31 December 2017

2017 the year that was

I started this post yesterday it was long and involved it was quite cathartic this isn't that post

Needless to say 2017 will be one year I am glad to see the end of.  We have learnt about the mine field that is aged care and more than enough about dementia, lots and lots about anxiety and OCD  (real OCD not the one everyone jokes about) and its affect on family and most importantly we learnt how amazing strong and determined Mo is.  I am thankful that my kids aren't afraid to talk to us about their struggles as well as the good stuff. I've had conversations that I didn't have any answers for.

The first half of 2017 was scary but the 2nd half we settled into new routines and came to terms with the changes the first half brought.  There were setbacks but we made it to the finish line and we are still smiling.

Mo was awarded a Medal for Excellence again this year at school, and Maestro passed his year 11 exams.  After the upheaval of classes being cancelled at the end of the year he has good opportunities going into Year 12.  Mo is moving into the SHIP Class next year and both of them are on the UAV Project run in conjunction with UNI SA.  Next year promises to be challenging for both of them.

Xmas day was the most relaxed in living memory.  For a change the temperatures was in the 20's instead of high 30s or low 40s.  Mo did most of the food prep the night before and we all visited my MIL in the morning.   Mo and I left early to put the turkey on the webber Q, when the boys came back it was pretty much all done.  At the end of the day we headed to the beach for a walk along the waters edge and Mo gave me her download.   It was a good day.

Quilting has taken a back seat this year but I did finished 3 quilt tops and have nearly finished hand quilting one of those quilts (Jen Kingwell's Spring Fever).  I'm planning on hand quilting one other which will be released as a pattern and the Celtic Tree of Life will be machine quilted some time in 2018.  I have started stitching the new Row of the Month with plans to release in June 2018 .... earlier if I can get it finished before then.  One row is done see below and I have started making templates for one of the first major appliqué block.

The plan is to start pattern writing straight away so that it is all ready on the day of release and I can keep to the month by month schedule with no blowouts.  

My resolution is to find the Joy in the every day next year, and enjoy turning 50.

21 December 2017

Xmas Special 50% off when you purchase $15+

So you can purchase all patterns for any of my BOM programs and get 50% off.  
Offer ends 31/12/2017

19 December 2017

Melbourne Trip and a finished design

On Friday I headed to Melbourne for my work Xmas Lunch.  It was another big one, the food was great,  though walking around looking for a place not overcrowded to have drinks after lunch wasn't all that fun.  We managed to score a table in a pub with the stragglers that were left in the late afternoon to get comfortable for a couple of hours to end the day.  I was back in my hotel fairly early and enjoyed a comfy bed a quiet evening with a book.  I managed a sleep in in the morning before heading to airport for my trip home.  

Mo has been working quite a bit in the lead up to Xmas and we have spent quite a bit of time going to and fro from the local shopping centre.  As a result all the Xmas shopping is done apart from food shopping for Xmas day, as it is easy enough to go a bit earlier to and get a few things done when going to pick her up.

I had my first hiccup with EQ8 yesterday when I opened to find my row by row file corrupted.  Luckily most of the blocks were salvageable it was just the block that I had finished last week that needed to be recreated.  While I was on a roll I finished the final row in the quilt.  All ready to get stitching over the holiday period.  I think I will plan to start the Row of the Month in June anything earlier than that will be a bonus.

09 December 2017

1 More Road to Go and 3 More Days of School for the year ... not that I am counting

I'm gradually filling in the rows for this quilt, there is one more appliqué row to design.  I'll make a start on the stitching during the Xmas break.   I'm looking forward to starting on a big project.  I have a couple of quilts that need quilting so they will be on the agenda as well, might have to see if a can squeeze getting my machine serviced in the next couple of weeks don't like my chances though.

Mo had a big week last week with her final presentation scheduled for last Friday.  I couldn't be there as my boss was on holiday and I don't know if that made a difference but she had a major panic attack just before they were due to head to the school.  My husband was wondering if he should ring  and just say she was too sick to go ahead, but she pulled herself together and managed a flawless presentation.  It amazes me that she can do that, just suck it up and pull herself together like that and put on her poker face and get it done.

The sea and the sky were a beautiful blue today the picture doesn't do it justice. It was a great day for a walk though Coco didn't agree, she was doing the go slow on the way home.

02 December 2017

Annual Girls Xmas Dinner

Last night was the annual xmas dinner with the girls.  We came together through quilting about 22 years ago and we still meet up pretty regularly throughout the year (we try for every 3 weeks dinner but it doesn't always happen) sometimes to sew other times just to have dinner and a brain dump.

Xmas dinner was a bit early this year, but we had a lovely time a 3 hours went too quickly.  Gifts are always exchanged at Xmas and Birthdays, always thoughtful and often involving food of the chocolate variety.

It is also my Wedding Anniversary today which is the reason why I know that it is nearly 22 years because we met just after I got married for a Beginners Quilting Class.  We aren't doing anything to celebrate this year, I thought of organising something last week and went to book a night away only to find on 5 room available in the whole of Adelaide all $500+ and 1 for $89 that looked like it had a 5 cockroach rating.  I then twigged the Ashes are on in Adelaide so those plans went out the window. So I settled on "Happy Anniversary" and the reply was "Is it really?".  We both forget more than we remember.  At least neither of us gets offended by it.

I'm planning some sewing things to do during the holidays and I am thinking of designing some inappropriate Embroidery patterns.  Apparently Judy Dench stitches these on movie sets in her spare time and there have seen some links to some on Etsy in one of my reading groups of naughty cross stitches.   I think I am going to trawl my Pinterest folders for some inappropriate saying and hide them in something pretty like Satin Stitch and flowers I might have to set up an 18+ folder in my etsy shop.  Don't Be Afraid to be Inappropriate might be my motto for turning 50 next year.

I'm also looking for inspiration for the last 3 appliqué rows for my row by row quilt which I think will be another summer project.

Coco loves tinsel every year she rolls around in it while we try and decorate for Xmas.