31 March 2009

Give Away Alert

Kellie at Don't Look Now has a give away on her blog and if I alert you to the fact I get a couple of extra entries in the yummy draw.  So here goes.  Head on over and see her truly fabulous pattern which is released early next week and enter the draw for one of the samples.

The Endurance Swap is winging its way around Australia so early next week I will be able to reveal my give away.

30 March 2009

Yummy Postal Delivery

Just got my final Pin Cushion of the Month Kit from Sarah (Janelle Wind's) and I think it is my favourite though Leanne's runs a close second.  It isn't long before Inspired Stitches and I just can't wait.  Will have to get these stitched so I at least have some show and tell.  My Little Blue Bird BOM is taking forever to stitch and I am doing a bit most nights but I have developed really tender fingers and I still only completed one and a quarter of the stitched borders and haven't even started on the applique so unless I have a month off work I don't think it is going to get done.  Oh well maybe if the girls come back next year I will have it finished (shouldn't have been slack to begin with).

I have put a couple of bundles of fabric on Ebay just to test the waters.  They are Hanna Bella by Robyn Pandolph.  So if you have a UFO lurking and need a bit more of that fabric have a look I will combine postage if you want more than one lot.  I have this in the pinks, another lot in greens and a third with a mixture of colours each bundle is .5 of metre consisting of 4 Fat 1/8ths.

25 March 2009

Fishpond Are Fantastic

A couple of days ago I told you I had signed up for an affiliate program through Fishpond.  I probably jumped the gun a little bit because I hadn't received an order.  Well I received my order today.  The book had to be shipped from the US and I received it in less than a week so you can't complain about that it was also packed in super strong packaging so it is in pristine condition (more bedtime reading).  

The other great thing is that every step of the process they let me know on the website and via emails where the order was at (yesterday they told me it was in the hands of Australia Post and would probably arrive by Monday).  The problem with Amazon has always been you get notification once it leaves their warehouse and then that is it, you are just hanging until you receive it (or not).

So I am very proud to recommend Fishpond for all your book requirements.
And what was the book?

Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media Artists

24 March 2009

Rewarded Myself

Had a visit to the city this morning to take the kids to the Dentist. Had enough time before the appointment to wander into Borders and got the latest Somerset Studio and Belle Armoire Jewellery.  Which was a good thing because I needed a reward as the pair decided to make a scene in the waiting room (mind you they couldn't do it when we were the only ones in the waiting room they had to do it when 5 other patients walked in).  Luckily we were called in just as I was telling my son through gritted teeth to sit down and be quiet.  

Got the kids safely off to school by recess and then I made sure that I finished the ironing before I had another look through my mags. Ohhhhh Somerset Publications are just the best...just wish they didn't cost the price of a book but they are just so worth it....just have to hide the receipts (what else is new).  

Also worked on a couple of ATC's.  Note to self.. must look into Bees Wax, melting pot  and a waterproof fine black pen.  If anyone knows of an Adelaide source for wax etc let me know.

Finished the afternoon off by booking into Jewellery making Class at WEA which starts in June.  This class is different from beading class and it is making bangles, rings and other things out of silver.

I haven't forgotten my next give away but the deadline for our swap has been delayed a little, but it won't be long before I am able to reveal the giveaway should be before Easter.


23 March 2009

Fishpond Web Site

I have joined a new affiliate program associated with Fishpond an Australian Website where you can purchase books, dvds and music online.  They guarantee to be cheaper than Amazon and all orders over $50 have free postage. Every mixed media book that I have searched for has been available on this website (previously I have had to order most of these through Amazon).  Go to their About Us pages to read their company profile and testimonials.  You can use my link on the sidebar or if you want to search go to the very bottom of my page for a search engine link.  

22 March 2009

I little bit of sewing

I have been doing a little sewing lately.  I have finished sewing all the borders on the blocks for this quilt.  Which is the Chelsea Bouquet Quilt by Viv's Creation.  There are 42 blocks to now stitch.  I have these two finished and another almost done.  The original quilt is in ruddier tones so I have lightened the DMC threads that I have chosen to match Charisma by Chez Moi which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.

Here is the first block using a Moda Turnover pack you can get the project from the Moda Bake Shop.  I only got to make a couple so I have a few more to make but it will be a very pretty quilt when it is finished.  

20 March 2009

Footy Fever Starting to Heat Up

Woke up feeling a bit unwell on Wednesday went to work thinking it would pass it didn't so ended up home and putting myself to bed sleep it off, got my husband to come home and pick the kids up from school.    Yesterday I just pottered around doing a bit of sewing and cutting out quilt blocks using a Moda Turnover by 3 Sisters Aviary.   The design I got from the Moda Bake Shop. Might try and sew some blocks tonight after the kids go to bed. 

The AFL season starts next week and footy fever has hit the household... with one member at least.

All last year my son went on and on how he was going to play footy this year and when time came this week to sign up he decided that he didn't want to. We couldn't get to the bottom of it but convinced him to go to the sign up and talk to the coach and at least try training this term and talk to the boys in who are going to be playing. Yesterday he decided he was going to play because the 2 best players were just playing for the school and not district clubs which I think is what he wanted to do but there was no way we were going to sign him up at a district club without him having a go at school level first. Mind you through all this indecision every spare moment he has been playing with the football and getting Dad to take him out on the reserve for a kick. 

