22 November 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I'm a bit late this week don't ask me why because time has just slipped by, must be that time of year I think.  My son was home from school all last week and I have been playing catch up ever since.

This is the first gladdy from our garden, we planted some bulbs this year.  It was just opening, but I picked it because we were going to have a windy 37 degree day and thought that it would get ruined.  It has continued to open and is looking glorious.

I got my flight details for my annual trip to Melbourne for Christmas lunch. I get to stay nearly all of Saturday in Melbourne so if anyone knows of good places to shop let me know and or visit let me know.  I will be heading to L'uccello which is a short walk from my hotel which I have been dying to visit that might take all day the blog is heavenly.

I have been working on another project for Lets Stitch, you got a sneak peak last week.  I still have a couple more paper pieces to put together and then I can get to the sewing room and make it into what it is supposed to be.  The paper piecing has taken longer than expected as these things generally do, but the rest of the project is all mapped out in my head so I am hoping it won't take to long to get it all together.

The week went like this:

wednesday: Paper Piecing
Thursday: paper piecing/ pattern writing
Friday: paper piecing
Saturday: paper piecing
Sunday: teachers pressies
Monday: paper piecing
Tuesday: paper piecing /pattern writing

At least I made a start on teachers pressies, though it will involve a bit of unpicking today because I wasn't happy with the result.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge.


Lisa said...

If you go to L'Ucello then you must have a look around the rest of the Nicholas building. There is a gorgeous Japanese shop Kimono House that sells beautiful Japanese fabric and all sorts of stuff, including fabulous buttons. There's also Buttonmania which is amazing! There really isn't any good large fabric shops in the city, I think the closest one is GJs fabrics which is in Lygon St in North Carlton - however if you've got time to jump on a tram it's worth the trip, especially if you like solids and modern fabrics. If you decide to go, it's Tram 8 which you catch in Swanston St (which is the same street as the Nicholas Building!) and get off at stop 126 Stewart Street. The tram stop is outside the shop! It's actually a pretty fun tram route - if you fancy coffee after that there is a lovely coffee shop across the road, remember you are in the heart of Melbourne's Italian area so the coffee is good! Just ask the ladies in GJs where it is :)

Kate said...

Wow, you had a great stitching week, even if you were late on the post.

Beautiful glad! Hope you get more beautiful blooms in the coming weeks.

I'm not doing Chritmas presents for DT's teachers, but she's asked that I make quilts for her favorite middle school teachers before she graduates this year. I need to get busy!