09 November 2012

Wendy Williams Class

It was back to the real world today, where I had to go back to work to earn a crust and pay for all the goodies I bought this week.

To end my wonderful week of inspiration and fun I rounded it off with Wendy Williams class.  This class combined my two favourite loves, appliqué and embroidery.  Wendy's quilts are spectacular, and the cushion is just a taste of her work.   She did have one quilt which was totally stunning but it is destined for well Wendy is undecided so I can't show you photo's but the work on it is exquisite.

We started the day looking at the felt and then such a gorgeous array of valdani thread, I couldn't help myself and added more to my thread collection (shhh its already almost as big as my fabric stash but at least it doesn't take up as much room).

Then we looked at her quilts and got down to work.  The techniques are rather simple but the finished product are oh so beautiful.  I can't wait to finish all my deadlines and get my cushion done and maybe start on a quilt.  


And here is my effort for the day.


Sue said...

Great post Amanda and I loooove those cushions and that bag!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Im so jealous and really wished I had done the class. Your flowers are fantastic I love the colors and the stitching you have done. Cant wait to see your finished cushion. Cheers S

Sue said...

Ps the quilts are gorgeous as well. Would love to have one of those. Ive been told that Wendy will be teaching again next year for the guild ..... might have to look into it??? Cheers S

Shay said...

I love that creation done on newsprint fabric...beautiful!

Are you on inspiration overload after your creativity filled week?

Kate said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a very good class. Looking forward to seeing your final creation.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

How long does it typically take you to make a cushion or a bag. They are so beautiful.
I have to have a good look around your blog now
Tata for now