We got him membership at Footy Park this year because he went with MIL to just about all the Crows home games last year and membership worked out cheaper than buying the tickets each game. As they didn't do to well last year there was no waiting list so there was no problem getting one.
What I did want to show you was the T-shirt a did up for my daughter yesterday for Harmony Day today. They are supposed to wear Orange for Harmony Day and my daughters wardrobe has no Orange in it. So I found an old white t-shirt and added some flowers. I was instructed to take some action shots so here they are. We ran into an injury at the end though so I never did get a good shot oh well they tell you to never work with kids.

16 March 2009

Shopping Minus Kids

I have been needing to go bra shopping for months and have tried on various occasions with no luck what with breast reduction surgery and losing weight I just couldn't go and pick something and it be right. I think I have been out 4 or 5 times over the last few months with disappointing results. I knew that I had to get into DJ's in town and have a proper fitting and that would mean that the kids couldn't come (what joy) and I could not be rushed. So DH and I headed for town on Sunday early to get a 20c park and 3 blissful hours without the rugrats.

The bargain shopper in me had to go to Harris scarfes first and after trying on 7 pairs I gave up in disgust and we headed to DJ's. Didn't have to wait was measured and tried on 3 pair 2 of which were perfect straight off and out I went with 3 new pairs don't ask how much though haven't spent that much on bra's since the breast reduction but they are comfy.

While we were in the mall there was lots of entertainment thanks to the Fringe.

12 March 2009

The Mess That Is My Sewing Room

No there will not be any pictures.  I spent an hour and a half finding my floor and table in my sewing room but it just got a bit too hot out there and so I gave up.  I did manage to pack a heap of BOM's and patterns away in some storage boxes so they are no longer taking up floor space and got rid of a heap of stuff to the recycle bin but more needs to be done.  I need to get rid of a heap of stuff or start to enlarge the sewing room (not an option)I have a ton of magazines that I am sure I don't need, a pile novels and fabric that I doubt I will ever use. Do I put it on ebay? The quick look that I did on ebay it didn't look like they were selling many mags .. maybe it was just crappy ones that no one wants but surely someone would want mine...I've kept them this long for god knows why.  The fabric needs thinning out that is for sure I have heaps of Fat 1/8's  should I just bundle them up and see what happens? Advise please...

p.s. one more day for the give away...so send me your comments on 200th blog entry if you want to be in the draw.

10 March 2009

Charming Arrival

Quickly before I fly out the door for school pick up my charms have arrived from Cathy Penton aren't they just gorgeous.  Now I have to decide what to do with them.

05 March 2009

200th Post - Giveaway

Here is my 200th post, my how time flies.  Yesterday I showed you the ATC's I have been working on and here they are all chopped up and ready to do something with one day when I find some people who would like to trade.  Christina mentioned that she would put her hand up for an ATC (hopefully she still likes them when they are all chopped up).  So here is the give away if you like what you see you may have the ATC of your choice just leave a comment on this post and you have until Friday 13th of March to do so I will announce the winner on the 14th.

p.s. and as I have already made an extra Inspiration Swap item that will be the give away next month.

04 March 2009

My next post will be my 200 post and I thought I should probably organise a giveaway for that one but it looks like I am not organised ... well I am sort of organised but the thing that I am going to have as a give away is part of a swap and I can't reveal it till the end of the month so you will have to be patient. 

Above is some more drawing and painting that I have been working. I will be chopping the piece up into 4 ATC's these are the first ATC's I have attempted think I will try some more before I start to trade. 

Sarah (QFD) mentioned in her newsletter that it is 2 months till Inspired Stitches and I for one can't wait. I don't think it is about the classes it is more about having a stitching weekend with all my sewing friends. Stitching with the girls has been sadly lacking over the last few months.

I have just received a couple of skirt patterns in the mail from Sarah and I think I will have to do some serious fabric shopping in the next week or so. I just don't have any nice skirts its all pant or black stuff for work. I also found a place to enlarge the patterns in my apron book though it is going to cost an arm and a leg to do it so I will just be getting those patterns that I have to have. I see some serious serious cloths sewing in my future and I might have to unearth my mannequin though god knows where I am going to put her because there is STANDING ROOM ONLY in the sewing room and she has only been saved from the big rubbish dump because she is in a corner between a bookshelf and a cupboard and has a heap of stuff piled on top of her.

02 March 2009

Happy Dance

I love Cathy Penton's charms and I managed to get to the site just after she posted some new ones and got two of the tiny charms she had for sale...

01 March 2009

Over the Worst

Well at least I am hoping that we are.  My son's tonsil's came out on Friday afternoon, he was looking forward to the ice-cream and jelly now we can't get him to eat anything and today he won't drink much so we might be in some trouble if things don't pick up tomorrow.  His specialist said not to worry about the food as long as we can keep fluids into him.  The dr also told us that there was a lot of scare tissue due to the number of infections he has had so that he will be in a lot of pain due to the amount of tissue that they had to remove.  

The last couple of days have been pretty rough on the little guy, hopefully he will start to feel a bit better tomorrow and  get some food into him.  I guess the upside is that I am getting some sewing done and I am sure that will continue tomorrow I got a pile of dvd's from the video store today so I am sure a large part of tomorrow will involve sitting on the lounge watching pokemon movies.