30 March 2009

Yummy Postal Delivery

Just got my final Pin Cushion of the Month Kit from Sarah (Janelle Wind's) and I think it is my favourite though Leanne's runs a close second.  It isn't long before Inspired Stitches and I just can't wait.  Will have to get these stitched so I at least have some show and tell.  My Little Blue Bird BOM is taking forever to stitch and I am doing a bit most nights but I have developed really tender fingers and I still only completed one and a quarter of the stitched borders and haven't even started on the applique so unless I have a month off work I don't think it is going to get done.  Oh well maybe if the girls come back next year I will have it finished (shouldn't have been slack to begin with).

I have put a couple of bundles of fabric on Ebay just to test the waters.  They are Hanna Bella by Robyn Pandolph.  So if you have a UFO lurking and need a bit more of that fabric have a look I will combine postage if you want more than one lot.  I have this in the pinks, another lot in greens and a third with a mixture of colours each bundle is .5 of metre consisting of 4 Fat 1/8ths.

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