: Pattern writing
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: nothing

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22 November 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I'm a bit late this week don't ask me why because time has just slipped by, must be that time of year I think.  My son was home from school all last week and I have been playing catch up ever since.

This is the first gladdy from our garden, we planted some bulbs this year.  It was just opening, but I picked it because we were going to have a windy 37 degree day and thought that it would get ruined.  It has continued to open and is looking glorious.

I got my flight details for my annual trip to Melbourne for Christmas lunch. I get to stay nearly all of Saturday in Melbourne so if anyone knows of good places to shop let me know and or visit let me know.  I will be heading to L'uccello which is a short walk from my hotel which I have been dying to visit that might take all day the blog is heavenly.

I have been working on another project for Lets Stitch, you got a sneak peak last week.  I still have a couple more paper pieces to put together and then I can get to the sewing room and make it into what it is supposed to be.  The paper piecing has taken longer than expected as these things generally do, but the rest of the project is all mapped out in my head so I am hoping it won't take to long to get it all together.

The week went like this:

wednesday: Paper Piecing
Thursday: paper piecing/ pattern writing
Friday: paper piecing
Saturday: paper piecing
Sunday: teachers pressies
Monday: paper piecing
Tuesday: paper piecing /pattern writing

At least I made a start on teachers pressies, though it will involve a bit of unpicking today because I wasn't happy with the result.

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13 November 2012

15 Minute Challenge

No more weekend classes but I did get motivated to finish one of my deadlines so that I could get on with the projects that were started in classes last week.

Here is a sneak peak of my December Project.  It is all stitched up and a good way through the pattern writing.

I have been working on another project that I hope to get finished soon here's another sneak peak.

The week went like this

Wednesday: Wendy Williams class so lots and lots of stitching
Thursday: embroidery
Friday: embroidery
Saturday: putting December Project together
Sunday: more putting December Project together and finishing it
Monday: paper piecing
Tuesday: more paper piecing

Today has been one of $#@!!:( days where a 9.30 drs appointment turned into an all day event and cost and arm and a leg but thankfully ended up with good news and an all clear.  I am still a week behind on the ironing and 2 weeks behind on just about all the other housework but guess what it can wait.

Head on over to Kate's to see who has met the challenge this week.   You might also like to check out Kathy's blog posts on her trip to Adelaide.  I believe there is a photo of me concentrating intently over colour choice.

09 November 2012

Wendy Williams Class

It was back to the real world today, where I had to go back to work to earn a crust and pay for all the goodies I bought this week.

To end my wonderful week of inspiration and fun I rounded it off with Wendy Williams class.  This class combined my two favourite loves, appliqué and embroidery.  Wendy's quilts are spectacular, and the cushion is just a taste of her work.   She did have one quilt which was totally stunning but it is destined for well Wendy is undecided so I can't show you photo's but the work on it is exquisite.

We started the day looking at the felt and then such a gorgeous array of valdani thread, I couldn't help myself and added more to my thread collection (shhh its already almost as big as my fabric stash but at least it doesn't take up as much room).

Then we looked at her quilts and got down to work.  The techniques are rather simple but the finished product are oh so beautiful.  I can't wait to finish all my deadlines and get my cushion done and maybe start on a quilt.  


And here is my effort for the day.

07 November 2012

3 days with Kathy Doughty and the 15 minute challenge

 I have just had the most fantastic weekend and day with Kathy Doughty.  To say I am going to look at fabric differently is an understatement.

And that stash of templates I have I am going to start using.

I am also going to be shopping for lots of big focal prints.  And paying more attention to the light medium and dark, and I am going to make a design wall.

2 new quilts are started, Soul Searching from the weekend class which was just working with your stash though I did purchase a couple of pieces of fabric.   I have 4 colours ready to sew but I need to chop up and prepare a heap more neutral blocks to go with them.

 The second quilt is the star burst block.   I admit I did have a pile of fabric in my bag, but Kathy bought out a few interesting fabrics from the shop and I went with one of those to use as my focal fabric and quickly (thanks to the class on the weekend) pulled a combination of fabrics for my first couple of blocks.

The quilts on show are from Kathy's new book.  The stripped one is from Quilters Companion.  They are all amazing up close and the fussy cutting in some of the blocks looks just amazing.

As far as yesterday and the weekend were concerned I romped the 15 minute challenge in.  I one day of not sewing on Wednesday, but apart from that I have kept my deadlines bubbling along and even did a couple of hours last night on my embroidery.

Today I am heading for another class this time with Wendy Williams and doing wool embroidery.  I have seen the stash of valdani threads that Lorraine has got in and I know the card is going to get a work out today.  

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01 November 2012

Lets Stitch - Gifts don't miss out on any fun starts Monday

Sarah is running another online event.  Lets Stitch - Gifts.  There will be loads of fun throughout the month and great ideas for gifts for Xmas, birthdays or whatever.

Head here for all the details and don't forget to sign up.  You have already seen sneak peeks of my projects and there's lots more to come.