28 November 2012

15 minute challenge

This week has been another one of those weeks.  Its seems that Tuesdays are shot to hell for some reason maybe I'll skip next Tuesday and see how that goes.

I finished this project for Lets Stitch which would have pushed my average over the week to well over 15 minutes but there was a couple of days where no sewing was done.

Yesterday I signed on the dotted line to have the roof replaced.  That has put a major dent in the finances, we are also going to have solar panels installed so there will be another major dent in the next couple of weeks.  Just after signing on the dotted line yesterday I got a call from the school and my son had burnt his hand during a science experiment.  That put paid to any plans I had for the day, a trip to the Drs and another one first thing this morning.

Wednesday: Paper Piecing
Thursday: paper Piecing
Friday: paper piecing/ putting it all together and unpicking the first attempt
Saturday: rethink on construction, finish the cushion
Sunday: Pattern writing
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: nothing

Head on over to Kate's to see how everyone else went


Leanne said...

The cushion looks good. Haven't seen you in ages we must catch up. How's the boys hand.

Kris said...

Oh no! Hope his hand is ok. I vote we all skip Tuesday from now on. Love your pillow.

Kate said...

Very cool bolster pillow! Some weeks are that way. Hope the burned hand wasn't too serious.

thea said...

Hope your son is doing okay.

The pillow/cushion is great!

Shay said...

Hope No 1 Sons' hand is OK...that bolster cushion is delightful!

Tuesdays are crap here too!