04 March 2009

My next post will be my 200 post and I thought I should probably organise a giveaway for that one but it looks like I am not organised ... well I am sort of organised but the thing that I am going to have as a give away is part of a swap and I can't reveal it till the end of the month so you will have to be patient. 

Above is some more drawing and painting that I have been working. I will be chopping the piece up into 4 ATC's these are the first ATC's I have attempted think I will try some more before I start to trade. 

Sarah (QFD) mentioned in her newsletter that it is 2 months till Inspired Stitches and I for one can't wait. I don't think it is about the classes it is more about having a stitching weekend with all my sewing friends. Stitching with the girls has been sadly lacking over the last few months.

I have just received a couple of skirt patterns in the mail from Sarah and I think I will have to do some serious fabric shopping in the next week or so. I just don't have any nice skirts its all pant or black stuff for work. I also found a place to enlarge the patterns in my apron book though it is going to cost an arm and a leg to do it so I will just be getting those patterns that I have to have. I see some serious serious cloths sewing in my future and I might have to unearth my mannequin though god knows where I am going to put her because there is STANDING ROOM ONLY in the sewing room and she has only been saved from the big rubbish dump because she is in a corner between a bookshelf and a cupboard and has a heap of stuff piled on top of her.


Rustic Tarts said...

Amanda you made me laugh with the comment about having to do some serious fabric shopping!!! What an excuse.....LOL
I thought your artwork was going to be the giveaway and I was ready to put my hand up for it!

Leanne said...

You drawings are fantastic what a talented girl. I must organise a stitching afternoon here I will look at the calendar.

Sue said...

WOW!!! Fantastic artwork Amanda .... your drawing and painting skills are fabulous. Well done. Inspired Stitches will be here before you know it. Easter and the school holidays as well are very quickly looming on us. Hopefully we can plan an outing before then.
Cheers S